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Date  WFs Customers      
5/22/20 130      
1/20/23 215      
8/4/23 248      

Product Codes

Book or
Sample Sent, Order Promised
or Strong Potential
    Card1 = Single card of that design
PROSPECTS     WFs = Wild & Furry Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountains
WFn = Wild & Furry Animals of the Northern Appalachian Mountains
GB = Guidebook
A.H. Stevens State Park Gift Shop
PO Box 310
456 Alexander Street, Crawfordville, GA 30631
July 24 11/10/23 5 WFs by Andre email (and Haley voice) Andre Mclendon Gift Shop/call only M-W-F)
-Assistant to Andre
Melanie Boatwright -Ranger retail specialist, nice lady
Only in Sat & Sun - Has full time job elsewhere.
706-456-2221, 706-456-2606  
WFs: 5 Must ship to PO Box 310
A New Chapter
922 Washington Street W
Lewisburg, WV 24901
July 12 2/18/20 3 WFs by Shaye
11/30/20 6 WFs by Shaye
9/21/21 8 WFs by Shaye
7/13/22 12 WFS by Shaye
7/12/23 12 WFs by Shaye
Shaye Gadomski  Buyer
WFs: 3, 6, 8,12,12  
A Novel Escape
60 East Main Street, Franklin NC 28734
March 20
Date WFs Shipped In
Total now in Store Payment
Total now in Store
6/16/23 4 0 4 10/1723 3 1
10/23/23 6 1 7      
Liz DeWandeler Owner  
828-369-9059  Tues-Sat

Wait on her for sending replacement boooks
WFs Sold: 3 6/8/23 WFs accepted for consignment in Local Authors Program. GB not accepted. 6/7/23 Had submitted both online for consignment program.
60/40% Consignment -The status of consignment titles is reviewed 2 or 3 times a year.
8/18/19 Previous owner Suzanne had sold 2 WFs
A Walk in the Woods
423 N Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792
Nov 24 3/10/18 12 WFs by Hope
  12 WFs by Hope
8/23/20 12 HWS10 cards by Hope
7/22/21 Talked to Hope Ok on books and cards
6/11/22 6 WFs and 20 HWSs  
10/31/22 20 HWSs
Hope Rhodarmer -828-577-6277
WFs: 12,12, 6
Ace Adventure Gear
239 N Court St, Fayetteville, WV 25840
March 5 6/21/23 Sent Liz copy of WFs
Sent followup email to Liz
7/11/23 Reply from Liz: Lee,I did not personally see a copy of this book and need to confirm with one more manager, but am not sure the shop ever received it. I would be interested in looking at a copy and think it may fit in our shop! Right now, I am not looking to place any orders for new vendors, but as we enter Spring '24 I will reach out should we be looking to add more books to our product mix.
7/11/23 Replied to Liz that I would follow up next spring. and resend book if I need to.
7/12/23 Reply from Liz: Hey Lee, That address is actually no longer correct so I imagine that is why we never received it. Our current address is 239 N Court St, Fayetteville, WV 25840. I look forward to seeing your illustrations and writing, and have plans to put a small section of books at our resort location come next Spring. Yours seems like it would fit great! Best, Liz
Liz Curry Buyer
  Orvis Dealer. Services New River Gorge area.
Adventure Bound Books
117 West Union Street, Morganton, NC 28655
Dec 7
2-year cycle
12/9/21 6 WFs by Angela
9/7/22 Sent Angela reorder email. Reply from Angela: We still have 4 copies in stock so we will not need to reorder at this time. Thank you. Angela
11/29/23 Sent reorder email to Angela
Angela Shores, Owner   Wed-Sat Only
WFs: 6  
Alabama Wildlife Center Gift Shop
Oak Mountain State Park

100 Terrace Drive, Pelham, AL 35124
May 16 10/20/22 11 WFs by Chris
7/17/23 Talked Chris. Still has a couple of copies. Agreed I would check in fall
10/10/23 Talked to Chris. Still ok. Agreed I would call next spring
Savannah Thompson  Administrative Asst

205-663-7930 x2 Business Office
Chris Sykes
WFs: 11 Located in Oak Mountain State Park
Birds only
Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge Gift Shop
418 Amicalola Falls Lodge Drive, Dawsonville, GA 30534
May 9 5/10/23 14 WFs by Andrea Robert Berrey, Park Mgr.
706-344-1500 x1
Andrea Roper  Retail Supervisor
WFs: 14  
Andrew Jackson State Park Gift Shop
196 Andrew Jackson Park Road, Lancaster SC 29720
May 27
3-year cycle
1/11/21 5 WFs by Kirk Johnson
9/21/21 Talked to Kirk. Still have some in stock
9/14/22 Talked to Kirk, still has some in stock.
10/9/23 Talked to Kirk, still has 2 copies
Kirk Johnston, buyer
WFs: 5 Displays face-up
Anniston Museum of Natural History Gift Shop
800 Museum Dr, Anniston, AL 36207
Dec 13
2-year cycle
1/7/21 4 WFs by Angie Dothard.
12/10/21 Talked to salesgirl. Still have 3 copies
11/7/22 Talked to Angie. Thinks they still have a few copies.
10/19/23 Talked to gift shop. Sold out. Sent reorder email to Angie
11/7/23 Resent reorder email to Angie and left voice mail
11/27/23 Resent reorder email to Sarah
Sarah Woolmaker, Asst Dir, Store Mgr
256-237-6766 x402
Angie Dothard
256-237-6766 Gift Shop x410 Angie
WFs: 4 They display books with cover showing
Appalachian Book Service
257 Wedgewood Road, Franklin, NC 28734 USA
Sept 6 10/23/15  12 GB ordered by Bob
9/4/19 10 GB ordered by Bob  Media rate for 10 books was $11.59
8/19/22 10 GB by Bob Media $14.51
8/21/23 Sent reorder email to Bob and mentioned new edition
8/2923 Reply from Bob:  Thanks for alerting me to the new 2023 edition. After I sell a few 2020s I still have on hand, will reorder
Bob Lenski
GB: 12,10,10 50% + Media shipping
Not interested in WF
Appalachian Crafts, 10 N. Spruce St., Suite 120, Asheville, NC 28801 March 12 June 2019 5 WFs ordered by Jackie
9/22/21 4 WFs by Jackie
9/29/22  4 WFs by Jackie
7/11/23 5 WFs, 2 GB
Jackie Craig, Owner 
828-253-8499 Spruce St. Store
828-252-8211 Hotel
WFs: 5,4,4,5
GB: 2
6 Month call schedule since she does small orders.
Has been listed in Craft Galleries since 2018
Sold hotel location in 2022
Appalachian Trail Outfitters
2 W Main St, Luray, VA 22835
June 1
2-Year Cycle
3/4/20 12 WFs by Gigi
6/22/23 12 WFs by Gigi
Gigi Foster, buyer (Wed & Thursday only)
Elk Bend, VA store
WFs: 12 Two stores, Luray and Elk Bend
124 4th Ave E, Hendersonville, NC 28792
Dec 11 1/7/22 8 GB by Michelle
7/14/22 5 GB by Michele
7/3/23 Sent reorder email to Michele
7/10/23 Resent reorder email
8/2123 Called Miclelle's cell. got salesgirl. Have 2 copies
Wait until these sell.
Michelle Sparks 
828-693-4545   Closed Tuesday
828-606-5770 cell
GB: 8,5,5 Previously sold GB on consignment
Charge actual media rate.
As The Page Turns
32 S Main Street Travelers Rest, SC 29690
Feb 28 10/30/20 2 WFs by Amy
10/26/21 4 WFs by Amy
8/14/23 4 WFs by Amy
Amy Williams, Owner/Manager  (10-1)
Alex -Employee
Lisa Nichols, owner
WFs: 2, 4,4 Bookstore
Told me to check every 3 months
Asheville Area Visitor Center Asheville Shop
36 Montford Avenue, Asheville, NC 28802
April 15 May 2017 14 WFh by Mary
June 2017
8 GB by Mary
Dec 2018 12 GB by Vanna
7/29/22 12 GB and 6 WFs by Vanna
6/1/23 12 WFs by Jennifer, has 6 GB still
Mary Ramsay
Jennifer Willett Gift Shop Mgr. (Works Tues-Sat)
828-210-2726 Asheville Shop
828-258-6129 Visitor Center
GB:14, 8,12
WFs: 14, 6,12
Asheville Cottages
45 Lark Hill Drive, Arden NC 28704
Dec 6 Nov 2012 10 GB by Marshall
July 2016
14 GB by Marshall
Aug 2018
 15 GB by Marshall
Aug 21 2019 3 GB by Marshall
6/14/21 Sent reorder email to Marshall
6/15/21 Reply from Marshall: Thanks for reaching out, Lee. I will check to see if we need more and let you know.
8/23/22 Sent reorder email to Marshal
8/24/22 Reply from Marshall Thank you for keeping up!
I think we still have enough but I will check and let you know if we need more.
8/23/23 Sent reorder email to Marshall
Marshall Manche
GB: 10,14,15, 3 WFs: not interested
Asheville East KOA
2708 Highway 70 East, Swannanoa, NC 28778
April 8 July 2016 6 GB by Beth Brand
11/19/22 5 GB by Sarah
6/2/23 Called Sarah. Has some copies
Sarah Lohstroh,  Manager
Not Fri 
GB: 6, 5 Not interested in WFs
Asheville Museum of Science
43 Patton Avenue, Asheville NC 28801
June 25 6/6/18 2 WFh, 2WFs by Kim
10/1/18 4 WFh, 8 WFs by Kim
9/1/22 20 WFs by Meg
Meg Toler Buyer for Gift Shop

828-254-7162 x0
Kim Clark (Operations Mgr)
Christa Flores -STEM Lab Manager & Events
Melody Hollinger

Asheville Regional Airport Gift Shop
61 Terminal Drive, Suite 1
Fletcher, NC 28732
Dec 12

10/3/23 Sent Mollie Quinn WFs. Saved cover letter in Historical folder
11/20/23 Sent followup email to Mollie

The Paradies Shops
PO Box 43485, Atlanta, GA 30336
Caleb Williams  Local Paradies Representative
828-687-9446  Blue Ridge Tavern & Trading
Mollie Quinn National Book Buyer   No phone
The Paradies Shops 2849 Paces Ferry Rd SE Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30339-3769
  David King Guest Services and Advertising Mgr.
828-209-3663, 828-989-8660 Cell
BOOK 50% Terms Net 60 Days Free Shipping
Paradies Vendor Code: LE1228 Issued 9/18/2011
Asheville West KOA
309 Wiggins Road, Candler, NC 28715
August 14
2 year cycle

6/17/17 4 GB, 4 WFs by Heather
7/20/22 4 GB, 6 WFs by Heather
8/22/23 Called  Salesgirl checked. Has 2 GB and 5 WFs

Heather Nance 
GB: 4,4
WFs: 4,6
Babcock State Park Gift Shop
486 Babcock Road, Clifftop WV 25831
March 6 Oct 2018 6 WFs by Jennifer Donna Wickline  Gift Shop Mgr.
Jennifer Amick,  Asst Superintendent 
WFs: 6  
Balsam Shop
Mt. Mitchell State Park, 2388 Highway 128, Burnsville, NC 28714
Aug 11 July 2016 30 BRPWA10 by Carla
June 27, 2017  30 BRPWA10, 25 WFs by Carla
8/28/18 30 BRPWA10, 20 WFs by Carla
8/31/22 40 WFs, 25 each Bears1,Otters1,Bobcat1,Cougar1, Fox1 and Coyote1 ordered by Nick
8/12/23 80 WFs and 25 each  Bears1, Otters1, Bobcat1, Cougar1, Fox1 and Coyote1 ordered by Nick
Nick Cargo, Gift Shop Mgr.
828-675-0799 Gift Shop,
828-675-4611 Park Office
WFs: 25,20,40,80
Bears1: 25,25
Otters1: 25,25
Bobcat1: 25,25
Cougar1: 25,25
Fox1: 25,25
Coyote1: 25,25
On Electronic auto bank deposit payments starting Oct 2018. Will receive email notification of deposits
Barnes & Noble -Asheville Mall
3 South Tunnel Road, Asheville NC 28801
Aug 19
1/8/23 Delivered 10 GB  6 WFs to Gary Carl
10/17/23 Delivered 10 GB and 6 WFs to Gary Carl
Gary Carl 
WFs: 6,6
GB: 10,10
60/40 %
Must bring in books and give to Gary Carl. Will get paid in cash once books sell. Bring invoice when I deliver more books. He will notify me when more books are needed.
Basilica of St. Lawrence Gift Shop
97 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
July 4
2 year cycle
8/1/18  50 BSL1
11/7/22 50 BSL1 cards by Barclay
Barclay Roberts 
828-691-1284 (c)

Basilica1: 50, 50

Angel1: 20
BSL Prints (11x17C): 8,6
BSL10: 8, 10
Bat Cave Old Cider Mill and Applesolutely Gift Shop
33 Gerton Hwy, Bat Cave, NC 28710
March 21 11/5/19  8 WFs by Christina
10/26/22 11 Wfs by Ken in person at store
9/29/23 Talked to Ken. Told me to call next April for reorder
Mariah -Mgr
Ken Davies
, Owner
704-910-9378 (I think)
WFs: 8, 11 Law Office of Kenneth Davies PC
200 The Wilke House
2112 E 7th Street
Charlotte NC 28204
704-376-2059 Law Office
Battery Park Book Exchange
Grove Arcade,1 Page Avenue, Suite 101, Asheville NC 28801
May 1 Nov 2009 5 GB by Donna
Nov 2017
7 WFh by Donna
April 2018 12 WFh by Donna
Sept 2018
5 WFh by Emily
Feb 2019
5 WFh by Thomas
April 2019
10 GB, 20 WFh by Thomas
Dec 10 2019  10 GB, 10 WFs by Michael
3/11/19 10Gb, 10WFs by Thomas
10/15/20 10WFs by Thomas, ok on GB
2/10/22 Ok on GB, 5 WFs
9/8/22 5GB, 5 Wfs
6/15/23 10 WFs by Thomas, ok on GB
11/27/23 Sent reorder email to Thoma
Thomas Wright 
828-467-0074 cell
Donna Wright
Emily -Sales person
GB: 5,5,10, 10,5
They have their own book holders
Pays by cc/keep
Bays Mountain Nature Preserve Gift Shop
853 Bays Mountain Park Road, Kingsport TN 37660
Feb 16 10/21/20 5 WFs by Rob Cole
7/14/22 Sent Megan copy of WFs
7/27/22 Got book, and gave it to staff member who handles orders. Currently not purchasing books at this time because redoing gift shop. Will get back to me next, probably in by April-May 2023, for a reorder
7/19/23 Talked to Megan. Remodeling of gift shop just now started. Wont be finished until January. Agreed I would check in the spring
Megan Krager, Mgr.
WFs: 5  
Beaman Park Nature Center Gift Shop
5911 Old Hickory Blvd, Ashland City, TN 37015
Feb 19 12/27/22 Talked to Heather, really nice chatty lady. Very interested in WFs, even though they only have a tiny gift shop. Had really nice conversation and I am pretty sure she will order copies. Dealing with getting rid of huge book collection that was donated. Sent copy of WFs to home: 1609 Lewis Road, Burns TN 37029
3/20/23 Sent followup email to Heather
7/21/23 Talked to Heather. Got Book. Asked to call back in early spring
Heather Gallagher, Director
  2000 acre nature center
Bear Creek Nature Center Gift Shop
6300 Cochran Mill Rd, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268
April 2 5/5/23 6 WFs on consignment, agreed to by Norma. If books don't sell, let them have them to give to staff. Norma Lewis, Director
770-306-0914  Tues-Sat
WFs: 6 Send books to Norma's home: 3418 Tommy Lee Cook Road, Newnan, GA 30263
Very small gift shop.
Bedford Area Welcome Center Gift Shop
816 Burks Hill Rd, Bedford, VA 24523
Aug 21
2 year cycle
10/27/20 5 WFs by Anita. Order placed by Michelle
1/31/22 5 WFs by Michelle
10/7/23 6 WFs by Michelle
Anita Dengal -Visitor Services and Volunteer Coordinator
Michelle Crumpacker -
Administrative Mgr.
WFs: 5,5,6  
Beech Fork State Park Gift Shop
5601 Long Branch Road, Barboursville WV 25504
March 6 10/1/21 5 Wfs by Dave
8/11/23 In process of getting new manager
Jo Watts -Asst Supt -Oversees gift shop
WFs: 5 Gift Shop in April
Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest Visitor Center Gift Shop
(Send to PO Box 130), 2499 Highway 245, Clermont, KY 40110
Aug 16
3 year cycle
8/19/22 16 WFs by Debbie
8/23/23 Talked to Mary Ellen. Still has 12
Deborah P'Pool, (p pool)
Mary Ellen Gift Shop manager who reorders
502-955-8512 x221
WFs: 16  
Big Hill Pond State Park Gift Shop
1434 John Howell Road, Pocahontas, TN 38061
Jan 29 5/27/20 Sent Marissa WFs
6/24/20 Sent Marissa follow up email
7/8/20 Talked to Marissa. Will be ordering soon!
8/21/20 Talked to Marissa. Turns out Trisa Ferguson was at her park now and they will be talking about ordering books! Great timing. Agreed i would wait to hear from Marissa.
9/17/20 Talked to Marissa. Will be getting copies from Trisa Ferguson. Agreed I would check back next spring to see if they need more. Can buy directly from me
6/14/21 Sent reorder email to Marissa
6/16/21 Reply from Marissa: Thanks for checking in! We are well here at the park and hope the same for you. Currently, we are in the process of beginning a remodel of our gift shop and park office space, so we are good at this time. Thanks again for checking in.
3/11/22 Talked to Marissa. Gift shop finished but slow season now so no orders. Agreed I would call in June.
7/19/22 Talked to Marissa. Told me to check back in Sept
9/27/22 Talked to Marissa. Space cadet... Told me to check in February.
4/23/23 Talked to Marissa. Remembered book. Out of copies. Stated that she is not ordering books at this time because they don't sell well. Told me to check in fall. Total illogic of while the fall is books don't sell well. In fall, call again, if no confront her with her illogic if she says no after asking her to at least try a few copies since they have sold......
Marissa McDonald, Administrative Assistant
Big Ridge State Park Gift Shop
1015 Big Ridge Park Road, Maynardville, TN 37807
Oct 3
2-year cycle
5/11/21 5 WFs ordered by Sarah Bumgardner
10/27/22 12 WFs by Robin. Told her how to display books
10/5/23 Talked to Robin. Still has 10
Robin Warwick
Keith Montgomery, Park Mgr. (WFs sent)
865-414-6025 cell Keith
Hannah Paschall
WFs: 5,12  
Biltmore Estate -Bookstore & Gift Shops
The Biltmore Company, 1 North Pack Square
Asheville NC 28801
March 5 1/20/22 60 GB and 60 WFs by Liz  PO#000-152711
6/29/22 60 GB, 36 WFs by Liz PO#000-153529
7/5/22 144 BHs cards by Liz PO#000-153558
2/20/23 60 GB, 48 WFs, 144 BHs cards by Liz PO# 000-15443
5/4/23 48 WFs, 144 BHs PO#
10/19/23 12 GB, 12 WFs, 66 BHs by Timothy PO#000-155589     Think I only shipped 60 cards?
Liz Hejl  Book & Stationary Buyer
828-225-1431 Accounts Payable
Timothy Stevens (Retail Assistant Manager -Liz Hejl's Assistant)
Invoice to: The Biltmore Co
Retail Buying Office
Accounts Payable
One Biltmore Plaza
Asheville NC 28803
GB: 60, 60,12
WFs: 60,36,48,12
BHs: 144,144,66
Do not put inserts in cards
Birdsong Nature Center Gift Shop
2106 Meridian Road, Thomasville, GA 31792
Oct 4
1/24/23 Talked to receptionist. Redoing gift shop.
10/5/23 Called. Have not started on gift shop
Kathleen Brady, Executive Director
Black Balsam Outdoors
562 W Main Street, Sylva, NC 28779
Feb 14 11/30/22 5 WFs by Mathew
8/31/23 5 WFs by Mathew
Mathew Morelli -Buyer and General Mgr.
Georgana Seamon, owner
WFs: 5,5  
Black Dome
140 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805
Sept 11 3/4/20 Christie ordered 4 WFs
12/8/21 5 WFs by Christie
11/2/22 5 WFs by Christie
10/2/23 6 WFs by Christie
Christie Heurmann, Buyer   Not Fridays
WFs: 4,5,5,6 Sold GB 2006-09
Black Rock Mountain State Park Gift Shop
PO Box A
3085 Black Rock Mountain Parkway, Mountain City, GA 30562
Sept 23 11/7/23 12 WFs by Denise Jessica James, Park Mgr.
Denise Welch Adminstrative Assistant
WFs: 12 PO Box A
Ship Media mail. Has to go to PO Box
 Fed Ex too expensive
Blackwater Falls State Park Trading Post 1584 Blackwater Lodge Road, Davis WV 26260 March 6 9/18/19: 24 WFs by Bryan
4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS
Matt Baker Supt, Eric Risinger Asst Supt.
Bryan Pase  304-259-5458  Gift Shop buyer
WFs: 24, 6 Has 2 locations at State Park
Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park Gift Shop
 137 Juliana Street, Parkersburg WV 26101
March 6 6/20/19 12 WFs by Tom
4/19/23 6 WFS by Jessica Dolin -
Miles Evenson Supt. 

