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WV State Parks

West Virginia Tourism Office 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, WV 25305
WVCBS: West Virginia Centralized Buying System
Jessica Dolin
Buyer in Charleston and  Promotional Merchandising Manager
304-558-2764  To reach Jessica's office. Tourism office for all state parks.
Their new centralized buying system allows for parks to buy some items on their own, others by her but all purchases are coordinated through her. She checks parks and orders as needed, as well as gets the yearly Inventory Status spreadsheet I send her in April



Ordered Last Year    
Still Has Copies    
Out of Books  
Called -Wants to get copies    



West Virginia Park

Current Status



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Total Sales

Babcock SP Out Donna Wickline -Gift Shop Mgr. Talked to Donna Wickline 6                   6  
Beech Fork SP             5             5  
Blackwater Falls SP         24       6         30  
Blennerhassett Island SP         12       6         18  
Bluestone SP Out       4                 4  
Cacapon Resort SP         20       6         26  
Cass Scenic Railroad SP Out Rene Campbell, Gift Shop Mgr.     12                 12  
Chief Logan SP & Lodge   Deidra (Dee) Pack, Buyer Still has six copies   5,10                 15  
Cooper's Rock State Forest         12       6         18  
Hawk's Nest SP         8       6         14  
Holly River SP Out Wendy McCourt Gift Shop Mgr. Will probably order in spring   11   12             23  
Kanawha State Forest                 3         3  
Kumbrabow State Forest Out   Talked to Sarah   10                 10  
Little Beaver SP     Called -wants book                        
Lost River SP Out       11                 11  
Moncove Lake SP     In transition until 2024                        
North Bend SP         14       6         18  
Pipestem Resort SP         6       6         12  
Seneca State Forest Out Jeff Layfield, Supt Talked to Sally   6                 6  
Twin Falls Resort SP Out Rita McAlister, Gift Shop Mgr. Talked to Michael   4                 4  
Tygart Lake SP                 6         6  
Watters Smith Memorial SP ?