Cindy Tyles  Gift Shop Mgr.
WFs: 12, 6 Two shops Museum and Island
Blowing Rock Gift Shop
432 Rock Road, Blowing Rock, NC 28605
May 13 July 2016 10 WA10 by Charlie
May 2017
Has 4 boxes in stock.
June 29 2018 10 WFs by Charlie Did not reorder WA10
Nov 2018 12 WFs by Charlie
6/17/19 Ok for now.
7/819 12 WFs   Also sent Charlie a copy of GB and cover letter
7/12/19 8 GB ordered by Charlie
12/10/19 6 WFs, 6 GB by David   Ok on WA10
7/13/20 12 WFs, 12 GB by David.
5/6/21 12Wfs. 12 GB  5/20/21 Backordered GB media mailed
1/7/22 12 WFs and 12 GB by Cassidy Stevens.
5/25/22 12 WFs
7/22/22 8 WFs
12/9/22  6 WFs and 4GB by Char
3/3/23 4 WFs by Charlie
8/9/23 12 WFs and 12 GB by David
Charlie Sellers
Cassidy Stevens, Salesgirl
David -Sales
GB: 8, 6, 12,12,4
10,12,12,6, 12,12,12, 6,4
50% rate on WFs
40% on GB
Not interested in Wild Animal single cards
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park Gift Shop
10299 Maysville Rd. Carlisle, KY 40311
April16 3/26/20 Sent Jean WFs
4/30/20 Talked to guest services. Gift shop closed and Jean not working now, at home, no email.
9/18/20 Talked to Jean. Got book. Funding is now cut off. Loves book, agreed I would call in spring for order. Sweet lady.
3/2/21 Gift shop closed due to Covid
8/26/21 Talked to Jean. Just now closing down again because of Covid Delta variant. Agreed I would check again next spring
8/17/22 Talked to Jean. Still slow. Remembered book, asked me to call next April.
4/22/23 Talked to Jean. Remembered book Asked me to send her reminder email. I did.
5/10/23 Talked to Jean. Still wants book. Need to call in July at beginning of their fiscal year for an order.
7/20/23 Talked to Jean. can't order yet. Maxed out on purchases at this point, told me to check in Oct.
10/20/23 Sent Jean followup email
11/22/23 Talked to Jean. Not at this time... Hmmm. Agreed I would check in spring, If no then, delete
Jean Dillon, Gift Shop Mgr.
859-289-5507 x
Open Wed-Sun only Hidden Waters Restaurant
Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company
611 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513
July 2 10/19/23 Sent Jamie WFs
Google search said temporarily closed
Jamie Davis, Owner
Blue Ridge Hiking Company
70 College St, Asheville, NC 28801
April 3 10/11/20 12 WFs from Lindsey
11/1/21 12 WFs from Lindsey
9/21/22 Still have 11 copies.
Lindsey Barr, Mgr.  (Thurs-Sunday)
WFs: 12,12  
Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters
500 East Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Feb 5 2/25/20 Sent Linda Rice WFs. Wanted to order
7/10/23 Talked to Linda. In midst of selling business.
Owner: (Linda Rice)
706-964-2453 Headquarters
  3 stores:
Blairsville 36 Town Square, Blairsville, GA 30512  706-400-5686
Ellijay 14 River St, Ellijay, GA 30540  706-276-3050
Blue Sky Outfitter
18 W Main Street, Cartersville, GA 30120
May 19
2-year cycle
11/17/20 6 WFs by Taylor
11/5/21 4 WFs by Taylor
5/21/23  Reply from Katlyn. Still has 3 copies.
Elizabeth Watkins, owner
Katlyn Dailey -Buyer
706-204-7063 Rome location
WFs: 6, 4  
Bluestone State Park Gift Shop
HC78 -Box 3, Hinton WV, 25951
March 6 10/15/19 4 WFs by Ben Leedom
1/31/23 Talked to Krysta Johnson. Out of books. Wants more
Frank Ratcliffe

Krysta Johnson (and Jessica Stoner) Manage gift shop
WFs: 4  
Bluff Mountain Outfitters
152 Bridge Street, Hot Springs NC 28743  
Aug 4 10/22/19 6 WFs ordered by Wayne
7/23/21 6 WFs by Wayne
8/5/22 6 WFs by Wayne
8/9/22 6 WFs by Wayne
Wayne Crosby, owner
WFs: 6,6,6,6  
Book No Further
112 Market St SE, Roanoke, VA 24011
Billing Address: 2186 Mountain Pass Rd
Troutville, VA 24175
July 18 11/6/20 12 WFs by Doloris Vest
10 WFs by Doloris
7/19/22 10 WFs by Doloris
5/15/23 12 WFs by Doloris
Doloris Vest, owner
WFs: 12,10,10,12  
Boone's Country Store
2699 Jubal Early Highway, Boones Mill, VA 24065
Feb 19
3-year cycle
3/17/20 12 WFs by Erlene
7/22/21 Talked to Erlene. Has 10
9/22/22 Still has 7 books. Displays face up on shelf
9/14/23 Talked to Erlene. Has 3. Been selling well recently. Asked me to call in Feb for reorder
Erlene Bowman, Mgr.  In Tues and Thursdays
No email for store or Erlene
WFs: 12 Slow selling -3 year cycle
Breaks Interstate Park Lodge and Visitor Center Gift Shops
627 Commission Cir, Breaks, VA 24607
Aug 23 8/22/20 8 WFs by Vickie
6/21/21 8 WFs by Vickie
8/29/22 8 WFs by Vickie
8/25/23 12 WFs by Vickie
Vickie Swiney, (Sweenie)  buyer
276-865-4413 x1
WFs: 8,8,8,12 Gift shops at lodge and visitor center
Brother Wolf Retail Store
31 Glendale Ave, Asheville, NC 28803
June 5 July 2018 10 WFh by Brooke
Aug 6 2019 Still has some
Feb 5 2020, talked to Brooke still has a few copies
1/5/21 Sent Brooke reorder email
1/7/21 Reply from Brooke: Thank you so much for checking in! We do still have a few of the books in stock. We were closed for some time due to covid so haven't had as many shoppers in the store.
3/5/21 Talked to salesgirl. They have 8 in stock.
6/15/23 Swapped out WFh in store for WFs
Brooke Fornea, Retail Sales Mgr.
240-291-8660 cell
828-575-2411 x6 Store
WFh: 10  
Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park Gift Shop
4441 Kentucky Hwy.1833, Buckhorn, KY 41721
May 23
2 year cycle
10/14/20  5 WFs by Chris and Gloria. Paid by cc through Jason Mullins
5 WFs by Chris
Chris Fugate, Kiosk Mgr.  8-4
Gloria Turner  Business Manager
606-398-7510 x4 Gloria x0 Chris  
Send Invoices to her with orders as well as with shipment
WFs: 5 Have a kiosk where they do sell books
Jason Mullins pays invoices: 
Buhrke, Mary Kay -Buy or Die Realty
107 Prickly Briar Road, Hendersonville NC 28739
Jan 1 2009 5 GB
10 GB
12 GB
12 GB
14 GB
12 GB
12 GB

12/7/20 12 GB
1/2/22 12 GB
1/2/23 Reorder email sent
  GB: 5,10,12,12,14,12,12,12,12
Cacapon Resort State Park Gift Shop
 818 Cacapon Lodge Drive, Berkeley Springs WV 25411                        
and Berkeley Spring State Park Gift Shop, 2 South Washington Street, Berkeley Springs WV 25411
March 6 7/16/19 20 WFs ordered by Leslie Jay
4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin WVCBS
Ivy Hixon

304-258-2711 State Park Office
304-258-1022 x6 x6 Business office
WFs: 20, 6  
Caesars Head State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
8155 Geer Highway, Cleveland SC 29635
April 26 10/22/19  20 WFs ordered by Nicole
8/9/21 30 WFs by Greg
4/26/23 20 WFs by Greg
Nicole Powers, Buyer
Greg Brown, Park Ranger
WFs: 20, 30,20 Supplies also: Croft State Park Gift Shop 450 Croft State Park Road, Spartanburg SC 29302 and  Jones Gap State Park Gift Shop, 303 Jones Gap Road, Marietta SC 29661
Camp McDowell Environmental Center Gift Shop
105 Delong Rd, Nauvoo, AL 35578
Nov 30 11/1/22 Sent Makenzie WFs
Talked to Makenzie. Got book. Loves it. Told me to check back early Dec
12/2/22 Talked to Makenzie. Sent book to purchasing dept and hopefully will hear something soon.
2/28/23 Sent followup email to Makenzie
4/11/23 Talked to Makenzie. Will email and cc me to purchasing dept. I also sent her price list.
5/12/23 Sent followup email to Makenzie
5/22/23 Talked to Makenzie. Order still with purchasing. Not unusual for them to be slow. Agreed I would followup in a month or so.
7/12/23 Called. Talked to Becca. Phones down due to lightning.
7/26/23 Called. Phones still down according to Becca. Sent followup email to Makenzie
8/10/23 Resent followup email to Makenzie
9/14/23 Resent followup email to Makenzie
11/8/23 Resent followup email to Makenzie after leaving voice mail
Makenzie Parker Buyer/Secretary. Sweet lady
205-387-1806 x0   Call before 3
Becca Hallmark
Canaan Valley Resort State Park Lodge Gift Shop
230 Main Lodge Road, Davis WV 26260
Aug 1 9/4/19 12 WFs ordered by Alex
5/9/23 12 WFs by Kim
10/24/23 12 WFs by Kim
Stan Beafore, Supt., Don McFarlan, Asst 
Kim Kimbleton
Gift Shop buyer
304-866-4121 x0 x2649 Lodge gift shop
WFs: 12,12,12 Not part of WV Centralized buying system according to 4/17/23 email from Jessica Dolin
Carter Caves State Resort Park Gift Shop
344 Caveland Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164
Aug 24 9/16/21 12 WFs by Amy
8/25/23 12 WFS by Amy  PO#  2324228  $132.26
Amy Sparks, Gift Shop Supervisor Sweet lady (Wed-Sun)
606-286-4411 x0
WFs: 12,12 Fiscal Year starts in July. Call end of July
Cass Scenic Railroad State Park Gift Shop
12363 Cass Road, Cass, WV 24927
March 6 9/6/19 12 WFs by Whitney
8/12/23 Talked to Rene. Out of books
Rene Campbell, Gift Shop Mgr.                
304-456-4300  x101 offices/store x109 Visitor Center

Tina M. O'Brien
WFs: 12  
Cataloochee Guest Ranch Gift Shop
119 Ranch Drive Maggie Valley, NC 28751
Feb 7 4/13/20 Email from Ashli Aumen indicating new owners as of April 1 2020 and doing major remodel. No book orders for 2020.
Cathedral Caverns State Park Gift Shop
637 Cave Rd, Woodville, AL 35776
Jan 16 1/18/23 12 Wfs by Judy Judy Holderfield, Asst Manager
WFs: 12  
Cathey, Stephanie -Beverly Hanks & Associates
512 N Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792
  2/18/21  5 GB by Stephanie
1/3/22 15 GB by Stephanie
1/2/23 Reorder email sent
828-712-8149  cell
828-697-0515 office
GB: 5,15  
Cedars of Lebanon State Park Gift Shop
328 Cedar Forest Rd, Lebanon, TN 37090
March 6 3/21/23 4 WFs by Teresa Teresa Williams, Office Assistant & Retail
WFs: 4 Front office and Camp Ground gift shops
900 acres
Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center Gift Shop
543 Elliott Trail, Mansfield, GA 30055
Dec 5
3-Year Cycle
5/2/20 Sue: 12 WFs, BRPWA10, WASAM10 (new Wild Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountains cards)
12/17/21 Sent reorder email. Mentioned I just sell single cards now.
12/18/21 Reply from Sue: Thank you Lee for reaching out to me. Right now we still have sufficient stock of your book and note cards. We are a small gift shop and donít have a lot of traffic.
9/27/22 Talked to Sue: Still has some books and cards. Agreed I would check next spring
4/28/23 Talked to Sue. Still has a few copies. Agreed I would check in Nov
11/6/23 Sent reorder email to Sue
11/8/23 Reply from Sue:
Lee,Let me speak with my supervisor.  I may be able to place an order in a week or two.Do you still offer the note cards?
11/9/23 Reply from Sue after I responded to above email: Okay, thank you. Will email soon
Sue Cahill, Buyer, Administrative Support
Wildlife Resources Division
WFs: 12 Very small gift shop, low traffic
Charlottesville KOA
3825 Red Hill Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22903
May 18
2-year cycle
9/1/20 Lisa ordered 12 WFs
5/18/23 Lisa ordered 15 WFs
Ashley Martin
Brian (owner)
WFs: 12,15 Open March to November
Chattahoochee National Forest
Find Outdoors
49 Pisgah Hwy #4, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
Jan 22 5/18/23 Talked to Brooke. Sent copy of WFs
Sent followup email.
7/6/23 Resent followup email after leaving voice mail
7/14/23 Resent revised followup email
8/7/23 Sent another email after leaving another voice mail
8/23/23 Resent email, also one to

Try again next year

Find Outdoors  5 Locations in Chattahoochee
Brooke Reese
-Retail Sales
828-883-3463  x217 Brooke x0 x2 x229
Anna Ruby Falls Visitor Center
Brasstown Bald Visitor Center
Lake Rabun Beach Campground
Lake Winfield Scott Campground
Morganton Point Campground
  Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest - Offices (
Forest Supervisor's Office -1755 Cleveland Highway, Gainesville, Georgia 30501; Gainesville GA: 770-297-3000
Oconee Ranger District Office
-Eatonton Ga: 706-485-7110
Chattooga River Ranger District Office -Lakemont GA: 706-754-6221
Blue Ridge Ranger District Office -Blairsville GA: 706-970-9776 or 706-745-6928
Conasauga Ranger District Office -Chatsworth GA: 706-695-6736
Chattahoochee Nature Center Gift Shop
9135 Willeo Rd, Roswell, GA 30075
June 7 10/10/23 3 WFs by Kim Kim Ellis  -Retail Buyer  
x227   Tue-Wed-Thur 1-5  
  Opens in March
Only buys a few copies at a time
Cheaha Mountain Store at Cheaha State Park
19644 Hwy 281, Delta, AL 36258
June 23 1/19/21 15 WFs by Leland
4/29/21 25 WFs by Leland
1/19/22 25 WFs by Leland
6/23/23 25 WFs by Leland
Renee Raney, Superintendent
256-488-5111 x4 store
256-488-0030 x2804
Leland Nowland  Store Manager
Ayla Spear Biaggini Account Clerk - Cheaha State Park
256-488-0030 Cell: 256-412-9938
Address: 2141 Bunker Loop | Delta, AL 36130
WFs: 15,25,25,25 Superintendent Renee Raney, absolutely loves the book. Her nickname is Otter. Expressed interest in having me visit for book signing and reading
Chetola Resort Gift Shop at Blowing Rock
185 Chetola Lake Dr, Blowing Rock, NC 28605∑
Feb 27
2-year cycle
9/11/19 12 WFs by Alex
12/22/21 12 WFs by Alex
2/28/23 12 WFs by Jenn
Jenn Page Gift Shop Mgr.
828-295-5500 x8 front desk
Ashley Lang  Front Desk Mgr.
WFs: 12,12,12 On a two year ordering cycle
Chief Logan State Park & Lodge Gift Shops
860 Wolfpen Hollow Road, Logan WV 25601
March 7 7/31/19 10 WFs ordered by Deidra
8/8/19  5 WFs ordered by Jill Stone
8/11/23 Talked to receptionist. She checked, still has six copies in system
Deidra (Dee) Pack, Buyer 
304-855-6100 x ask for gift shop
WFs: 10, 5 2 Gift shops: Park and Lodge & Conference Center
Chief Logan Lodge & Conference Center Gift Shop, 1000 Conference Center Drive, (PO Box 898), Logan WV 25601
Chimney Rock State Park Gift Shop
C/O Olivia Poto, Retail Buyer
431 Main Street, Chimney Rock NC 28720
Sept 6 4/16/21 12 WFs by Olivia
7/21/22 12 WFs by Olivia
9/14/23 12 WFS by Olivia
Olivia Poto  
WFs: 12,12,12 Email for reorders
Cicada Books
604 14th St W., Huntington WV 25704
Sept 17 8/2/21 6 WFs by Dawn
10/3/22 12 WFs by Dawn
11/3/23 12 WFs by Dawn
Dawn Norman, Owner
Katie, Daughter
WFs: 6, 12,12 Places books in prime location up front
City Lights Bookstore
3 East Jackson Street, Sylva, NC 28779
Sept 12
2 year cycle
Customer since 2011
May 2018
3 GB by Chris
Sept 2018
3 WFh by Chris
11/3/21 3 GB and 7 WFs PO 038718 by Chris
11/9/23 2 GB and 6 WFs by Chris PO#048560
Chris Wilcox, Owner 
GB (30%): 3,3,3,2
WFs (50%): 7,6
Always 30% for GB
Always 50% for WFs
Stores in Sylva and Cullowhee 
Clark, Kelsey -Beverly-Hanks & Associates
512 N Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792
  3/21/21  3 GB by Kelsey
828-674-1436 Cell, 828-697-0515 Office
GB: 3  
Claudia L. Workman Wildlife Education Center at Forks of Coal State Natural Area
50 Rocky Branch Rd, Alum Creek, WV 25003
Jan 10
1/13/23 Called to see if they have a gift shop. Talked to Kim Jan 2023 and she said they do not plan on having one. But call anyhow to see. Great new facility. Contact Us Ė Forks of Coal Foundation
304-549-6760 Kim  Director
  Forks of Coal Foundation
Claytor Lake State Park Gift Shop
6620 Ben H. Bolen Drive, Dublin, VA 24084
Feb 21 2/24/23 3 Wfs by Austin
7/6/23 6 WFs by Austin
8/18/23 6 WFs by Austin
Brody Havens, Asst. Park Manager
540-616-4832 Brody work cell phone
Austin Monnett Buyer
540-616-8970 Austin cell
WFs: 3,6,6 4715 2921 7372 6101  07/28  123  24084
Clinch Life Outfitters, Inc.
3022 5th Ave, St Paul, VA 24283
Feb 29 4/15/21 10 WFs by Mellason
7/18/22 10 WFs by Mellason
4/20/23 Talked to Mellason. Down to 5 copies. Asked me to check in July
7/29/23 Talked to Mellason. Down to 4.
Mellason Gordon, co-owner
WFs: 10,10  
Cloudland Canyon State Park Gift Park
122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road, Rising Fawn GA 30738
July 26 1/14/21 12 WFs by former buyer Emmanuel Steward
12/14/21 12 WFs by Austin
7/31/23 12 WFs by Austin
9/7/23 Call from Steven DNR Ga check came back, will resend in snailmail 404-657-6723
Austin Brown, buyer
WFs: 12,12,12  
Coker Creek Welcome Center & Gift Shop
12197 TN-68, Tellico Plains, TN 37385
July 11 7/13/23 10 WFs by Dina. Dina Heinemann (Loves book, sweet lady)
423-261-2611 Welcome Center
423-261-2515 Dina -cell
423-261-2286 Welcome Center
WFs: 10 P. O. Box 82, Coker Creek, TN 37314
Operated by the Coker Creek Heritage Group.
Always 50%, ship media
Connections Gallery at NC Arboretum
The North Carolina Arboretum, 100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way, Asheville, NC 28806
April 11 6/12/18 6 WFh, 6 WFs by Tracy
8/21/19 6 WFs and 6 WFh by Tracy
5/2/23 6 WFs by Tracy
9/14/23 12 WFs by Tracy
Kacey Cramer -Retail Manager and Buyer

828-665-2492 x306 Kac
x316 Connections Gallery
WFs: 12,12,6,12 Also send Kacey copy of invoice
Cook Museum of Natural Science Gift Shop
133 4th Ave NE, Decatur, AL 35601
Sept 5
3 year cycle
3/5/21 6 WFs by Debbie
11/2/22 Talked to receptionist. She checked with Debbie. Ok on books
8/7/23 Sent reorder email to Debbie
8/31/23 Reply from Debbie: Thank you for reaching out so often.but at this time I do not need anymore copies. I still have 3.
Debbie Moore, Retail Mgr.
256-351-4512 Debbie's phone
256-351-4505 Front Desk
256-351-4520 Gift Shop
Sarah Tolbert, Accounting
WFs: 6 PO Box 2955  Decatur AL 35602
According to gift shop employee they display books with cover out
Coopers Rock State Forest Gift Shop
61 County Line Drive, Bruceton Mills WV, 26525
March 6 3/10/18 12 WFs by Jonas paid by cc
4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS
Jan Dzierzak Supt, Brad Atkins Asst
Jonas McClenahan Office Mgr.
304-594-1561 Office
304-594-0196 Campground   
Gift Shop   
WFs: 12,6  
Cotton Mill Exchange Gift Shop
South Carolina State Museum

301 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201
April 18 3/5/21 3 WFs by Scottie Ash, also sent W9 form
12/21/21 Talked to Scottie, still has 2
7/26/22 Sent reorder email to new buyer Dorothy
8/16/22 Talked to Dorothy. Agreed I would send reorder email
10/24/22 Resent reorder email
4/14/23 Resent email to Dorothy after leaving voice message
4/14/23 Reply from Dorothy: Lee, The gift shop is currently closed for repairs. It will be a few months before we are up and running.
9/5/23  Called Dorothy. Still closed for repairs.
Dorothy Hall, Buyer
803-898-4967 Gift Shop  
803-898-4968 Dorothy
803-898-4921 x0
WFs: 3 Open Tues -Sun
Cradle of Forestry -Find Outdoors (Cradle of Forestry in America)
49 Pisgah Highway, Suite 4, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
March 1
3/10/18 12 WFs by Beth Hooper
10/11/22 Talked to Richard. Sent copy of WFs to Richard. They will evaluate sales over the winter and look at new items.
3/3/23 Sent reorder email to Richard
3/22/23 Talked to Richard. Real idiot with British accent. Not interested. Usual bullshit. Call a few years to see if he is gone then reapproach them
828-884-5713  "Find Outdoors" 
Richard  Cauldwell  215  Retail Mgr.
Brooke Reese x3  handles retail buying
Find Outdoors: 828-883-3463
Cindy Bullwinkle 828-884-5713 Ext 215
828-877-3130  Cradle of Forestry Complex 
WFs: 12
3 Outlets operated by Find Outdoors: 1. The Forest Place Gift Shop, 66 South Broad Street, Brevard NC 28712; 2. Visitor Center at Ranger Station, PNF; 3. Cradle of Forestry Gift Shop, PNF

Customer since 2011.  Does restocking each Feb
GB: Did not sell,
WA10: Not interested
Crowders Mountain State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
522 Park Office Lane, Kings Mountain, NC 28086
March 18 9/12/22 11 WFs by Stacey  
8/21/23  Talked to Stacey. Still has copies. Agreed I would check late fall
11/14/23 Talked to Stacey. Still ok. Agreed I would check next spring
Stacey Adams, Buyer  Really nice lady
WFs: 11  
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Gift Shop
7351 Highway 90, Corbin, Kentucky 40701
Oct 4 8/10/21 15 WFs by Becky  PO #3058
9/8/22 15 WFs by Becky PO#3440
10/5/23 30 WFs by Becky  PO#4116
Becky Canada, Buyer
606-528-4121 x5 gift shop
WFs: 15,15,30  
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Bookstore and Gift Shop
Mailing Address: 91 Bartlett Park Road
Middlesboro, KY 40965
US-25E, Cumberland Gap, TN 37752 and
US 25E South, Middlesboro, Kentucky 40965
August 15 11/19/20 Talked to Jacqui Payne. Definitely interested in book. Will get it to review committee meeting in Dec-Jan. She also handles New River Gorge park area in WV (Canyon Rim and others).
11/21/20 Sent Jacqui WFs with cover letter mentioning other parks of interest -New River Gorge, (Canyon Rim)
2/12/21 Talked to Jacqui. Book approved. Still in Covid hold. Will get it in system. She had talked to Eastern National. Not sure how she would get copies, probably through Eastern National. Contact them at that time to confirm, etc
9/15/21 Talked to Jacqui. Book definitely in their system through Eastern National (#8110) and will definitely order next year. Told me to call mid Feb, when she starts to order
7/26/22 Talked to Jacqui. Asked me to send her reminder email. Wants book, has been approved. Will be looking at getting it in Cumberland Gap but also possibly Big South Fork, Mammoth Cave, New River Gorge park gift shops
7/26/22 Sent reminder email to Jacqui
8/17/22  Talked to Jacqui. Book on ordering list, just have to wait for now. May take a while. Agreed I would check back in Oct just in case.
10/27/22 Talked to Jacqui. Book all set to go. Will be ordering in spring.
3/22/23 Sent followup email to Jacqui
4/27/23 Book added on ordering list in March. Jacqui told me to follow up in May. Complicated big system and she is working the problem.
5/23/23 Called. Jacqui Payne just "let go" as bookstore manager.. Staff told me to contact Aimee Meadows, her boss
5/23/23 Sent Aimee email: Aimee: I was told to contact you in regards to my award-winning book Wild & Furry Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. I had been working with Jacqui Payne, the former manager of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Bookstore and Gift Shop, to get my book into their bookstore and gift shop. In calling today I found out that Jacqui was no longer employed when I followed today, and hence my email to you.
My book had been approved for sale last year by Eastern National (I am a registered Eastern National vendor #8110 -Lee Pantas) in the Cumberland Gap stores and was placed on the ordering list in March 2023. When she and I last talked in May, she was waiting on an order and expected it soon. Now that she is no longer involved, my hope is that you will advise me as to what I need to do, if anything, to get the order sent.
6/1/23 Called Aimee on cell. On leave, told me to call next week
6/15/23 Talked to Aimee. Got my email. Checked and book is in system to be ordered. They order once a month. So, hopefully I will get an order soon.
8/21/23 Talked to Aimee. Somewhat curt. Mentioned book is in New River Gorge. When I asked about Cumberland Gap she said don't bother calling again, we will let you know when we order. Frustrating. Wait a year.
606-248-2817 Cumberland Gap Park
Aimee Meadows, Regional Mgr of Stores
304-890-6651 Aimee cell
606-248-7606 Store
  Eastern National
Cummings Falls State Park
390 Cummings Falls Lane, Cookeville TN 38501
Dec 5 6/28/23 Sent Ashley WFs
Called. Ashley on maternity leave (boy) until October
Ashley Clark, Ranger in charge of gift shop

Custom Book Reviews ($30/Ad)
Text-Link Ad on

Jan 1
6-Month Cycle
2015: Text Link ad for 6 months @$75
2016: Asked for discount to $60
. Got reply asking for discount. Agree to $55/biyearly. Paid via PayPal
Moved his text link ad to Media & Libraries page of new Relocation version of guidebook website.
New text link ad on Media & Libraries and Colleges and Schools @$30 per webpage for 6 months
7/29/22 Updated site with new link on Colleges and Schools
Alex Buffet 

Pays via PayPal
On 6 month subscription cycle
Text Link Ad (6 months duration): 2015,16,17,18,19, 20, 21, 22


(Aug 22 to Jan 23)
Colleges & Schools

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Danville Welcome Center Gift Shop
645 River Park Drive, Danville, VA 24540
April 3 9/20/21 10 WFs by Nicole
10/27/22 Talked to Welcome Center lady. Down to 2 books. However not buying now due to complete redoing of welcome center area. In early stages. My decision to wait until summer 2023 to check again because of this.
8/23/23 Called Welcome Center. Renovations will start in a few months.
Lisa Meriwether  -Tourism Manager
434-793-1753 x5
Nicole Jackson, Accounts Clerk, Buyer
434-793-4636 Welcome Center
WFs: 10  
David Crockett State Park Gift Shop
1400 W Gaines St, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
23 Crockett Park Road, Lawrenceburg TN 38464 (Mailing Address)
Feb 12 6/9/21 12 WFs by Donna
7/14/22 Talked to Donna, still has a few copies
2/7/23 Talked to Donna. Not ordering now. In a few months
5/10/23 Talked to Donna. Still has a few in stock. May be ordered after July 1
7/6/23 Talked to Donna and in the process of ordering. May do so in the next few weeks.
7/26/23 Talked to Donna,. Has to do shirt and hoodie orders first and will contact me when ready to order.
Donna Johnson
931-903-2323 x1 Office x3 Museum Gift Shop
Rachel Lee, Park Mgr.
WFs: 12 3 Gift shops -Crockett's Mill Restaurant, Museum and Front Office
Dauset Trails Nature Center Gift Shop
360 Mt. Vernon Church Road, Jackson, GA 30233
Aug 4 5/26/23 12 WFs by Ike Ike English, Director
WFs: 12 In Indian Springs State Park
D.D. Bullwinkle's Outdoors
60 East Main Street, Brevard, NC 28712
June 12 1/1/18 7 WFh and 5 GB by Allie
6/10/19 5 GB by Allie (Still has all 7 copies of WFh)
11/15/21 6 GB and 12 Wfs by Allie. Ordered by email
5/16/23 6 GB and 12 WFs by Allie
Allie Carrington (Perkins)
828-862-4700 Mornings best to reach her
GB: 5,5,6,6
WFs: 7,12,12
DeSoto State Park Country Store
7104 DeSoto Parkway NE, Fort Payne, AL 35967
Dec 8 8/28/20 5 WFs by Karley Kraft
1/28/22 5 WFs by Amanda Kennamer
3/24/23 Talked to Jessica. Checked and out of books. Sent her reorder email, suggested 12 + copies this time. She wanted to check with Amanda first.
4/23/23 Talked to Jessica. Sweet girl. Over budget at the moment but will contact me with an order fairly soon when she can order.
7/4/23 Talked to Jessica. Still had not placed orders, rearranging gift shop. Agreed I would send her a reminder email. Sent Jessica reminder email.
9/13/23 Called. Jessica no longer employed and do not have her replacement yet.
               Country Store Manager

Campground & Country Store
256-845-5380 Lodge
Josh Hughes Park Superintendent
WFs: 5,5  
Diamond Brand Outdoors
53 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
Sept 19
3-year cycle
9/1/21 11 WFs by Catherine. 
9/30/22 Resent reorder email to Catherine
10/11/22 Reply from Catherine: Lee, thank you for checking in with us. We are still ok on our inventory of your book. We just don't sell a lot of books in our store, but we have sold some. thank you,
10/26/23 Talked to associate. Catherine talked to him and he said they have plenty, although could not tell me know many.
Catherine Gay (Owner)
WFs: 11  
Discovery Place 
301 North Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28202
June 20 9/29/22 30 WFs by Anna. Paid by cc Anna Konieczny (ko nez knee)
Retail Manager of shops -Sweet girl, loves my book
704-372-6261 x319 Anna
864-680-8771 Anna
704-372-6261 x0 Front Desk
Gigi Ochs Science and Nature Mgr. at Discovery Place
704-372-6261 x251 Gigi
WFs: 30 Discovery Place is main entity. They maintain Trail's End Store and other facilities


Dismals Canyon Gift Shop
901 County Rd 8, Phil Campbell, AL 35581
March 11 3/8/20 sent Christy WFs
5/2/20 Talked to Christy. Awesome book, loves it. showed it to Beverly Franklin, owner and they will order after life gets back to normal.
9/1/20 Talked to Christy. shop is reopen but needs to check again with owner. Said she will check today and call me.
9/12/20 Talked to Christy. Told me to call in March. Owner likes the book.
3/31/21 Talked to Christy. Just now ordering. Will send email from me to the owner.
3/31/21 Sent Christy reminder email
10/1/21 Sent another email to Christy
10/30/21 Talked to Christy. closing down for the season. Told me to check back in spring
8/12/22 Talked to Christy, remembered book, should check in with owner again. Agreed I would send her a reminder email Sent reminder email
9/23/22 Talked to Christy. She talked to owner. Owner said she is not investing in any books right now. Check back in spring. Usual "books don't sell bs." Told Christy my book is different, etc.
7/17/23 Talked to Christy. Business has been slow and they are not buying this year. Told me to check next March and an order is possible. She knows the owner Beverly really likes the book.
Christy Saint, Mgr.
Beverly Franklin, Owner
  Private park
Nov to spring
Don Carter State Park Gift Shop
5000 North Browning Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30506
August 10
2 year cycle
11/24/20  6 WFs by Lori
7/28/22 12 WFs by Lori
6/16/23 Talked to Steven. Still has 8 copies
Steven Emery Park Manager
Sarah Nix Assistant Park Manager
WFs: 6,12  
Dr. Thomas Walker State Historic Site Gift Shop
4929 KY 459, Barbourville, Kentucky 40906
April 10   Andrew Teasley, Gift Shop Mgr.
  Museum Gift shop open April 1 to Oct 31
Duck River Books
12 Public Square, Columbia, TN 38401
2 year cycle
8/4/22 11 WFs by James
9/4/23 Talked to James. Has a few copies
James Lund, owner  
WFs: 11  
Dunbar Cave State Park Gift Shop
401 Old Dunbar Cave Road, Clarksville TN 37043
August 9 2/10/21 2 copies supplied by Tricia Ferguson,
7/29/22 3 copies WFs by Tracy
8/9/23 12 WFs by Tracey
Tracey Voight

David Britton, Park Mgr.
WFs: 2,3,12  
Duncan, Steve -Beverly-Hanks & Associates, 300 Executive Park, Asheville, NC 28801 Jan 1 2018: 20 GB Steve
2/8/21 15 GB, 12 WFs by Cherry (for Steve Duncan)
6/14/23 20 GB  
GB: 20, 15,20
WFs: 12
Send invoice attention Cherry Livengood
Also runs, as of 2023 The Preserve at Maple Creek (
Eastern National
470 Maryland Drive, STE.1, Fort Washington, PA, 19034
Bill to: Eastern National, 470 Maryland Drive k, STE. 1, Fort Washington, PA 19034


2014 and earlier: Had supplied boxed cards BRPWA10 through Brad Cave 828-298-5330
30 copies WFs PO#5101-661284
7/24/22 Email Thank you for checking in Lee, Iím sorry to have missed your calls, I looked through our 2019 records and see that some of our busiest sites kept multiple copies on hand throughout the season then typically sold 1 unit monthly or intermittently. Unfortunately that has led to a competitive disadvantage for purchasing when budgets and display space are limited. The book is dear to my heart and your art is so soulful, Iím sorry not to have better news. Karen
6/2/23 Became New River Gorge Bookstore vendor for WFs
10/5/23 Approached Pilot Mountain State Park re WFs.
11/28/23 Karen is retiring in a month, replaced by Brad Cave. Talked to Candice. Suggested I talk to Karen. Sell to Eastern National New River Gorge Bookstore

Vendor ##8110
via UPS BRP Account #169845, Zip Code 19034
215-283-6900, x1  Accounts Payable x3
New Merchandise:
Karen Searles: BRP Oteen NC Warehouse:
Brad Cave 215 283 6900 Main Office, 828-298-2774
Candice Lengyel: Mgr of Parkway Visitor Center and Eastern National giftshop/bookstore at Folk Art Center
Folk Art Center 828-298-7928 x3 giftshop
BRP Visitor Center 828-298-5330
Kristin Hylton: New River Gorge Bookstore
304-574-0305 Main Bookstore, 304-237-3144 Kristin Cell
  Blue Ridge Parkway  BRP
BRP-Oteen Warehouse, Asheville, NC 28805
Bill to: Eastern National, 470 Maryland Drive k, STE. 1, Fort Washington, PA 19034
New River Gorge National Park & Preserve
162 Visitor Center Road, Lansing, WV 25862
WFs Vendor Product ID #9780991039821
Edgar Evins State Park Gift Shop
1630 Edgar Evins State Park Road, Silver Point, TN 38582
April 30 4/27/21 10 WFs by Katie
7/14/22 10 WFs by Katie
8/8/23 Talked to Katie. Plenty in stock
Katie Williams, Buyer, sweet girl
931-646-3080  x0
WFs: 10,10  
Elachee Nature Center Gift Shop
2125 Elachee Drive, Gainesville GA 30504
Aug 15
10/17/19 Sent Judy WFs -Since retired
4/23/21 Talked to Amy Bradford. Judy has retired. Shared about book, she thought it sounded perfect for them. Still on Covid hold, told me to check in with her in August.
7/28/22 Sent Amy WFs
8/29/22 Sent Amy followup email
8/29/22 Reply from Amy: Hello Lee, Yes, we did receive the copy of your book, thank you so much! We are excited to use this book with our educational programming. At this time our Gift Shop is not carrying books. As you may know, purchasing trends and the COVID pandemic took a toll of our ability to stock and sell items. Our shop is now mainly snacks and a few stuffed animals. If we do get back to a point of being able to sell educational materials and books again, we will be sure to reach out. Thank you, Amy
8/28/23 Sent followup email to Amy
8/29/23 Reply from Amy: Thank you for reaching out again. In the past year we have reduced even further our gift shop offerings and are still not carrying books. At this time, we do not foresee this changing, but it never hurts to check back!Thank you, Amy
Amy Bradford, Director of Operations
  Interactive kidsí science museum & hiking trails in a 1,440-acre nature preserve.
Elk Springs Resort Gift Shop
#14A Dry Branch Road, Monterville WV 26282
228 Dry Branch Rd, ​Monterville, WV 26282
April 18 3/5/20 Sent Amanda WFs at 14A Dry Branch Road address
5/12/20 Sent Amanda follow up email
5/20/20 Got book. Great book. Look forward to getting copies. Not ordering now. Agreed I would check later.
10/5/20 Talked to Amanda. On hold now, Told me to call in late March for an order. Wants to sell book
3/19/21 Talked to Amanda. Will be talking to owners April 1 regarding orders. Agreed for me to send her a reminder email.
3/19/21 Sent Amanda reminder email
Talked to Amanda. Asked me to send pricing information, asked about two discounts. Will send it to owners to see what they want to do.
4/14/21 Sent pricing information via email to Amanda
5/7/21 Talked to Amanda. Still up in the air about gift shop by owners. Amanda loves the book. Agreed I would check mid summer
8/30/21 Talked Amanda. Still not back to operating normally because of Covid. Agreed I would check next spring
8/10/22 Talked to Amanda. Asked me to send reminder email to show owner. Still interested
8/10/22 Sent reminder email to Amanda
9/28/22 Sent followup email to Amanda
9/29/22 Reply from Amanda: Good morning. Unfortunately, things are still pretty slow here and not doing well. I have all your contact info saved and when things get better, I will get in touch with you. Best Wishes Amanda
5/16/23 Sent email to Amanda
5/31/23 Talked to Amanda. Still on hold. Agreed I would check next spring
Amanda Beverage, Gift Shop
304-339-2359 x2
  Private resort

Elk Springs Fly Shop, Resort and Outfitters Authorized Orvis Dealer
#14A Dry Branch Road
Monterville, 26282

Ernest & Hadley Booksellers
1928 7th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
April 12 1/23/23 5 WFs by Easty
11/22/23 Talked to Marrea, salesperson. Computer says still have 5 copies. Books in children section. She will check to see how they are displayed. Agreed I would check back with her.
Easty Lambert-Brown, Owner
WFs: 5 50% discount
Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site Gift Shop
813 Indian Mounds Road SW, Cartersville, GA 30120
April 1 9/17/20 12 WFs by Keith
10/12/22 Talked to Keith. On spending freeze until after July Told me to call in August
8/1/23 Still redoing museum space. Agreed I would check next spring
Keith Bailey, Ranger & Interpretative Mgr.
404-906-5244 Cell  (Prefers not to call his cell)
WFs: 12  
Fairy Stone State Park Gift Shop
967 Fairystone Lake Drive, Stuart, VA 24171
April 1 7/26/22 6 WFs by Chrissy
2/16/23 12 WFs by Chrissy
Chrissy Pettruncio, Office Mgr.
WFs: 6,12 4715 2924 0391 0046 02/27 649
Fall Creek Falls State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
2009 Village Camp Road, Spencer, TN 38585
July 24 3/20/20  24 WFs by Melandy
7/26/22 24 WFs by Melandy
Melandy Bolden, Gift Shop and sales

423-881-5298  x1  x1
WFs: 24,24 Same state park as Betty Dunn Nature Center but different gift shop. They both order and stock separately.  Betty Bunn not stocking book since it is sold in 3 other shops in the Falls Creek Falls State Park
Fernbank Museum of Natural History Store
767 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Dec 1
12/13/21 12 WFs by Laura
12/15/22 Called store and salesgirl checked inventory. Have 11 copies still, book is facing out. Slow account.. She said we don't sell a lot of books..
Bobby Cashell, Buyer
404-929-6356 Bobby
404-929-6300 x7 store  x
2 customer service
WFs: 12 Slow Account
Floyd Country Store
206 South Locust Street, Floyd, VA 24091
May 20 2/24/20 6 WFs by Deborah
12/15/21 6 WFs by Deborah
9/14/22 6 WFs by Deborah
6/2/23 6 WFs by Deborah
Deborah Baum, Buyer
WFs: 6, 6,6,6 Deborah does not work weekends
Fontana Village General Store
180 Welch Road, Fontana Dam NC 28733 
Oct 1

2/11/16 12 GB by Karen Cobb
7/7/17 Talked to Tina at Store. GB did not sell and will not reorder.
5/9/19 4 WFh, 4 WA10 by Laurie Wike
1/5/21 Sent Laurie reorder email
8/30/22 Sent Laurie reorder email

Laurie Wike -Retail Manager
828-498-2140 Pit Stop
828-498-2148 General Store

Laurie works Sat-Tues only
Tina (Store Mgr) Fontana Store
828-498-2211 Fontana Village Resort
WFs: 4 3 Store outlets in Fontana Village Resort: General Store, Overlook Gift Shop, and gift shop at the Lodge.
Karen Cobb Anchor South Management
Retail and Procurement Director
12214 Choto Marina Way, Knoxville TN 37922.   865-279-9210
139 Depot St, Boone, NC 28607
Sept 20 10/27/23 12 WFs by Brian Taylor Williams, Mgr.
828-355-9984 Boone
Brian Baldwin Nice friendly guy
  Blowing Rock
WFs: 12 Typically sells more books in fall. Call for September for reorders.

Footsloggers -Blowing Rock
921 Main St, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Fort Boonesborough State Park Transylvania Shop
4375 Boonesborough Road, Richmond, Kentucky 40475
Feb 15 7/26/23 6 WFs by Dee Dee Bishop, Gift Shop Mgr.
859-527-3131 x7 Gift Shop or x4 business office
Crystal -works with Dee somehow.
WFs: 6 Jack Winburn, Mgr. of Campground Store
Store opens April 1 to Oct 30
Fort Loudoun State Park Visitor Center & Museum Gift Shop
338 Fort Loudoun Road, Vonore, TN 37885
March 12 7/18/23 6 WFs by Nicole Eric Hughey Park Manager
Nicole Rogers, Secretary, handles gift shop  8-4:30
WFs: 6  
Fort Mountain State Park Trading Post
181 Fort Mountain Park Road, Chatsworth, GA 30705
May 2, 2025
2-year cycle
11/30/21 16 WFs by Katy
5/16/23 16 WFs by Christy
Elliott Murrer, Buyer
Christy Baker Gift shop
WFs: 16,16  
Fort Yargo State Park Gift Shop
210 South Broad Street, Winder, Georgia 30680
August 7 8/10/23  12 WFs by Will William (Will) White, Assistant Manager
WFs: 12  
Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center Gift Shop  PO Box 541
98 Foxfire Lane, Mountain City, GA 30562
April 24 5/26/21 5 WFs by Jessica
8/16/22 5 WFs by Jessica
5/1/22 5 WFs by Jessica
Jessica Parker

Bridget Gladney, Mgr.
WFs: 5,5,5 The Foxfire Fund Inc
FoxTale Book Shoppe
105 E Main St, Woodstock, GA 30188
Jan 17 11/20/23 Sent Karen WFs Karen Schwettman, owner
Fran Hanson Visitor's Center Gift Shop
South Carolina Botanical Garden
150 Discovery Lane, Clemson, SC 29634
Sept 3
2 year cycle @20 copies
9/27/22 20 WFs by Christian
10/2/23 Called store. Salesperson checked. Have 10 copies
Christian Hussey Business Mgr.

WFs: 20  
Franklin Welcome Center & Chamber of Commerce Gift Shop
98 Hyatt Rd, Franklin, NC 28734
May 30
2 year cycle
8/12/20  12 WFs by Diane
8/14/23 Talked to Diane. Still has six copies
Diane Baldwin  (Diane's email)
Linda Harbuck, Director
WFs: 12  
Fred's General Mercantile
501 Beech Mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain, NC 28604
May 24
Customer since 2007
Nov 2015
4 GB by Fred
May 2018
7 WFh by Meredith, still has 4 GB (stocked in 2015 so not selling
Aug 2018 7 WFh by Meredith Not interested in WA10
14 WFh by Meredith
12/10/20 10 WFs by Lynne
11/4/21 10 WFs by Sharon.
12/6/24 12 each of Deer, Bears, Squirrel, Fox Bobcat, Opposum, Rabbit, Otters cards
3/16/22 10WFs, 12 bear1 12possum1 12deer1 12coyote1 by Sharon
7/27/22 10WFs, 12 bear1 12possum1 12deer1 12coyote1 by Sharon
10/17/22 Sharon: Ok on books. 24 each: Bobcat,  Bears, Rabbit, Coyote, Squirrel, Possum, Raccoon, Fox, Deer, Otters
5/25/23 Sharon: 6 WFs and 24 each: Bobcat,  Bears, Rabbit, Coyote, Squirrel, Possum, Raccoon, Fox, Deer, Otters
Sharon Canella
Fred Pfohl (owner)

Bernie -Handles past due accounts
WFs: 7,7 14,10,10,10,10
Bears1: 12,12,24,24
12 ,24,24
Rabbit 1:
Coyote1: 12,12,24,24
GB did not sell.
Frozen Head State Park Gift Shop
964 Flat Fork Road, Wartburg, TN 37887
May 8, 2025 3/4/20 6 WFs by Dianna
7/14/22 Talked to Julie Zisman who replaced Dianna, sent Julie reorder email and info about book since she was not familiar with it.
9/7/22 Talked to Julie . "Stocked up on books at this point even though she was clearly unfamiliar with it.  Confronted her in a nice way that she was not familiar. Agreed she would see a copy so I sent her a copy of WFs
Reply from Julie: Good afternoon! I got a message that you tried to reach me a few times this week. I apologize, this is an extremely busy time of the year at the park and I have been in and out of the office. I received a copy of the book you sent, and you are a very talented illustrator. I will keep this book option in mind moving forward. Right now, in our very small gift shop, I have no more room for books. Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your work. I will be in touch should we decide to place an order.
11/4/22  Sent her nice reply reminding of profit per copy
4/21/23 Sent followup email to Julie
5/12/23 Sent another Please Respond email to Julie
5/14/23: Reply from Julie: Thank you for reaching out. I am not interested in purchasing this book at this time. I will file your contact information in case we decide to stock the book in the future.
Julie Zisman, Buyer (8-4)
WFs: 6  
Garrett, Tina -Allan Tates/Beverly Hanks & Associates, 300 Executive Park, Asheville, NC 28801 Dec 2 May 2019: 12 GB by Tina
7/28/20  11 GB by Tina
3/19/21 11 GB by Tina
8/19/22 12 WFs by Tina
8/23/23 Sent reorder email
11/17/23  Left copy of GB at office with order form
828-215-8685 -Tina
GB: 10,12, 12, 12, 11, 11,12 Drop off. She does not pay shipping
Gatlinburg East / Smoky Mountain KOA Holiday Gift Shop
4874 Hooper Hwy, Cosby, TN 37722
March 25 3/29/23 12 WFs by Jenny Jenny Edwards, Mgr.
WFs: 12  
General Butler State Resort Park Gift Shop
1608 Highway 227, Carrollton, KY 41008
August 22 9/15/20 Sent Susan WFs
3/5/21 Talked to Susan, loves book, definitely will.
sent at least 15 emails and phone voicemails since 2021 with no reply
7/10/23  Talked to Hannah Fry. Very difficult girl to talk to me... Eventually got her to tell me Susan Spears had nothing to do with gift shop and she was over gift shop (good luck with that...) Offered to send her book but agreed email will work.
7/10/23 Sent Hannah Fry email
7/11/23 Reply from Hannah: Hi Lee unfortunately we like to have 50% Markup we usually get only 2-4 books at a time.
7/12/23 Sent followup offering 50%
7/27/23 Resent followup email
8/11/23 Sent new followup email
Hannah Fry Gift Shop  Does not work day or evenings
Best way to reach her is email
502-686-1342 Front Desk
  Always 50%
Givens Books & Little Dickens
2236 Lakeside Dr, Lynchburg, VA 24501
April 29 8/12/22 2 WFs by Elisa
8/8/23 5 WFs by Elisa
Danny Givens
Elisa Forshey, Buyer
WFs: 2,5  
Gladie Visitor Center
Daniel Boone National Forest, 3451 Sky Bridge Rd, Stanton, KY 40380
March 15 7/25/22 Had a nice conversation with Josiah Santiago and he was very interested in seeing a copy. Sent Josiah WFs. Has to go through committee process
8/25/22 Unable to carry it this year -end of season and gift shop inventory full up. Got book, loves it and perfect fit for their gift shop. Follow up in March for definite order.
Talked to Josiah. Boses won't let him add any new vendors this year. He is frustrated but powerless. Wants to sell my book. Agreed I would check next spring
Josiah Santiago, Mgr.
606-663-8100 x0 Thursday -Monday
  In Red River Gorge
Otter on website homepage banner for Daniel Boone National Forest website
Gorges State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
976 Grassy Ridge Road, Sapphire NC 28774
July 6 7/27/23 12 WFs by Dawn Dawn Hatalski  Office Administrator Specialist -Handles gift shop
828-966-9099 x 205
WFs: 12  
Grandad's Apples & Such
2951 Chimney Rock Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792
July 1   Patrick Landcaster, Manager/Owner
  The top country apple store, just past East Hendersonville High School. Does stocking in July
Grandfather Mountain Top Shop
PO 190, Grandfather Mountain, Linville, NC 28646 / 2135 Grandfather Mountain Drive, Linville NC 28646 
March 14 July 2018 10 WFs by Brad
June 2019
 Ok on Wfs
11/5/21 Emailed Brad
2/22/22 Sent reorder email to Brad.
8/30/22 Talked to Brad. Not buying at this time. Asked me to contact him in March. Said he was "ok" on books but that was BS answer. Just not buying late in summer.
3/2/23 Sent reorder email to Brad
4/11/23 Sent new reorder email. Talked to secretary. He is impossible to reach by phone (always busy, etc).
4/27/23 Resent reorder email
5/10/23 Sent new reorder email
5/10/23 Called to leave voice mail to check email and got Brad. Talked to Brad. He said he had not placed his book orders yet but would soon. Told him I am sure he is out since it was 2018.
6/14/23 Talked to Amanda. Would contact Brad for me. Sent her reorder email
7/3/23 Talked to Amanda. Would get with Brad after Highland games over. Agreed I would follow up in late July. Decided to send her a copy of WFs which she thought was a good idea. Emphasis in cover letter about Grandfather Mtn being such a great venue to sell book. Sent Amanda WFs
Talked to Amanda. Got book. She is stopped now from placing orders Told me to contact her in the spring. My impression is she is in agreement with me that the book is a good fit for them
Brad Parrish
Brad's Office and Museum 
828-733-2013, 828-733-2800
Amanda Mckinney, Asst Mgr.
WFs: 10

2 gift shops: Top Shop and Nature Museum Shop
Customer since 2011

Great Smoky Mountains Association
115 Park Headquarters Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738  (13 Visitor Centers)
Feb 12 6/2018  Book rejected by Nigel Fields & committee.
12/9/19  Phone call with Dawn. Nigel coming back. Told me to call in Feb and she would arrange for me to talk to Nigel.
2/21/20 Talked to human resources.
Fields leaving to go back to Virgin Islands. So, call Dawn to get book reviewed again.
9/2/210 Left Dawn phone message to call me
9/8/20 Talked to Brenda Owenby, Dawn's Assistant. About a year out before they even get around to reviewing again. No one has replaced Nigel Fields yet. Books go to committee of park staff, and most weight for decision goes specialist ranger.
9/8/20 Sent Brenda Owenby WFs
Left voice mail for Brenda to call me
12/17/21 Talked to Callia Johnson, very helpful with more contacts and numbers.
12/20/21 Talked to Franicis Spiker, Product Dev. Very helpful lady. Told me that I needed to go through Dawn (has had health issues -shoulder)
Called visitor center. Cassius Cash is superintendent
5/22/23 Resent Dawn WFs again Cover letter saved in WF books section. Resubmited book. Include master list of all state park and eastern national type orgs when I resubmit book, and reference other books they sell that have animals outside the park. If rejected again find out who wildlife specialist is and see if I can send book to get feedback for editing out non smoky mountain park  animals. Research animals Great Smokies vs WFs, then send book and cover letter and proposal to Dawn, Stephanie and cc Francis
6/15/23 Emailed Dawn. Did she get book. Is it submitted?
6/19/23 Reply from Dawn: I did receive you book. I will give it to the current NPS contact. I donít know when we will have a decision as we are getting into the busy season. It may be January before that decision is made.
11/1/23 Reached out to Frances Figart re ranger to advise me on GSM WF book
Frances Figart. Creative Director Works remotely and only with GSM internal publications
11/6/23 Email from Dawn: Frances Figart, our Creative Services Director, let me know you had reached out to her about your book. Your book is still under review and as stated in the email below it may be January before that decision is made. Please reach out to me if you have any questions either for myself or NPS. Frances does not deal with publications that are not produced by GSMA, she strictly works with publications that GSMA is publishing. If you reach out to her she will direct your correspondence to me. As soon as a decision has been made I will reach back out to you.
11/7/23  Replied to Frances, Mentioned I was only asking about ranger advise.
11/16/23 Robbin received voice message from Brenda Owenby 865-436-7318 x 352 about which edition of WFs??
11/21/23 Talked to Brenda. Explained no other edition. Sent email to her outlining plan to do GSM version if rejection occurs again with committee. She was willing to be a contact person if I do a GSM version and need to contact ranger etc.
Great Smokey Mountains Association
P.O. Box 130
Gatlinburg, TN 37738-0130


GSMA Staff - GSMA (

Dawn Roark, Retail Director
865-310-0785 cell
859-351-9939 x5 reaches Dawn at 308

Leah Aires Human Resources Assistant
865-436-7318 x234  

Brenda Ownby,
Assistant Retail Director 
865-436-7318 x 352  
Great Smoky Mountains Association, P.O.
416 Cherry Street, Gatlinburg TN 37738
Box 130, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
107 Park Headquarters Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
865-436-1200 x3 Park Offices x1 
x6 Public Affairs Office
x7 Resource Mgr and Science Office
x8 Superintendent Office

Resubmited book. Include master list of all state park and eastern national type orgs when I resubmit book, and reference other books they sell that have animals outside the park. If rejected again find out who wildlife specialist is and see if I can send book to get feedback for editing out non smoky mountain park  animals. Research animals Great Smokies vs WFs, then send book and cover letter and proposal to Dawn, Stephanie and cc Francis

Among other stores, they supply also Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont Visitor Center Store
9275 Tremont Rd., Townsend, TN 37882
865-448-6709 x12 Store

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Gift Shop
225 Everett Street, Bryson City, NC 28713
March 29 10/4/22 50 GSMR1
Sent reorder email to Kord
11/28/23 Resent reorder email
Kord Walls, Retail Mgr
828-586-8811 x1  (No way to reach him by phone)
GSMR1: 50  
GSM Outfitters
3275 Wears Valley Rd B, Sevierville, TN 37862
Sept 9 3/5/21 6 WFs by Michael Michael Shepherd, Owner
WFs: 6  
Hanging Rock State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop 1790 Hanging Rock Park Road, Danbury NC 27016 Feb 23 2/1/23 5 WFs by Sandy
8/2/23 5 WFs by Sandy
Sandy Paterson Buyer
WFs: 5,5  
Harrison Bay State Park Gift Shop
8411 Harrison Bay Road, Harrison, TN 37341
March 18 7/22/22 5 WFs by Candace.
6/20/23 Sent Candace reorder email
7/12/23 Talked to Kristin. She will let Candace know to look for my email. Sent Candace reorder email again
726/23 Talked to Kristin. She checked with Candace and Candace said she has "plenty". Agreed I would check in the spring
Candace Daniels, Ranger
423-344-6214 x0 office
Kristin Nelms, Administrative Secretary
WFs: 5  
Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley KOA
12480 Mountain Valley Road, Broadway, VA 22815
Sept 14 4/10/20 6 WFs ordered by Shelley
8/23/22 Sent reorder to new Manager Andrew Frank
9/8/22 Sent reorder email to Andrew, asked desk clerk to tell him to look for email
Andrew Frank, manager
540-896-8929 x2
WFs: 6  
Hawks Nest State Park Gift Shop
49 Hawks Nest Park Road, Ansted, WV 25812
March 7 8/7/18 8 WFs by Lori
4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS
Madison Baughman Gift Shop Mgr.


WFs: 8, 6 Places orders in Feb
Headwater Outfitters
25 Parkway Rd, Rosman, NC 28772
May 21 5/6/20 Talked to Jessica. Got book. her 3 year old son loves it. Opening up store now and will order. told me to call next Friday.
5/13/20  Jessica ordered 10 WFs
8/31/22 15 WFs ordered by Jessica
Jessica Whitmire, Owner-buyer
WFs: 10,15  
Henderson County Heritage Museum
One Historic Courthouse Square, Suite 4, Hendersonville, NC 28792
August 8

8/14/21  Anne Riddings: 1 GB
8/10/23 3 GB by Eric

Museum 828-694-1619
Eric Gilliland Oversees gift shop  (Wed-Fri only)
Cell: 828-774-6533
Gift Shop (828) 694-1619
GB: 1,3 Not interested in courthouse prints, cards, WFs or other items. Donated to Anne 8/21/21 my remaining supply of Courthouse note cards to use in their office
High Country Souvenirs
707 W. King St, Boone, NC 28607
June 4
9-month cycle
8/21/20 20 WFs by Lorrie
6/21/21 20 WFs by Lorrie
7/19/22 15 WFs by Lorrie
11/30/22 12 WFs by Lorrie
8/31/23 12 WFs by Lorrie
Lorrie Presnell
WFs: 20,20,15,12,12  
High Hampton Gift Shop
82 White Owl Lane, Cashiers, NC 28717
June 8 2/20/23 Sent WFs to Alexis
Talked to Alexis. Wonderful book. Sent it to purchasing. Agreed I would check in a month if no order from them
4/22/23 Talked to Alexis. Order still in the works. Shooting for May
Alexis Ortiz Assistant Lodging Mgr. & Gift Shop
828-547-0661 Front Desk
Highland Books
36 West Main Street, Brevard, NC 28712
April 29 Nov 2016 10 GB 10 boxes 20 BWS1 by Amanda
June 2017 3 Ash GB in stock, 2 boxes in stock
Sept 29 2017 20 single BWS cards 5 boxes BWS10, 2 WFs by Amanda
Feb 2018 20 BWS10s, 10 BWS10, 2 WFs by Amanda
July 2018 5 WFs by Amanda, still has 5 GB on shelf and ok on cards
Aug 6 2019 5 GB, 40 BWS1 by Amanda
12/7/20 Talked to Amanda. Ok on WFs and cards. Needs 5 GB
12/7/20 5 GB by Amanda
7/13/21 12 WFS by Amanda
10/2/21 12 WFs & 6 GB by Margo
2/21/22 24 BWS1 by Leslie
5/5/22 12 WFs by Leslie
11/2/22 48 BWS1
7/29/23 12 WFs and 24 BWS1 by Leslie (no shipping this order. Had sent FedEx and Leslie complained.)
11/28/23 Sent reorder email to Leslie
Leslie Loguemann Owner  Reorder only by email
GB: 10,5,5, 6
WFs: 2,2,
5, 12, 12,12,12
BWS1: 20,20,20,40,24,48,24
Leave WFs card out of Squirrel cards
Ship Media
Highland Hiker -Cashiers
(Ship to this address)

47 NC-107 S, Cashiers, NC 28717

Highland Hiker -Highlands
601 Main St, Highlands, NC 28741

May 8 8/28/20 12 WFs by Hilary
6/14/21 12 WFs by Hilary
5/9/23 18 WFs by Hilary  LJP050923

Hilary Wilkes, Buyer
919-395-9583 cell

WFs: 12, 12,18 f you need immediate assistance with accounts, please contact Stephanie Figel at For immediate in-store help, you can reach Chris Wilkes at (828) 526-5298 or
Highlands Biological Station Gift Shop
Highlands Biological Station, 265 N. 6th Street, Highlands, NC 28741
May 22 July 2017 20 copies of WFs display by Eliese
5/23/23 6 WFs by Melanie
Melanie Mauldin,  Buyer    Only reached by email
Page Engelbrektsson, Nature Center Coordinator
WFs: 20,6  
Hiwassee/Ocoee Scenic River State Park Gift Shop 
(Mailing address PO Box 5)
404 Spring Creek Road, Delano, TN 37325
May 5 9/25/20 12 WFs by Kari. Paid by cc
3/2/22 Sent Kari reorder email
8/18/22 Resent reorder email to Kari. Asked receptionist to tell Kari to check her email
8/19/22 Email from Kari: Sorry I have missed your phone calls. It has been crazy here for me. I just looked at my inventory of your books and I am still good. I have found books are not a huge seller here. I will let you know when I need to order some more.
5/9/23 Called talked to receptionist. She talked to Kari. Kari said they are ok on all the books I sell them.....
Check 2024 if still has copies, consider this account a dead end. Talk directly to Kari.
Kari Moates, Admin

423-263-0050 x2
WFs: 12  
Holly River State Park Gift Shop 
680 State Park Road, Hacker Valley WV 26222 
March 7 6/6/19 11 WFs by Wendy
2/18/21 12 WFs by Wendy
8/11/23 Talked to Wendy. Out of books. Probably will reorder in spring. Explained to her profitability since she seems to rotate which books she sells.
Wendy McCourt Gift Shop Mgr.
304-493-6353 Gift Shop/Office
WFs: 11, 12 Gift Shop and Office are connected
Homestead Harvest Restaurant Gift Shop at Cumberland Mountain State Park
24 Office Dr. Crossville, TN 38555
August 22 6/18/20: 20 WFs by Lisa -paid by credit card
8/19/22 20 WFs by Lisa. Called, nice lady! Paid by debit card
10/12/23 Talked to Lisa. Still has 12 copies
Lisa Rollins, Gift Shop Mgr.
931-484-7186 Restaurant and Gift Shop
931-484-6138 Park Office x3 restaurant
WFs: 20,20 Big gift shop at Restaurant
Pays by debit or credit card.
Call for payment 1 month after shipping
Horse Cave KOA Holiday Gift Shop
489 Flint Ridge Road, Horse Cave, KY 42749
March 28 11/22/20 Sent Sonya WFs
1/7/21 Talked to Sonya. Got book, loves it, told me to call in April for order. That is when they stock store.
7/15/23 Talked to Sonya. Still will order book but has to wait until they finish expanding store. Hopefully by next year.
Jason Gedda, Owner
Sonya Gedda, wife  Call Saturday to reach her,
270-392-1118 cell Sonya rings through to office if she does not answer
Huck's General Store
500 E Main St #201, Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Dec 5 8/25/23 Sent Candice WFs
Sent followup email to Candice
10/19/23 Resent followup email to Candice
11/1/23 Resent email. Salesgirl will tell her to check email
Candice Massey, Owner 
Hungry Mother State Park Gift Shop
2854 Park Blvd, Marion, VA 24354
March 27 6/26/23  5 WFs by Becca  
Becca Jackson, Merchandise Assistant  Call Sat & M-T
State Park.
276-781-7425 or 7426  Hemlock Haven
  Hemlock Haven Conference Center handles merchandise purchasing for gift shop.
50% discount required
Huntsville Botanical Garden Gift Shop
4747 Bob Wallace Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805
March 26 5/11/23 Sent Donna WFs
Talked to Donna. Got book. Showed it to granddaughter, who loved it. Not ordering books right now because overstocked. Agreed I would call again next spring. Mentioned to her it is not a kid's book also.
Donna Parsons, Manager of Guest Services
256-830-4447 x0

Patsy Kesting, Mgr, buyer
Ijams Nature Center Gift Shop
2915 Island Home Avenue, Knoxville TN 37920
April 25 12/11/19 3 WFs by Sarah
9/13/22 5 WFs by Madison
5/2/23 11 WFs by Madison
Madison Watson Gift shop vendors
865-577-4717 x6 Front Desk
Sarah Brobst, (bro pst)
Visitor Center Administrator
WFs: 3,5,11  
Indian Springs State Park Gift Shop
678 Lake Clark Rd, Flovilla, GA 30216
March 19 4/17/23 Sent Adrianna WFs
Sent followup email to Adrianna
decided to wait until next spring to call her
Adrianna Basterash Asst. Mgr. Gift Shop
Iron Bridge Cafe & General Store
8436 Aska Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Feb 6 8/25/23 Sent Kimberly WFs
Talked to Kimberly and talked her into trying some copies in Feb. Initially " kid book' response. Educated her and won her over easily. Promised 50%
Kimberly Wolfe, Owner
  50% rate regardless of quantity.
James H. "Sloppy" Floyd State Park Gift Shop
2800 Sloppy Floyd Lake Road, Summerville, GA 30747
Oct 11 2026
3-year cycle
12/29/20 5 WFs by Emily
10/18/23 10 WFs by Katy
Emily Moore, Admin
Katy Gramling  -Handles purchasing
WFs: 5,10  
James River State Park Gift Shop
104 Green Hill Drive, Gladstone, VA 24553
July 16
2-year cycle
12/15/20  6 WFs by Judy Whitten
4/27/21 11 WFs by Judy  Shipped media 5/18/21
9/23/22 Talked to Judy. Still has 5 copies
4/30/23 Sent Judy reorder email
8/3/23 Talked to Judy. Still has 5. Agreed I would call next spring
Judy Whitten, Buyer
434-933-8527  Visitor Center
434-933-4355  Contact Station
WFs: 6, 11  
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park Gift Shop
75 Theatre Court, Prestonsburg, KY 41653
July 5
2-year cycle
2/17/22 12 WFs by Matthew
7/7/23 Talked to Matthew. Still has 10 copies. Said books displayed with cover out. Did have period when park closed due to flooding in 2022
606-889-1790 x0 or 4 business office
Matthew Bertrand Gift Shop Buyer
WFs: 12  
Joe Wheeler State Park Camp Store
3171 McLean Drive, Rogersville, AL 35652-2916
Jan 9 9/1/20 5 WFs by Chris Garner
1/20/23 12 WFs by Cindy
Cindy Norton Acting Mgr. Campground
256-247-5466 x8 Park Office
256-247-1184 Camp Store
256-247-6971 Marina
WFs: 5,12 David Barr, Mgr. Saw book, loves it
256-247-5461 x8 Administration
Deborah Dabbs Gen Mgr. Sent copy. Loves it
Felicia Turner Convention Sales Mgr.
256-247-5466  x5 Felicia or x2 (Admin Offices)  x0 operator
John James Audubon State Park Museum Gift Shop  Attention: Raini Hall, 3100 US Highway 41 N, Henderson, KY 42420 April 22
2-year cycle
3/24/21  8 Wfs by Raini
5/16/23 Talked to Cathy. Still has a few copies
Cathy Newell

Museum Store
WFs: 8  
Joy of Books
242 Main Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792
June 7 11/29/21 5 WFs, 20 HWSs by Joye
7/29/22 Still has enough of each
Joye McGinnis,
WFs: 5
Previous consignment agreement of 60/40%
Email for new orders.
Jonathan's "The Bear Necessities"
733 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
May 14 2/3/23 6 WFs by Debbie
8/16/23 Send reorder email to Debbie. Reply still have 5
Debbie Fleming, owner (off on Thursdays)
WFs: 6  
Jones, Liz 
Beaucatcher Realty

125 S. Lexington Avenue, #101, Asheville, NC 28801
  2017: 5 GB by Liz
5 GB by Liz. Sent to her home: 6 Pinecroft Place
Asheville NC 28804
2/1/21 Sent reorder email
1/2/23 Sent reorder email
GB: 2017-5,  6  
Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail State Park Gift Shop
PO Box 337
220 Park Road, Caryville TN 37714
April 8 11/20/20 Talked to Bob Fulcher, Park Mgr. (Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail State Park). Nice guy. He suggested Bradley Smiddy, Administrative Assistant for the Cumberland Scenic Trail would be the right person to send WFs to for consideration
11/2020 Sent Bradley Smiddy WFs
8/4/22 Reply from Bradley Smiddy: I never located the shipment during my time at the Cumberland Trail. I have taken a new position and am no longer with the Cumberland Trail. You may call 423-566-2229 or 423-533-2928 to speak with Cumberland Trail staff regarding who would be the new contact person.
8/8/22 Talked to Teresa Trimmer at 423-533-2928. Small gift shop in development and they are focusing just on the trail now. Suggested I call back in 9 months to talk to person handling gift shop.
5/24/23 Called. Was told gift shop operational probably in next six months.
Bob Fulcher, Park Mgr.
  Whole of Cumberland Trail has state scenic trail designation and crosses state forests, national parks and private property. Gift shop located in Cumberland Scenic Trail offices that are inside Cove Lake State Park. Offices in transition in move to a new location.

Kaleideum North Gift Shop
400 West Hanes Mill Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27105  

Jan 27 2/3/23 12 WFs by Christy
Sent reorder email to Christy

Christy Ferguson -Buyer
336-714-7105 Christy
336-767-6730 x1000 Welcome Desk


WFs: 12 Kaleideum Downtown 336-723-9111
Kaleideum North Giftshop only at Kaleideum North
Kanawha State Forest Gift Shop
7500 Kanawha State Forest Drive, Charleston WV 25314
March 7 4/19/23 3 WFS by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS Jane Roberts, Gift Shop Manager
WFs: 3  
Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Gift Shop
113 Administration Dr., Calvert City, KY 42044
March 8 5/10/21 12 WFs by Dori
9/8/22 12 WFs by Dori
8/11/23 Talked to Scot. Dori retired. Asked me to send email with information. Sent Scot Reorder email
8/31/23 Talked to Scot. Still had had chance to read email...!  We agreed I would check in Oct.
10/25/23 Talked to Scot. No funds for spending now. Told me to call in March for reorder
Scot Ratzlaff, Handles gift shop
WFs: 12,12  
Kerr Lake State Recreation Area Visitor Center Gift Shop
6254 Satterwhite Point Road, Henderson, NC 27537
Feb 23 1/15/21 2 WFs by Bryce, returned completed NC W9 form as requested by Bryce.Completed W9 form in State & Vendors Forms file in BOOKS on desktop.
9/1/22 Talked to Jeanelle. Bryce retired. Agreed I would send her email which I did so she can talk to her superintendent about a reorder.
9/27/22 Talked to Jeanelle. Nice Lady. New superintendent coming and everything up in the air. Agreed I would check in spring
5/18/23 Talked to Jeanelle. Not doing anything with inventory. Short staffed. Slow go with this place... Agreed I would check in the fall to see if they are restocking for spring
9/29/23 Talked to Jeanelle. Told me to check in spring for possible reorder
Jeanelle Johnson  Office Mgr. and gift shop
252-438-7791 Gift Shop
WFs: 2 2/10/20 Talked to Vernon Price, Purchasing Officer for NC State Parks and suggested they pay by cc for small orders, or use NC Eprocurement system
Keowee Toxaway State Park Gift Shop
108 Residence Drive, Sunset, SC 29685
Jan 31 9/1/20 5 WFs by Josh
2/28/22 5 WFs by Josh
9/82/22 5 Wfs by Josh
8/31/23 Talked to Brenden. Budget tied up at the moment because of books sent from higher up and has no funds. Sent him information and agreed to follow up in late fall. Wants to reorder.
Brenden Franklin, Gift Shop
WFs: 5,5,5  
Kincade Lake State Park Country Store
565 Kincaid Park Road, Almouth, KY 41040
Feb 20 1/13/23 Sent David copy of WFs
2/20/23 Sent followup email to David
3/2/23 Reply from David: My sincerest apologies for my delayed response. With our Opening Day just two weeks away, weíve been busy getting as ready as we can be and, unfortunately, I let this reply slip through the cracks. 
I did receive your book and both the artwork, and the information within, are incredible. It is easy to see why it is available in so many gift shops throughout the region. I regrettably will not be able to order any copies at this time but I will certainly keep your contact information handy should the upcoming fiscal budget afford me the opportunity to purchase some books. I sincerely thank you for your interest in including Kincaid Lake State Park in such an incredible opportunity and I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavors moving forward.
9/1/23 Ta
lked to David. Very nice man. Still interested in ordering but we agreed best to wait until next spring. Told me to call in Feb for an order so he can have copies in store when they open March 15
David Billings, Park Mgr
859-654-3531 x1 Park Office  
859-654-1248 Campground  
  Opens in March 15 to Nov 1
Kingdom Come State Park Gift Shop
502 Park Road, Cumberland, KY 40823
Aug 28 3/8/21 10 WFs by Sherry
10 WFs by Sherry
8/30/23 10 WFs by Sherry
Sherry Cornett -Director -Sweet lady

WFs: 10,10,10  
Kings Dominion Camp Wilderness KOA Store
10061 Kings Dominion Blvd. Doswell, VA 23047
April 10 7/5/23 Sent Nikki WFs
8/8/23 Sent followup email to Nikki
9/13/23 Resent followup email after leaving voice mail
10/23/23 Sent followup email for Nikki after leaving detailed voice mail
11/2/23 Sent one more email.
11/7/23 Talked to Rosie. Rosie will leave note for Nikki to check email. Resent email.
11/9/23 Reply from Nikki: I did receive a copy of your book, thank you for sending that to me. At this time, we are not interested in selling this in our lodge Please email me next year for consideration.
800-562-4386 KOA 
804-876-3500 x2 Front Desk & Store
Nikki Balderson, Manager of KOA store  Email Only
804-876-5000 Kings Dominion x2 Human Resources
804-876-3006 x2 Front Desk and Store
  Kings Dominionís Official KOA Campground
Kings Mountain State Park Trading Post
1277 Park Road, Blacksburg SC 29702
April 26
3/30/20 Sent Kevin WFs
10/24/20 Reply from Kevin: At this time we are not looking at making purchases for our Retail location, because we are nearing the end of our season. Please check back with us in March 2021. Thanks!
8/11/22 Reply from Kevin: I am forwarding your information to the Ranger in charge of the Retail outlet for our park. His name is Jacob Cynar, and he is included in this message
9/23/22 Sent Jacob followup email
10/24/22 Talked to Jacob. Had not seen email. Agreed I would send him a copy. Sent Jacob copy of WFs
Talked to receptionist. Jacob no longer with this park. Kevin now handles gift shop again.
1/24/23 Sent email to Kevin
1/30/23 Resent email to Kevin. Receptionist will tell him to check his email. hard to reach him by phone since he is lead ranger
2/28/23 Sent Please Respond email to Kevin
2/28/23 Reply from Kevin: At this time we are not. Thanks!
Try again in 2024.
803-222-3209  Office Hours 11-12, 4-5
Kevin Palmer, Senior Park Ranger (Buyer) 
Kramer, Nan-Town and Mountain Realty
27 Maney Branch Road, Weaverville, NC 28787
  1/3/22  10 GB by Nan
1/2/23 Reorder email sent
Kress Emporium
19 Patton Avenue, Asheville NC 28801
    Rose Felstein
  See Consignment page
Kumbrabow State Forest Gift Shop 
219/16 Kumbrabow Road (PO Box 65) Huttonsville WV 26273
March 7 7/22/19 10 WFs ordered by Rob
8/14/23 Talked to Sara. Checked and out of books
Stuart Peters, Supt.
WFs: 10 Ship media mail to PO Box 65
Closes during winter
Lake Barkley State Resort Park Gift Shop
3500 State Park Rd., Cadiz, KY 42211
March 13 4/21/20 Sent Ryan WFs
5/12/20 Sent Ryan followup email
5/26/20 Resent follow up email
9/30/20 Sent Ryan another email
10/21/20 Talked to Ryan. Got the book. Gift shop closed. Told me to call in late March.
4/26/21 Talked to Ryan. Ordering still on hold. Told me to call end of May. Sent Ryan reminder email
8/9/22 Resent reminder email
9/12/22 Resent reminder email after leaving voice mail for Ryan
4/28/23 Sent followup email and left voice mail to check email
5/10/23 Resent followup email with Please Respond and left voice mail to check email
6/2/23 Talked to receptionist. Ryan busy bs. She agreed to tell him to check his email from author and respond. Resent email
6/26/23 Resent email to Ryan
7/10/23 Resent email without attachment of price list
Ryan Stallons, Mgr.
270-924-1131 x1 guest services to reach Ryan
  Open March-May
Lake Cumberland State Park Country Store
5465 State Park Road, Jamestown, KY 42629
March 7 7/14/20 6 WFs by Cadylee. Paid by credit card
3/8/22 10 WFs by Cadylee. Paid by credit card
8/21/23 Sent reorder email to Cadylee
9/14/23 Resent reorder email to Cadylee
Cadylee Coffey, Mgr, Administrative Specialist II
270-343-3111 x0    Call before 2:30
WFs: 6,10  
Lake Guntersville State Park Gift Shop
1155 Lodge Drive, Guntersville, AL 35976
May 28
3 year cycle
11/18/21  6 WFs by Jamie Allen
9/14/23 Sent a new reorder email
9/15/23 Reply from Jamie: Not at this time. We still have a couple of those left from the original 6.
Heather McCann, Park Operations (Sent Wfs)

256-571-5440 x7 x5 (Heather)
Lori Jepson Mgr. Campground Store
Sone Kornegay, Gen Mgr. of Lodge
Jamie Allen Administrative Support Assistant
WFs: 6  
Lake James State Park Gift Shops
7321 NC 126, Nebo, NC 28761
March 27 2/8/22 10 GB & 10 WFs by Shelby
9/12/22 Sent Shelby reorder email
4/28/23 Sent Shelby Reorder email
5/4/23 Reply from Shelby: Good afternoon, Lee.
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Weíre doing hiring interviews, so it has been busy. Thank you for reaching out to me about reordering your books. We still currently have stock left from our last order. When we get closer to running out, Iíll get in touch with you about a restock.
Ranger Clay Veasey
828-584-7728 x1

Shelby Longgrear,
Administrative Specialist
WFs: 10
GB: 10
2 gift shops at Paddy's Creek & Catawba River
Leatherwood Mountains Gift Shop
512 Meadow Road, Ferguson, NC 28624
Sept 18 9/25/19 12 WFs by Abbie
12 WFs by Abbie
9/22 12 WFs by Abbie
10/25/23 12 WFs by Abbie
Abbie Hanchey  Owner
WFs: 12,12,12,12  
Levi Jackson Wilderness Road Park Museum Gift Shop
998 Levi Jackson Mill Road, London, KY 40744
March 8 2020 Sent WFs to Joey Engle Loved it and wanted to order, but Covid occurred
8/18/22 Sent Stephen copy of WFs
Talked to Stephen. Left message to call me and he did. Museum store closed because of lady manager illness. May not open this summer. Looking ahead through, he would like to see a copy and I sent him one (did not mention previous copy I sent in 2022. We discussed having him getting it approved even through store was closed, looking ahead perhaps to next spring for an order. Sent Stephen WFs
Stephen Holt, Park Mgr.
606-330-2130 x6 Stephen
x2 Business office
 x3 Museum 
  City park
Liberty Nature Center
PO BOX 3746, West Somerset, KY 42564
(942 Bridge Hollow Rd, Somerset, KY 42503)
July 22 3/12/20 Sent Francis WFs
7/23/20 Talked to Francis. Never got it. she was interested in seeing a copy so i resent her WFs, and ageed I would contact her in March. they are shut down now because of Covid
7/23/20 Resent Francis WFs
Emailed Francis
4/27/21 Email from Francis: We will not be using in our facility we found some errors with facts on white tail deer. Loved the drawings though  (sent with no name!)
4/2721: Talked to Francis. Asked her to send me error facts about deer. 3 months ago discussed with staff.
Once I get that, make correction and then call her again. If she still doesn't order, then send critique email...
Francis Carter, CEO
Linville Falls General Store
PO Box 115

8896 NC-183, Linville Falls, NC 28647
Dec 14
9/13 22 Talked to Martha. Told me to talk to Jeff Cordell, manager who handles buying.
9/13/22 Talked to Jeff. Would like to see a copy. Have a nice little book section. Sent WFs to Jeff
Lots of difficulty dealing with this clueless clown Jeff Cordell. Gave up after multiple tries.  Follow up in 2026 to see if they have new manager and try again
Martha Piercy, Owner
828-765-1342 General Store
Little Beaver State Park Gift Shop
1402 Grandview Rd, Beaver, WV 25813
March 7 5/11/23 Sent WFs to John. If interested, contact Jessica Dolin
6/23/23 Talked to John. Loves book and would like copies for gift shop
John Dempsey Superintendent
304-206-8662 cell
Little River Canyon Center Bookstore
4322 Little River Trail NE, Fort Payne AL 35967
Dec 4
3-year cycle
2/7/20  12 WFs by Anna. Paid by cc, email paid invoice and include in shipment.
9/30/22 Talked to Anna. Still has 6 copies. . Agreed I would call next summer
9/7/23 Talked to Anna. Down to 3. Told me to check in a month, budget starts then also
10/6/23 Talked to Anna. Told me to check just before Christmas
Anna Lindsey, Buyer
256-845-3548  x306
WFs: 12 Budget starts in October
Pays by cc/keep
Email Paid Invoice and include copy with books
Does display face out
Loose Moose
190 Everett St., Bryson City, NC 28713
Dec 8 1/7/22 12 WFS by Rollon
2/7/23 Talked to Rollon.  Will check store and get back to me
3/2/23 Sent followup reorder email to Rollon
5/31/23 Sent Susan reorder email. Talked to her, she will check inventory
6/16/23 Talked to Rollon. Ok for now
11/14/23 Talked to Judy. Checked children section and out of books. Sent Rollon reorder email
11/28/23 Resent email to Rollon
Rollon Smith, owner
Judy -Salesperson at store
828-488-8626  Loose Moose Store
828-488-6511 Susan Smith Accounting
WFs: 12 Smith Accounting owns a number of shops including Loose Moose and McClanahan's in Bryson City. Has book in children's section in Loose Moose. Does not sell adult books
Lost River State Park Gift Shop
321 Park Drive, Mathias WV 26812
March 7 8/9/19 11 WFs ordered by Mike Foster
8/14/23 Talked to Teresa. Out
Colby Caldwell, Superintendent
No manager for gift shop, staffed by clerks
WFs: 11  
Luray Caverns Corporation
88 Cave Hill Road, Luray, VA 22835
Mailing Address:
PO Box 748, Luray, VA 22835
Feb 6
11/18/20  24 WFs by Shawn
2/18/22 24 WFs by Shawn
10/21/23 36 WFs by Shawn  -to be shipped Feb 2024
Shawn Painter, Buyer and Gift Shop Mgr.
540-743-6551 x2225 (Shawn)
x0 Receptionist -> gift shop for inventory check
 -gift shop employee
WFs: 24,24 500,000 visitors per year.
Call gift shop to determine inventory and then email
Shawn for reorder
Mabry Mill Restaurant & Gift Shop
266 Mabry Mill Rd SE., Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120
May 11 5/25/23 24 WFs by Scott Scott Fretwell, Mgr.
WFs: 24 May - Nov
FED EX may charge 'remote area" fee. Ship USPS if so.
Malaprop's Bookstore
55 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
March 4 June 2017 12 GB
July 2017 12GB, 5WF
July 2017 20 GB
Feb 2018 10GB
May 2018 5WFh and 15 GB by Justin Justin Also talked to Carolyn and she will send me email list of employees to give copies of WFh to
Aug 2018 5WFh and 15GB ordered by Justin
Nov 2018 Order #81386. 10 WFh and 10 GB
Feb 2019 5 GB, 3 WFh
June 2019 10GB, 5WFh
11/8/19  Reorder email to Justin. Mentioned WFs now
10 GB, 10 Wfs by Justin
8/7/21 10GB, 5WFs by Justin   PO#91262
9/25/21 10GB, 8WFs by Justin PO#91816
2/18/22 10GB, 8 WFs by Justin
8/12/22 8 WFs and 12 GB by Justin Order #95280  Credited $21.95 for overcharging on 2/18/22 order
11/29/22 10 WFs and 5 GB by Justin
2/6/23 15 WFs and 10 GB
7/29/23 12 WFs and 12 GB by Justin PO#98929
Justin Souther -Senior Buyer -Bookstore Manager 
Accounts Payable:
Linda Marie Mgr.
Alsace Young-Walentine Author Events Coordinator 


WFs: 5,10,3,5,10, 5, 8,8,810,15,12
$15.50 shipping
Mammoth Cave National Park Park Store
1 Mammoth Cave Parkway
Mammoth Cave, KY 42259-0007
Jan 5 8/2/22 Talked to Robb. Would love to see a copy. Has to go through committee process.
8/2/22 Sent Robb WFs
Talked to Robb. Could not recall if he got it and sent it to the committee. Had recently sent 8 books to them. Agreed I would send a reminder email
10/18/22 Sent Robb reminder email
12/14/22 Talked to Robb. Told me to check back first week in January
1/6/23 Talked to Robb. Had to check with Eastern National. Asked me to call Monday
1/6/23 Talked to Robb. Still working problem. Told me to call Thursday
1/12/23 Talked to Robb. Still had not heard back yet. told me to call next Thursday
1/30/23 Talked to Robb. Asked for my phone number. Still working problem
2/28/23 Sent followup email to Robb
3/3/23 Reply from Robb: Not as of yet, everything is going extremely slow right now. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.
5/22/23 new process. Will submit it. Told me to call next week
6/1/23 Talked to Robb. Still waiting to hear back from committee. Nice, friendly but kind of a spacy guy. Keep calling. Told me to call in 3 weeks.
622/23 Talked to Robb. Just saw New River Gorge picked up book! My book definitely in their system and I will get an other, possibly may have to wait until Jan 2024 but perhaps not.
Robb Watt, Floor Manager
270-758-2180 x0 Visitor Center
  Located in Visitor Center. Other stores in Mammoth Cave run by Ortega National Parks company
Mammoth Caves National Park gift shops not interested in book.
Martini, Jason -Keller Williams Asheville, New Earth AVL Realty, 86 Ashland Avenue, Asheville NC 28801 Jan 2 2018: 11 GB by Jason
1/13/22 11 GB by Jason
1/2/23 Sent reorder email
GB: 11,11  
Masiello, Misty -Beverly Hanks & Associates
14 Coventry Woods Drive, Arden NC 28704
Jan 2 2/4/21 3 GB by Misty
1/20/22 2 GB by Misty
GB: 3, 2  
Massanutten Resort Market and General Store
1850 Meadow Vista Lane, Mcgaheysville, VA 22840
June 6
2 year cycle
9/25/19 20 WFs ordered by Don
12/20/21 20 WFs by Don
9/13/23  Talked to Don. Couldn't find book in inventory.
10/10/23 Talked to Don. Found book in inventory. Still has some copies. Agreed I would check next spring
Don Henk, Buyer & General Manager for both stores.
Jennfier Zirkle   Manager General Store
540-289-9441 (General Store)
WFs: 20, 20 2 stores. Market and General Store
Seems to be 2 year ordering cycle at 20 bks
Mast General Stores
15 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville NC 28801
200 Punkin Center, Highway 194, Valle Crucis, NC 28691
Sept 17
3-year cycle

7/17/19   12 WFs PO #TSP717PTL
9/26/22   12 WFs PO #ET0926PTL
9/14/23 Sent reorder email to Elijah
10/9/23 Resent reorder email to Elijah
10/17/23 Email from Teresa: Good Morning, Lee.
Thank you for reaching out. At this time Ė and for the foreseeable future - our book budget and space is exhausted. We will contact you if and when that changes.I appreciate your understanding.Thank you for your time and help. Kind Regards,Teresa

Teresa Plaag,  Book Buyer 
828-963-6511 Valle Crucis

Elijah Tomlinson,
Assistant Buyer
828-963-6511, ext. 9811 Elijah
WFs: 12,12 No longer will carry GB.
Email both Teresa with invoice and place one with order
Ship Media to Asheville Store
Mast General Stores
200 Punkin Center, Highway 194
Valle Crucis, NC 28691
Matewan Depot Replica Welcome Center and Museum Gift Shop
100 Bridge Street, Matewan, WV 25678
March 20 3/31/21 4 WFs by Juan
10/7/22 2 WFs by Juan
1/25/23 Talked to Juan. Ok on books.
8/8/23 Talked to Juan. Ok on books. Agreed I would check next spring.
Juan Joyce, Director
WFs: 4,2  
Maymont Park Robins Nature Center Gift Shop
1000 Westover Road,
 Richmond, VA 23220
Dec 6 11/13/23 Sent copies to Will and Joann Will Avery Gift Shop    Fri-Sat-Sun   Reach by email
804-525-9000 Maymont
Joann Sims  Environmental Educator
804-358-7168 Environmental & Historical Education,
  2 Gift Shops open Fri-Sat-Sun only
Historic Site
Robins Nature Center
Contact | Maymont Foundation 
McGuinns General Store 
PO Box 249
4884 NC-9, Mill Spring, NC 28756
Jan 11 8/24/23 Talked to Nancy. Seemed scattered but nice. Does not sell any books but seemed interested.
10/26/23 Sent Nancy WFs
Talked to Nancy. Got book but had not had chance to look at it. Agreed I would check in January.
Nancy Merck, Mgr.   Nice lady
Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park Nature Center Gift Shop
910 Riddick Road, Millington, TN 38053
April 17 7/27/20 10 WFs by Crystal
9/15/22 24 WFs by Crystal
Crystal Dajnowski Gift Shop Mgr.
901-876-5215 Park Office & Visitor Center
901-876-6552 Nature Center
James Wilkinson, Park Mgr. 
WFs: 10, 24 The parkís gift shop has Tennessee handicrafts, books on area history, wildlife and plant guides, T-shirts and hats
Melvin L. Newman Wetlands Center Museum Gift Shop
2755 Freeman Rd, Hampton, GA 30228
April 3
4/8/20 Sent Danielle WFs
5/13/20 Talked to Cary Got book. Will show it to her boss and once they reopen get back to me. Might place a small order.
8/28/20 Talked to Cary. Will let Danielle know I checked in. We agreed I would follow up in Feb. they are sort of open now
11/30/20 Received phone message from Danielle. Loves book but cannot order now. Everything closed because of covid. Puzzling message because I had no record of Newman Wetlands Center or having sent WFs.
2/10/21 Emailed Danielle
2/24/21 Talked to Cary. Still not totally open yet. Set her reminder email so she can talk to Danielle
2/25/21 Reply from Cary to my email: I will follow-up with Danielle and get back to you.
Reply from Danielle: I enjoyed your book; however, Newman Wetlands Center is not purchasing any gift shop items now or in the foreseeable future. Weíre closed due to COVID and weíre remodeling so our gift shop is not available to guests. I will contact you in the future if we decide that your book would be a good fit for our gift shop.
3/5/21 Talked to Cary. She will call Danielle right now and call me back
3/22/21 Talked to Cary. She will have Danielle call me. Danielle is the one who orders.
3/30/21 Talked to Cary. Will check with Danielle again to call me.
3/31/21 Got message from Danielle to stop calling Cary. Not ordering now as previously stated. this was a confusion on my part as this wetlands center was listed two ways.. Therefore, hold off until 2022 to follow up.
8/1/22 Sent followup email to Danielle
8/19/22 Sent followup email to Danielle and left phone message to check email
8/21/22 Reply from Danielle: You already reached out to me on August 2nd and I informed you that we will not be adding books anytime soon.
Danielle Bunch, Senior Conservationist

770-603-5606  x2 Danielle
Cary Santoyo
Micaville Outpost
573 Micaville Loop, Micaville, NC 28714
March 12       General Store
Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History Gift Shop (Earth Experience)
816 Old Salem Rd., Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Sept 13
2 or 3 year cycle
9/16/22 12 WFs by Alan
10/4/23 Called. Salesperson checked gift shop. Still has 12
Alan Brown, Director
WFs: 12 Focuses on fossils.
Mill Mountain Park Zoo Gift Shop
2404 Prospect Road SE, Roanoke, VA 24014
March 7 7/20/23 Sent Rebecca WFs
Talked to Rebecca. Got book. Loves it. will place an order with a few weeks. Looking at finances.
8/31/23 TAlked to Rebecca. "Slowing down now" so we agreed I would check in spring for an order
Rebecca Smith, Guest Services Mgr., Gift Shop
  Their gift shop separate from Mill Mountain Discovery Center gift shop. Same general location
Miller, Mike -Town & Mountain Realty, 261 Asheland Ave #103, Asheville, NC 28801 Jan 1 7/8/19: 2 GB by Mike
1/28/21 Sent reorder email to Mike
2/1/22 Sent reorder email
1/2/23 Sent reorder email
Mike Miller
Home Address: 1300 Town Mountain Rd., Asheville, NC 28804
GB: Multiple orders, 2016-2, 7/8/19-2 Keep on list and website as Featured Realtor since even though he may not purchase GB himself he recommends it to his realtors.
Moncove Lake State Park Gift Shop
695 Moncove Lake Access Road, Gap Mills WV 24941
March 7 7/31/20 Sent John WFs
10/2/20 Emailed John.
11/18/20 Talked to John. Asked me to call in April for order. He would need to contact Jessica Dolin for order.
4/14/21 Talked to John. Very nice man. Asked me to email him an order form which I did.
9/17/21 Sent followup email to John
2/22/22 Resent followup email to John
4/19/23 Jessica Dolin did not include Moncove Lake SP in big 2023 order (51 books) because park was in transition. Check in 2024
John Demsey, Superintendent
Montebello Camping & Fishing Resort Country Store
15072 Crabtree Falls Hwy, Montebello, VA 24464
April 15 6/2/20 15 WFs ordered by Christy
6/7/21 15 WFs ordered by Christy
8/25/22 15 WFs by Christy
10/13/23 Sent reorder email to Christy
10/13/23 Reply: Thanks Lee. Still have a few left and our season is drawing to a close. I will buy some next spring though. Take care! Christy
Christy Humphreys, Mgr.
WFs: 15, 15,15  
Montgomery Bell State Park Gift Shop
1000 Hotel Avenue, Burns TN 37029
March 26 10/23/20  4 WFs by Ashley
12/17/20 10 WFs by Ashley
9/23/22 20 WFs by Abby
Abby Rial
Lodge and Conference Ctr.
WFs: 4,10,22 Gift shop located in lodge.
Montgomery Zoo Gift Shop
2301 Coliseum Parkway Montgomery, AL 36110
Jan 10 3/30/20 Sent Deborah WFs  (retired in 2021)
4/16/21 Sent Susan Karr WFs 12/20/21 Mann Center learning museum gift shop does not sell books.
12/20/21 Sent Susan Michener copy of WFs. Got it and interested in ordering
Talked to Crystal Mann who replaced Susan Michener as retail manager and buyer. Explained history. Sent Crystal WFs and agreed following up in Jan would be best since she was swamped with new job and inventory.
1/20/23 Sent Crystal followup email
1/23/23 Reply from Crystal: I did get it. As of right now I do not need any books but I have you on my radar for when that time comes. Thank you for taking the time to send me a copy.
10/16/23 Chrystal no longer works there. Susan is interim manager
10/19/23 Talked to Susan. Told me to keep checking until they get a new manager. Resend WFs at that time
             Retail Manager and Buyer

Susan Michener
334-240-4900 Zoo
  Susan Karr
Mann Center Learning Museum (Do not sell books)
325 E Vandiver Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36110
334-625-4905 -Mann Center
Montreat General Store
PO 969

303 Lookout Road, Montreat, NC 28757
April 17 4/29/21  6 WFs by Allyson
4/21/23 6 WFs by Jane
May be on a 2-year cycle because of location in Montreat.
Jane Bannerman buyer
WFs: 6,6 Fiscal year ends on April 30. Call in April
Not interested in Montreat Gate cards.
More to Life Outfitters
927 S Charles G. Seivers Blvd, Clinton, TN 37716
August 26   Joe  owner

Morrow Mountain State Park Gift Shop
49104 Morrow Mountain Road, Albemarle, NC 28001
July 31 3/29/20 12 WFs by Karen Ake
10/4/21 25 WFs by Karen
10/12/22 12 WFs by Karen
2/27/23 12 WFs by Lisa
9/5/23 12 WFs by Lisa
Karen Ake, Office Mgr.  Nice lady!
Lisa Eudy
Administrative Assistant
WFs: 12, 25,12,12,12 Pays by cc.
Mountain Aire Outdoor Discovery Center
PO Box 220, Burnsville, NC 28714
5-year cycle
7/29/19 10WFs ordered by Kat
2021,22,23 still have copies.
Kat Dunham Naturalist
828-682-4826  x54  
828-682-5600  Guest Services 
WFs: 10 Thanksgiving is their "Christmas" season, when Mountain Aire people do present buying.
Always early Nov
Limited customer base. Just Mountain Aire residents so on 5-year cycle
Mountain Crossings
12471 Gainesville Hwy, Blairsville, GA 30512
Black Balsam Outdoors

562 W Main St, Sylva, NC 28779                         
April 10 6/12/20 12 WFs by Georgana. She will place 6 in each store.
4/14/23  6 WFs by Brant
Georganna Seamon, Owner
Brant Bazner  Manager
828-631-2864 Black Balsam Outdoors
706-745-6095  Mountain Crossings
WFs: 12, 6  
Mountain Outfitters
903 W Main St., Monteagle, TN 37356
Feb 27 3/2/22 for 5 WFs by Haynes
4/21/23 Talked to Anne on cell. Nice lady. Was familiar with book. Redoing book section. will order but probably not for a few months. Sent her reminder email
4/22/23 Reply from Anne: Thanks Lee,  Will be in touch soon.
7/26/23 Sent followup email to Anne
Haynes Burnett, owner
Anne (AP) Porcher Porchay -Wife of owner
864-706-1575 Anne  (to reach Anne)
Store Manager: Alicia

WFs: 5  
Mousetail Landing State Park Gift Shop
3 Campground Road, Linden TN 37096
May 29
2-year cycle
8/26/20 12 WFs by John, paid by cc
8/1/22 12 WFs by Bridgett
8/14/23 Talked to Bridget, still has copies
Bridgett Skelton, Secretary
Daniel Burgess, Park Mgr.
WFs: 12,12  
Mt. Rogers Outfitters 
PO Box 546
335 East Laurel Avenue, Damascus, VA 24236
May 10
2-year cycle
5/20/21 12 WFs by Lumpy
7/26/22 Talked to Lumpy. Few copies still on shelf. Agreed I would call in the fall
10/26/22 Talked to Lumpy. Still has some copies. Agreed I would check in spring.
5/19/23 Talked to Lumpy. Still has some copies.
Lumpy Price
WFs: 12 Book displayed cover out
Mtn Merch
22 Lodge Street, Asheville NC 28803
March 1
Nov 2 2015: Consigned 10 GB, 3 ASH10 and 3 BE10
March 1 2016 8 BE10, 8 ASH10
April 2016. Changed from consignment to wholesale.11 GB
May 2016 8 GB
Jan 2017 10 GB
April 2018 6 BE10, 6 ASH10, 11 GB, 7 WFh by Marissa
8/18/19 10WFh by Brianna
11/8/19 20WFs by Brianna
9/29/21 40WFs by
Mariko Walker via text
4/6/22 40WFs by Mariko Walker via text
10/9/22 40WFs and 20GB by Jennifer via email
8/9/23 24WFs and 12 GB by Mariko

Mariko Jennifer Walker, Owner
828-230-5988 -Mariko cell
Beka Thompson  Mariko's sister

GB: 11, 8,10,1,20,12
7, 10, 20,40,40,40,24
2 stores-BV & Lexington Ave
Note; had difficulty getting payment for 10/9/22. she seems a bit spacy and finally reached her by voice mail and  text to get payment.
My Old Kentucky Home State Park Gift Shop
501 East Stephen Foster Avenue, Bardstown, KY 40004
April 12
2-year cycle
8/5/20 11 WFs by Dee
4/12/22 11 WFs by Dee
Dee Clark, Mgr.
502-348-3502  x2 (Gift Shop)
WFs: 11, 11 Fiscal year starts July
Winter Hours Wed-Sun until March
Nantahala Outdoor Center -Asheville
290 Macon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

Nantahala Outdoor Center -Gatlinburg
1138 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738-3108

Nantahala Outdoor Center -Bryson City
13077 Hwy 19 West, Bryson City, NC 28713

Sept 15 3/18/22 12 WFs by Catherine to Bryson City PO#19455 and 12 WFs to Gatlinburg PO#14982
9/16/23 24 WFs by Catherine to Bryson City PO#14984 and 24 WFs to Gatlinburg PO#1954
Catherine Arthur, Assistant Buyer   Only via email

Bryson City: 828-488-7230
Gatlinburg: 865-277-8209 
WFs: 24,48 send invoices to: 
Natchez Trace State Park Gift Shop
Pin Oak Lodge, 567 Pin Oak Lane, Wildersville TN 38388
April 9 6/16/20 Sent Tiffany Bucham WFs
7/31/20 Talked to Tiffany. Had not seen it. Probably because I sent it to the 24845 address. She said it probably was then rather than the Restaurant where she works. Agreed she would check for it and I would follow up in two weeks. Resend copy if she does not find it.
9/14/20 Resent Tiffany WFs. We talked and I got her excited that it would be coming!
10/6/20 Talked to Tiffany, Got book, on her desk. Things slowing down now so we agreed I would followup in March
3/22/20 Talked to Tiffany, space cadet. Still hadn't talked to the people who do ordering. Will do so and let me know if they want to order.
8/12/22 Talked to Tiffany. Replaced by Natalie Maness
8/12/22 Sent order email to Natalie
8/17/22 Talked to Natalie. Nice girl. Just got copy of WFs from Tiffany. Will check email and get back to me.
8/17/22 Resent order email to Natalie
9/14/22 Talked to Natalie. Under discussion, will check with other person. She thinks ordering now rather than waiting. will order.
10/12/22 Talked to Natalie. They love the book. Will order in the spring
4/14/23 Talked to Natalie. Now on hold buying. Redoing all of the park facilities including new gift shop. We agreed I would check next spring for an order.

800-250-8616 Pin Oak Lodge (Gift shop)
731-968-8176 The Western Spur Restaurant
Natalie Maness -Front Office
  Natchez Trace State Park Gift Shop
24845 Natchez Trace Road, Wildersville TN 38388
Natural Bridge State Park Gift Shop
6477 South Lee Highway  (PO Box 57)
Natural Bridge, VA 24578
March 1 4/13/21  30 WFs by Lisa
3/9/23 Talked to Megan, new business mgr. Sent her reorder email
4/22/23 Talked to Rosemarie. Checked. Enough in stock
Megan Meadows, Business Mgr.
Rosemarie -Gift Shop
WFs: 30
Natural Tunnel State Park Gift Shop
1420 Natural Tunnel Pkwy, Duffield, VA 24244
April 2 10/24/22 10 WFs by Ishmael
8/4/23 Sent reorder email to Ishmael
8/21/23 Reply from Ishmael: We still have a few copies of your book. If you want to check back maybe in the spring. thanks
Ishmael Richardson, Buyer
WFs: 10  
Nature Express Gift Shop at Oglebay Good Zoo, Olgebay Resort 465 Lodge Dr, Wheeling, WV 26003 June 13 11/19/22 12 WFs by Monica
10/4/23 Sent reorder email to Monica
10/11/23 Reply from Monica: Good morning Lee! Apologies that it took me a bit to get back with you Iíve been trying to catch up with everything since I returned from vacation. Let me get with our new buyer to see about a re-order. She wonít be back until sometime next week as she is getting married this weekend. I will let you know either way! Thanks so much!
Monica Smith
11/14/23 Sent followup email to Monica
11/14/23 Reply from Monica: My apologies. I was so busy getting the shops ready for our Festival of Lights event for the past month I completely forgot to get back to you. The buyer wonít be purchasing any books at this time, but I have your information taped right next to my calendar for when we are ready to order. Thank you for your patience and checking back with me! Have a great day! Monica
877-436-1797 Olgebay
304-243-4000 Olgebay Resort
304-243-4035 Nature Express Gift Shop
Karen Waialae (pronounce Wile-eye) Buyer for all Olgebay gift shops
304-243-4011 Karen

Monica Smith -Retail Department -Wheeling Park Commission, Oglebay Retail Dept.
WFs: 12 Invoice to:
Accounts Payable
Wheeling Park Commission
465 Lodge Dr
Wheeling, WV 26003
New Dominion Bookshop
404 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902
April 1 10/13/20 2 WFs by Sarah Valencia. Sent to bookstore attention Julia Kudravetz. Shipped media $6
2/26/21 2 WFs by Sarah
12/13/21 4 WFs by Sarah
8/1/23 8 WFs by Sarah
Sarah Crossland, buyer
Audrey Parks, Assistant Mgr. (Audrey)  Sarah)
WFs: 2,2,4,8  
New River Gorge National Park & Preserve Visitor Centers Gift Shops June 2 6/2/23 24 WFs by Kristin   PO#1501-802286 Kristin Hylton (Mullen ) Main bookstore (WFs sent)
304-237-3144 Cell
Eastern National Vendor #8110
Price: $11.37 regardless of quantity. First order listed this price. Vendor Product # 9780991039821 
Bill To:
Eastern National, 470 Maryland Drive, STE. 1, Fort Washington, PA 19034
Email Invoice To:
Billing Questions:
Ship To: Eastern National, New River Gorge NR,162 Visitor Center Road, Lansing WV 25862
Ship via: UPS Third Party Acct  #169845
Supplies Visitor Centers: Canyon Rim, Sandstone, Thurman Depot and Grandview
WFs: 24 Canyon Rim Visitor Center 162 Visitor Center Rd, Lansing, WV 25862
Grandview Visitor Center  P.O. Box 246, 104 Main Street, Glen Jean, WV 25846; 304-465-0508
Sandstone Visitor Center  P.O. Box 246, 104 Main Street, Glen Jean, WV 25846; 304-465-0508
Thurman Depot Visitor Center. P.O. Box 246, 104 Main Street, Glen Jean, WV 25846; 304-465-0508
New River State Park Gift Shop
358 New River State Park Road,
Laurel Springs, NC 28644
May 2 3/15/21 12 WFs by Wendy PO#72783
8/11/22 12 WFs by Wendy PO#85159
8/14/23 Called, still has s7 copies
Wendy Mahaffey, Administrative Associate
WFs: 12,12 Works with two gift shops
Newport/Smoky Mountains KOA Gift Shop
240 KOA Lane, Newport, TN 37821
Aug 30 8/9/23 Talked to Cheryl. KOA recently bought, still making decisions. Will show it to owners. Sounds interesting. Sent Cheryl WFS
Talked to Cheryl. Showed it to owners. No buying anything now. Redoing gift shop. Cheryl and I agreed to check next summer.
Cheryl Hancock, Manager
Next Venture Outdoors
190 N. Broad Street, Brevard, NC 28712
May 16 2025
2-year cycle
9/10/20 4 WFs by Jamie
3/19/21 4 WFs by Jamie
11/7/23 4 WFs by Jamie
Jamie Riddick, owner
WFs: 4,4,4, Carries local books
Nolin Lake State Park Gift Shop
2998 Brier Creek Road, Mammoth Cave, KY 42259
April 9 3/30/21 Sent Carlet WFs
Sent followup email to Carlet
5/28/21 Reply from Carlett: I did get your book and itís great! It has many animals that are inside our nature center which is really rareÖbecause we have sugar gliders which are very similar to the northern flying squirrel! I was impressed! I will know here in the next couple weeks whether I have any money left to order some on this yearís budget. In July we get new budget money and I do plan to order some books for our resale items!! Thank you for touching base and I hope to be placing an order in the coming months.
9/17/21 Sent Carlet followup email
1/28/21 Talked to Carlet, asked for reminder email. Budget opens up in Feb. Will order
1/28/21 Sent Carlet reminder email
8/2/22 Sent followup email
9/16/22 Resent followup email and left voice mail to check email
4/19/23 Talked to Carlet. Still interested and now just getting things back to normal after storm. Sent her reminder email she thought would be good.
4/26/23 Reply from Carlet: Hi Lee, Thank you for the reminder. We will have to await for our next budget starting in August to look at possibly placing an order. Thanks for reaching out again and we hope you have a great week ahead.
8/7/23 Sent reminder email to Carlet
8/22/23 Resent reminder email to Carlet
9/13/23 Resent email and left voice mail
10/11/23 Talked to gift shop. Girl said she would tell Carlet to call me today.
did not call. wait until next spring to try again
Carlet (Car-lay) Hagan, Mgr.
best way to reach her is email
270-286-4240 Gift Shop
270-702-0151 Carlet
Norma Hoffman Visitors Center at Huntley Meadows Gift Shop
3701 Lockheed Blvd., Alexandria VA 22306
March 4 5/8/23 Talked to volunteer at Huntley Meadows. Gift shop down at moment due to staffing. Hope to have it up and running in a few months. New director in a few weeks. 703-768-2525 Huntley Meadows Visitor Center
301-292-5665 x5
Alice Ferguson Foundation
Norris Dam State Park Gift Shop
125 Village Green Circle, Rocky Top, TN 37769
March 29 9/9/21 6 WFs by Wendy
12/17/21 6 WFs by Wendy
7/20/22  6 WFs by Wendy
7/11/23 Sent reorder email
7/12/23 Reply from Wendy: At this time I do not need any more of these books.
Wendy Madden, Administrative Assistant
865-425-4549 Wendy
WFs: 6,6,6  
North Bend State Park Gift Shop 
202 North Bend State Park Road, Cairo WV 26337
March 7 5/2/19 WFs 2 by Melissa
9/10/19 12 WFs by Melissa
4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS
Kristi Steed Gift Shop Mgr.
304-643-2931 x0 x305 Kristi
WFs: 2,12,5  
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Contentnea Creek
949 Contentnea Ln., Grifton, NC 27530

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Greenville
729 Dickinson Ave., Greenville NC 27834

Jan 8 2/8/23 Sent WFs to Emily at Greenville museum
Sent followup email to Emily
5/9/23 Talked to Emily. Nice lady They have only  tiny tiny giftshops right now Could not buy it for giftshop at this time. However loves my book and they are expanding both locations to have larger giftshop. When that happens then she can order. We talked about profitability of book, offered her 50% no matter the quantity, and agreed I would check in the fall. Also asked me to send her email with pricing.
10/24/23 Talked to receptionist. Expansion due to be done by March for grand opening. Both museums expanding, especially Greenville. Agreed I should call in January to get book in gift shops.
Emily Jarvis, Director for both facilities
North Carolina Zoo Society Gift Shop
Warehouse, 3733 Old Coxe Road
Asheboro NC 27205
Aug 27 10/31/23 12 WFs by Mona  PO# MONA1-24
Call Linda in gift shop to check inventory.
David Whitaker Director of Retail NC Zoological Society  336-879-7269
Mona Ghorab Buyer   Hard to reach.
336-879-7265 -Mona
336-879-7267 Gift Shop,
Linda Hobbs
Asst Mgr. Nice lady
336-879-7250 x0 Zoo 
WFs: 12 Purchases only in October
NC Zoo Staff Directory
Northwest Trading Post
414 Trading Post Rd, Glendale Springs, NC 28629
April 22  

7/26/23 Google lists them as temporarily closed.
Delete if still closed in 2024


Oak Mountain State Park Gift Shop
200 Terrace Dr, Pelham, AL 35124
July 10 12/28/22 24 WFs by David David Johnson, Park Manager
205-620-2520 x8
Mary Lee -Office Reservations Supervisor
WFs: 24  
Old Salem Museums and Gardens
600 South Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
June 11 Customer since 2004
Sept 2015
50 Church1 ,25 Bakery1, 25 Tavern1 25 SBros1 25 by LouAnn
April 2016
25 Church1 ,25 Bakery1, 25 Tavern1 25 SBros1 25 by LouAnn
July 2018
25 Church1 ,25 Bakery1, 25 Tavern1 25 SBros1 25 by LouAnn
Nov 2018
100 Church1 by LouAnn
July 2019 25 Bakery1, 25 Tavern1, 25 SB1 by LouAnn
11/8/19: 75 Church, 50 Winkler, 25 Tavern email order by LouAnn

9/21/22 Reply from Pat: Hi Lee Weíre still at a good inventory level with your cards. I will look at it again mid-October; I should be ready to order then.
7/7/23 Sent followup email to Pat
7/9/23 Reply from Pat: Weíve had more reorganizing going on, which is now completed. I hadnít forgotten about your cards; was holding off from purchasing until everything had settled down. And Iím fully aware your cards have sold through the years. When I write the order, I will only be purchasing the Single Brothers, Winkler, and Home Church cards. We are not currently using the Tavern building with no plans for it being opening in the near future or beyond, so that card is no longer relevant.
10/20/23 Sent reorder email to Pat
Pat Albert  Retail Director
No phone. Works in Bakery office
336-723-6262 Main Number
Church1: 50,25,25,100,75


Discontinued OSA10, Totes, Prints
Always email for reorders
Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park Gift Shop
732 Stone Fort Drive, Manchester, TN 37355
August 20
2-year cycle
6/8/20 2 Wfs by Sarah
11/16/20 3 Wfs by Sarah (former mgr)
12/13/21 Sent new mgr Andrea reorder email
12/14/21 Reply from Andrea: Thank you for checking in. Since I am new I would not have had your contact info otherwise. I checked my inventory and I still have some in stock. But, I will get in touch with you when I do need some.
9/9/22 Talked to Andrea. Said she had 7 in stock. Puzzling since she must have gotten some copies from Tricia.
10/10/23 Talked to Andrea. Rotates books around. Displays in children's section. Has some copies still. Agreed I would check next year.
Andrea Turner, Mgr.
931-461-7676 x0
WFs: 2, 3 Displays them in children's section. Does rotate them around so they are displayed flat and visible.
Omni Homestead Resort
ATTENTION: RETAIL RECEIVING 7696 Sam Snead Highway, Hot Springs, Virginia 24445
Nov 20 8/24/23  24 WFs Christie Ford, Director of Retail at Omni Resort
540-839-7733 Christie's Direct Number
Ship Media, Send invoice to Christie
540-839-7746 Retail Office
1776 store
540-839-1766 Omni Homestead Resort
540-839-7741 Allegany Outfitters
WFs: 24 Katie Burford, Retail Buyer
972-871-5629 direct
972-871-5600 Corp Headquarters
Omni Hotel & Resorts, 4001 Maple Ave, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75219
Ship Media, Send invoice to Christie
Omni Grove Park Inn -The Marketplace
290 Macon Avenue, Asheville, NC 28804
Jan 26
2/1/1618 GB
50 GB, 25 WFh, 30 GPI1, 10 GSMR1, 10 Otters1, 10 Bear1 by Callie Hinojosa
8/20/19 # 35672180 24 GPI1, 12 Bears1 by Callie
2/24/23 12 WFs and 12 GB by Katie Burford. PO#13502111890085
6/22/23 12 WFs by Lauren Schepps  PO# 13502111890100
9/7/23 18 GB by Lauren PO#13502111890116
10/11/23 12WFs by Lauren PO#13502111890123

Alyssa Velazquez -Assistant Manager of Marketplace
Omni Grove Park Inn: Really nice girl 
Sarah Fox:
Manager of Marketplace. Really nice also
Katie Burford, Retail Buyer
972-871-5629 direct
972-871-5600  Corp Headquarters
Omni Hotel & Resorts, 4001 Maple Ave, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75219
Lauren Schepps Assistant Retail Buyer
GB: 18,50,12,18
WFs: 25,12,12,12

Send invoices to:
Elizabeth Hernandez  Accounting Director

Ship To:  Shipping & Receiving

50% Terms on books

10/12/23 Lauren emailed me they are stocked with cards. Interpreted that to mean they no longer are interested in my cards they ordered in 2109


Orchard at Altapass General Store (Opens May 1)
1025 Orchard Road, Milepost 328 Blue Ridge Parkway, Little Switzerland, NC 28749
June 17 7/29/19  5 WFs ordered by Alicia
8/18/22 12 WFs by Alicia
8/22/23  Talked to Alicia. Still has 7 copies
Alicia Sillman  Store Mgr.
828-467-2706 -Alicia
828-765-9531 Store

Haley Andrews Asst Store Mgr
WFs: 5,12 GB did not sell well. Discontinued
Opens May - Nov
Orvis Asheville Store
28 Schenck Parkway #150, Asheville, NC 28803
May 31 3/16/22 10 WFs by Andrew
10/19/22 20 WFs by Andrew
6/5/23 30 WFs by Andrew
Andrew Kabel Mgr  
828-687-0301  x2   Store
828-275-6178 Cell
WFs: 10,20,30 Dealer (company store) but seems to be able to order locally.
Andrew places them in stacks around store.
Orvis -Primland Resort
2000 Busted Rock Road, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120      edenredpay
May 6 7/29/19 10 WFs ordered by Brett Holt
12/7/19 10 Wfs ordered by Brett Holt
12/21/20 10 WFs by Brett
12/10/21 10 WFs by Brett
6/9/23 10 WFs by Brett
Brett Holt Orvis Shop Manager
276-222-3873 Brett  Primary
WFs: 10,10,10,10,10 Retail store: Orvis store on Primland Resort
Send invoices to Carl McDaniel
Carl McDaniel, Orvis Activities Supervisor
Outdoor Supply Company
2427 N Center St, Hickory, NC 28601
April 19 7/26/23 12 WFs by Charles Charles Mogray, owner
WFs: 12  
Outdoor Trails -Daleville
28 Kingston Dr, Daleville, VA 24083
April 8 8/9/23 4 WFs by John John Sucrell, Buyer
540-992-5850 -Daleville
434-386-4302 -Lynchburg -John
WFs: 4 Outdoor Trails -Lynchburg
4925 Boonsboro Rd # 2, Lynchburg, VA 24503
Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary
545 Beech Creek Rd S, Brentwood, TN 37027
Jan 4
12/27/22 Talked to Susan. Really nice lady. Very interested in my book and sent her a copy of WFs. She might order as gifts but they are thinking of doing a gift shop. Agreed I would follow up next year to see if they have one yet.
1/3/23 Talked to receptionist. No gift shop yet, small area to sell a few themed items
Susan Duvenhaze, Executive Director
  300-acre sanctuary
Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center Gift Shop
3535 S Lumpkin Rd, Columbus, GA 31903
Feb 9 8/7/23 Sent Dr. Johnson WFs
Sent followup email to Lauren
9/13/23 Left message and resent email
9/14/23 Reply from Lauren: Hi Lee, Thank you for the email and the book! I believe I have misplaced the order form. Could you email one? Also are we able to purchase with a credit card and tax-exempt?
9/14/23 My reply: Order form attached. To place an order, just email me with the number of books. I will then send an invoice with the books (preferred method of payment), or you can pay by credit card. Whatever is best for you. There will be no tax since I am selling the books to you wholesale.
10/5/23 Left voice message. Did she get email
11/7/23 Resent email with no attachment. Left voice message
Dr. Lauren Johnson Asst Director/Handles Gift Shop
Paint Bank General Store
16701 Paint Bank Road, Paint Bank, VA 24131
April 2 7/25/20 11 WFs by Drema
1/26/22 10 WFs by Summer
7/5/23 Talked to salesgirl. They have 9 copies
Amber Hall Mgr.
540-897-5000 x1 Store or 241 Amber
WFs: 11,10  
Panola Mountain State Park Nature Center Gift Shop
2620 Highway 155 SW, Stockbridge, GA 30281
March 4 8/15/23 6 WFs by Hazel  PID #57708 Lesley Mobley, Park Manager

-Admin Support
Paris Landing State Park Lodge Gift Shop
400 Lodge Road, Buchanan TN 38222
March 15 1/28/23 20 WFs by Courtney Courtney Hawks  Lodge Gift Shop  (no s)
731-924-4304 Courtney
731-924-4300 x 0 Lodge
Emma Cook, Courtney's Assistant  Only in Sun after 2
731-641-4465 Visitor Center
731-641-4474  Marina
WFs: 20 Three gift shops: Visitor Center, Lodge and Marina (small). Diane Williamson, Visitor Center Gift Shop.
Gift shops in Park office, New Lodge and Marina.
Nature Center does not have gift shop. Far end of Tennessee
Paris Mountain State Park Gift Shop
2401 State Park Road, Greenville SC 29609
April 26 4/26/23 20 WFs by Madison Madison Spencer (Ranger oversees gift shop)
WFs: 20  
Pat Jennings Visitor Center Gift Shop at Mount Rogers National Recreation Area
3714 Highway 16, Marion, VA 24354
April 3
4/2/20 Sent Christa WFs at Pat Jennings .Received it. Numerous communications over the past three years. Difficult person to reach.
4/28/23 Finally reached her via text message. Only selling maps in gift shop now.
Check again in 2025
Christa Himes, Executive Director
FOMR (Friends of Mount Rogers)
195 Old Stage Rd, Chilhowie VA, 24319 PO PO Box 107, Chilhowie, VA 24319
814-931-3539  Christa
800-628-7202  Mt Rodgers National Recreation Area
Pathfinders Outdoor Adventures
534 Park Ave NW, Norton, VA 24273
August 10
2-year cycle
6/5/20 11 WFs by Mark
3/3/22 Sent Mark reorder email
3/9/22 Reply from Mark: Thank you for staying in touch. We still have copies here at the store. We will not need a re-supply at this time.
6/2/23 Sent reorder email to Mark
Mark Caruso, Owner

WFs: 11  
Peaks of Otter Lodge Gift Shop
85554 Blue Ridge Pkwy, Bedford, VA 24523
Dec 1 8/3/22 Sent Lynn WFs
8/23/22 Talked to Lynn. Got book, loves it. Needs to talk to management about getting copies. Will order.
9/16/22 Sent followup email to Lynn
9/17/22 Reply from Lynn: Lee, I sent the information over to my manager. I have not heard back from them. I will send an email to them to see if they are willing to purchase the book for next season. I know that most all ordering has stopped for this season since we have only about 6 weeks left and they are working on next season's orders. They have all your information.
5/11/23 Talked to Lynn. Will be reaching out to manager in the next week or so. Did send it to him. Will get back to me. Sent her reminder email
6/1/23 Talked to Lynn. Still had not heard from manager. Will reach out to him again. Told me to call in a week.
6/12/23 Talked to Lynn. Will email manager again. Agreed it would be good for me to email her a reminder email which I did.
6/26/23 Talked to Lynn. Still no word. Told me to check in two weeks.
Talked to Lynn. Still no word.
8/4/23 Talked to Lynn. Said they will be contacting me with an order. Agreed it is best if I just wait. Decided to wait until Dec, then call
Lynn Hall, Retail Supervisor  (Off Tues-Wed)
540-586-1081 x0
  Opens April 28
3 gift shops: Lodge, Country Store and Sharp Top Store
Peterson, Stacee -Town and Mountain Realty
114 Stonecrest Drive, Asheville NC 28803
Jan 1 1/4/21 4 GB ordered by Stacee
1/2/22 Sent reorder email
1/2/23 Sent reorder email -Replied not now.
(828) 280-7433
Pettit Environmental Preserve
PO Box 2843, Cartersville GA  30120
June 23
6/26/23 Had a nice talk to Billy. May have a kiosk in the future. Mainly K-12 kids but others also. Decided to send him a copy just in case he wanted to buy copies for fundraising. Check in a few years to see if kiosk is in place. Sent Billy WFs Billy Fleetwood, Executive Director
  No FED EX or UPS. Only media mail to PO Box.
Gated Environmental Center
Pilot Mountain State Park Gift Shop
1792 Pilot Knob Park Road, Pinnacle, NC 27043
Jan 16 10/4/23 Talked to Missy Renner. Book needs to go through Eastern National. They make buying decisions
10/5/23 Submitted WFs via email to Eastern National
Missy Renner, Mgr
Vendor ##8110
via UPS BRP Account #169845, Zip Code 19034
215-283-6900, x1  Accounts Payable x3
New Merchandise:
  Run by Eastern National
Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park  Gift Shop
460 Ozier Road, Pinson TN 38366
May 2 4/28/23 Talked to Amy. Would be interested in seeing a copy. Sent Amy WFs
Talked to Amy. Got book, Cute. Staff loved it. Has to wait till 'Physical"year starts. Not the brightest bulb... Told me she would call me if she decides. usual bullshit. So, wait a year and then delete if no order.
Amy Michel, Office Administrator
Pipestem Resort State Park Gift Shop -Canyon Rim Visitor Center & Expressions in Lodge
3405 Pipestem Drive (PO Box 150) Pipestem WV 25979
March 7 8/18/18 6 WFs by Connie
4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS
Connie Clayton
304-466-2804 Office
304-466-1800 Lodge  x450 or 451 Connie
Misty Porterfield -Accounts Payable
WFs: 6,6 Canyon Rim Center Gift Shop (open during summer.)
Expressions Gift Shop
in Lobby of Mckeever Lodge Adrian
Pisgah Inn Gift Shop
PO Box 2417, Candler NC 28715
March 25 April 2016  12 GB
May 2019 Visited Pisgah Inn and met Dawn. Really nice lady. Will buy from me rather than distributors.
May 2019 12 GB, 12WFs by Dawn
July 17 2019 Reorder 12 GB, 12 WFs by Phil
Sept 11, 2019 Reorder 12 GB, 12 WFs by Phil
4/15/21: Reorder: 25 GB, 25 WFs
4/28/22: 20 Wfs, 20 Gb by Phil Dugger
3/21/23 15 WFs, 15 GB by Phil
9/1/23 20 WFs, 15 GB by Phil
Bruce OíConnell, owner  828-235-8228
Dawn Jenette Retail Manager 
Phil Dugger Assistant Retail Manager & Buyer
215-421-2348 cell (to reach Phil)
WFs: 12,12,12, 25,15,20
Potomac Overlook Regional Park Nature Center Gift Shop
2845 North Marcey Rd, Arlington, VA 22207
August 27 8/5/23 Sent Rachel WFs 703-528-5406
Rachel Doody, Park Manager
AJ Barnard, Head Naturalist and Gift Shop
  James Maher Nature Center
Prices Creek General Store
1331 Cane River School Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714
Sept 7 9/14/23 12 WFs by Max Max Ballew, Owner
M-W-F before 12:00
WFs: 12  
Prickett's Fort State Park Gift Shop
106 Overfort Lane, Fairmont WV 26554
May 23 5/1/23 11 WFs by Greg Greg Bray -Director
WFs: 11 Gift shop run by Prickett's Fort Memorial Foundation
not part of WFs centralized buying system
Pulsifer, Andrew -Beverly Hanks & Association      3/3/21  6 GB by Andrew
1/2/22 Sent reorder email
1/13/22  Reply: Thank you Lee, happy new year to you. Iím fine for the moment. But Iíve kept your information and Iíll contact you when I do
828-768-2417 cell
GB: 6  
Purple Crow Books
109 W King St, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Jan 11 8/23/23 2 WFs by Nancy Nancy Vest, Buyer (very small bookstore) 
Reading Rock Books
122 N Main St, Dickson, TN 37055
Dec 7 8/3/23 Talked to Angela. Interested even through they are not in the mountains directly. Sent Angela WFs
Talked to Angela. Got book and plan on adding it but will have to wait some before she can.
11/29/23 Sent followup email to Angela
Angela Redden, Owner  
Red Clay State Historic Park Gift Shop
1140 Red Clay Park Road S.W., Cleveland, TN 37311
March 11 10/28/20 12 WFS by Gracie
8/23/22 12 WFs by Gracie
8/25/23 Sent reorder email to Gracie
Gracie Cammarata, Gift Shop buyer
WFs: 12,12  
Red Top Mountain State Park Gift Shop
50 Lodge Road SE, Acworth, GA 30102
Feb 13 10/20/22 12 WFs by Audrey Audrey Bruce, Retail
770-975-4226 Visitor Center
770-975-0055  x3
WFs: 12  
Reelfoot Lake State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
2595 Hwy 21 E, Tiptonville TN 38079
April 5
 2-year cycle
9/10/20 11 WFs
4/19/23 12 WFs.
Ranger Warren Douglas  Pays invoices 
Vanessa Henson
, Gift Shop
WFs: 11,12 On 2 year cycle
Richard B Russell State Park Gift Shop
2560 Russell State Park Drive, Elberton GA 30635
April 16 7/19/23 10 WFs by Todd Todd Gibson, Park Mgr.
706-283-6000 Golf Course Pro Shop
WFs: 10  
Rickwood Caverns State Park Gift Shop
370 Rickwood Park Road, Warrior, AL 35180
Jan 16 1/20/23 12 WFs by Bridgette Bridgette Grace, Gift Shop
205-647-9692 x1
WFs: 12  
River Rock Outfitter
215 William St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
April 19 8/16/22 11 WFs by April
7/13/23 Talked to Amanda. Out of books. Sent April reorder email. Currently out of store for next few weeks.
8/4/23 Talked to April. Found email. Will be placing an order
9/1/23 Sent reminder email to April
10/6/23 Resent email to April
11/14/23 Talked to Julie in store. She will tell April to check email. Resent reorder email.
11/14/23 Reply from April: Thanks for your email Lee.
We are going to pass on the books for now. Iíll reach back out in spring if interested in bringing them back in. April
April Peterson, Buyer and owner
April in store only Tues 10-5 and Friday 2-6
WFs: 11  
Riverbend Park Nature Center Gift Shop
8700 Potomac Hills Street, Great Falls VA 22066
April 4
2 year cycle
12/2/22 4 WFs by Kylie. Paid by cc
6/2/23 Called. Still have 2 copies
Kylie Starck Visitor Services Manager
WFs: 4  
Roan Mountain State Park Gift Shop
Gristmill Visitor Center, 1015 Highway 143, Roan Mountain TN 37687
May 4
2-year cycle
10/31/19 12 WFs by Donna
2/22/22 12 WFs by Donna Paid by cc
5/9/23 Talked to Donna. Ok on books
Donna McKinney, Gift Shop Buyer
423-547-3906 Visitor Center
WFs: 12, 12
Pays by cc
Roanoke County Explorer Park Gift Shop
56 Roanoke River Pkwy, Roanoke, VA 24014
March 29 4/28/23 Sent Luona WFs at Roanoke County Parks
1206 Kessler Mill Road, Salem VA 24153
5/31/23 Call from Julie Lee. Luona out until Aug. Said she has my book, loves it, but things on hold until summer. Agreed I would follow up next year if I don't hear from her with an order
Luona Blankenship Supervisor
Julie Lee
Robbins, Jeannie
  8/20/21  3GB, 10WFs
10/24/21 1 Reef, 1 WA10, returned 2 GB
4/19/22   50 Wild Animal cards, 2 boxes WA10
5/1/22 1 WFs, 1GB
6/15/22 4 Wfs, 50 cards assorted (15 Bears, Otters) 4 each Fox, Bobcat, Raccoon. Squirrel, Possum, Rabbit
7/19/22  6 WFs, 2 Cougar card
8/22/22 4 GB, 3 WFs, 10 Otters1
10/1/22 6 WFs, 24 animal cards
11/2/22 1 WFs,1 GB
12/19/22  20 cards
2/16/23 42 cards, 6 WFs
8/2/23 34 cards, 3 WFs
11/24/23 5 WFs
Jeannie Robbins
Bears: Otters: Squirrel: Fox: Deer: Opossum: Rabbit: Bobcat: Raccoon:
Coyote: Cougar:HWH Sq:
Total Cards: 582
WFs: 9, 16, 10,2,6,3,6,1,6,5,3,5
GB: 1, 3,4,1
Reef: 1

Buys WFs @60% $7.58 -sell at $13.26
Buys GB @ 40%  $13.17  -Sell at $17.56
Buys Reef @20% $19.95 -Sell at $24.95
Cards and envelopes @ $.50 each.
Buys sleeves separately $7.00
Buys WFs @5.00 for consignment at Rusty Shelf and for Trout Lily
Printed out order form for Jeannie. Saved in my Books folder under Literature

Rock Eagle 4-H Center Gift Shop
350 Rock Eagle Rd, Eatonton, GA 31024
Nov 16 10/12/22  20 WFs by Bryan Matt Hammons, Center Director
Nicholas Sell Environmental Education Assistant Coordinator & Assistant Program Coordinator
Bryan Johnson, Gift Shop Mgr.
WFs: 20  
Rockfish Gap Outfitters
1461 E Main Street, Waynesboro, VA 22980
April 4 5/17/23 12 WFs by Jack Jack Walker
WFs: 12  
Rockfish Valley Foundation Natural History Center Gift Shop
P.O. Box 235
1368 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Nellysford, VA 22958
Feb 6
2 WFs by Victor
Victor Monti Administrator
Peter Agelasto III  Manager.
Linda Roberts Sales associate   Nice lady
WFs: 2 Closes after Thanksgiving
Rockford General Store
5174 Rockford Rd, Dobson, NC 27017
April 3 10/4/23 Talked to McKenzie. Sell a few books, Mayberry, etc
Sent Paul WFs
Talked to Paul. Got book. Wonderful book and interested in getting some copies but slow season now. Told me to call in April for possible order
Paul Carter, Owner
Mackenzie, Mgr.
  10-5 Wed-Sun
Roebling Point Books & Coffee
306 Greenup St, Covington, KY 41011
July 23 10/18/23 4 WFs by Emily Richard Hunt, owner
859-815-7204  Richard
Emily W
ebster  Nice lady

859-292-1560 Store
WFs: 4  
Roth, Elizabeth -Beverly Hanks & Associates
46 White Ash Drive, Asheville, NC 28803
Jan 1 2/5/21 3 GB by Elizabeth
1/3/22 3 GB by Elizabeth
1/2/23 Sent reorder email
GB: 3,4  
Rough River Dam State Resort Park Gift Shop
450 Lodge Road, Falls of Rough, KY 40119
August 21
8/24/20 8 WFS by Patti
6/14/23 8 WFs by Patti
Patti Owen, Mgr. 
270-257-2311 x0
WFs: 8,8  
Russell, Brent -Beverly Hanks & Associates, 300 Executive Park, Asheville, NC 28801 Jan 1 2018: 12 GB by Brent
1/3/22 10 GB by Brent
1/2/23 Sent reorder email
GB: 12,10  
Russell Springs KOA
1440 Highway 1383, Russell Springs, KY 42642
April 1 8/1/23 Talked to Susan. Buying season over, agreed I would check next April. Was interested in book as possible item for gift shop.
Send her copy of WFs in April
John & Susan Peck 
  Open April 1 - October 31
Sandy Creek Nature Center Gift Shop
205 Old Commerce Rd, Athens, GA 30607
May 1
May be 2-year cycle
9/16/22 5 WFs by Marylou 
Talked to Marylou. Still has 3 copies
Marylou Neuhauser, volunteer Call 11-1
Emily Bailey -Works for board that runs gift shop
706-613-3615  Tues-Sat
WFs: 5 Run by Athens County
Schrader Environmental Education Center -Samara Shop 1330 National Road, Wheeling, WV 26003 Dec 1 10/18/19 4 WFs by Joelle
12/15/22 5 WFs by Joelle
Joelle Bensie - Assistant Director & Buyer, Sweet Girl
304-242-6855 x402
WFs: 4,5 Oglebay Institute pays
Science Museum of Virginia Gift Shop
2500 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220
Aug 4 11/18/20 Sent Jennifer Morehead copy of WFs
12/30/20 Sent followup email to Jennifer
1/4/21 Reply from Jennifer: Hello Lee, I've not received anything yet. We're having pretty serious mail delays in our area. There has been an outbreak at the mail sorting center that services our region. I'll keep an eye out for your package. Just fyi, we are not purchasing any product for our store at this time. Our store is only open on weekends and our current inventory is moving very slowly.
6/11/21 Follow up email to Jennifer
Jennifer Morehead, Gift shop
Seneca State Forest Gift Shop
10135 Browns Creek Road, Dunmore WV 24934
March 8 9/25/19  6 WFs by Jeff
8/12/23 Talked to Sally, out of copies
Jeff Layfield Supt. & Gift Shop Mgr. 
WFs: 6  
Serenity Now Outfitters
898 Washington St West, Lewisburg, WV 24901
March 13 6/29/23 3 WFs by Craig Craig Miller, Owner
WFs: 3  
Shades of Pemberley Bookstore
126 S Broad Street, Albertville, AL 35950
Aug 16 4/14/23 2 WFs by Brandy
10/3/23 Talked to Brandy. Still has 2 copies
Brandy Atchison, owner
WFs: 2 Only stocks a few copies at a time
Shenandoah River State Park Gift Shop
350 Daughter of Stars Drive, Bentonville, VA 22610


March 6 4/14/22  5 WFS by Jessica
10 WFs by Jessica  #EP3475293
9/9/22 Sent reorder email to Jessica
9/13/22 Reply from Jessica: I appreciate you reaching out to us. We still have quite a few left in stock
8/7/23 Talked to Jessica. On spending hold right now. We agreed I would check in Oct.
10/31/23 Talked to Jessica. Still on spending hold. Agreed i would check in March. Do merchandise shows then
Jessica Presgraves
Ann Henderson, Merchandise Manager,
804-371-2595, 804-840-8236 (cell)
Donna Ramey, Office Manager
WFs: 5,10 Ann Henderson, MBA, CCM, VCA
Enterprise Section Business Manager
Virginia State Parks
600 East Main Street
24th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Sky Meadows State Park Gift Shop
11012 Edmonds Lane, Delaplane, VA 20144
June 28 5/6/21 11 WFs by Megan
10/12/22 20 WFs by Chris Duncan  PO#EP3550918
Suzanne Grobbel, Office Mgr.
Chris Duncan, Intern
WFs: 11, 20  
Smith Mountain Lake State Park Gift Shop
1235 State Park Road, Huddleston, VA 24104
July12 7/13/23 12 WFs by Jared  Paid by cc Jared Vandergrift  Buyer and Assistant Park Mgr. (Off Tues)
540-875-6809 cell
WFs: 12  
Smithgall Woods State Park Gift Shop
61 Tsalaki Trail, Helen, Georgia 30545
March 19 8/3/23 3 WFs by Joell Joell Samford  Manager of gift shop
WFs: 3 In Georgia State Park system
Smoky Mountain Outdoor Center at
Apple Valley Mountain Village

7138 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend, TN 37882
May 23 2/17/21 10 WFs by Karen
3/2/22 10 WFs by Joe
6/2/23 10 WFs by Tim
Tim Dimick, Store Buyer
865-448-9878 x3 Outdoor Center
Joe McWilliams, Store Mgr.
Karen Tozzi, Gen Mgr.
865-776-9239 Karen Direct
WFs: 10,10,10 General Store and Outdoor Store
South Mountains State Park Gift Shop
3001 South Mountain Park Ave., Connelly Springs, NC 28612
Oct 11 9/19/22 11 WFs by Renee
10/23/23 11 WFs by Renee
Renee Wagner, Admin Associate & Buyer
WFs: 11,11  
Southern Appalachian Outdoors
319 Gentry Memorial Hwy, Easley, SC 29640
March 22 6/11/20 4 WFs by Sean
8/2/22 Talked to salesgirl. Still has 3
8/2/23 Called city of Pickens. Moved from Pickens. Phone not answerable
Sean Crowe, Owner
WFs: 4  
Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace
1 Heartwood Circle, Abingdon, VA 24210
June 27 8/3/20 12 WFs by Leigh
9/15/21 10 WFS by Leigh
5/26/22 12 WFs by Leigh
6/29/23 12 WFs by Leigh
Leigh Campbell, buyer
WFs: 12,10,12,12 Maintains a visitor center
Spacious Skies
3402 Kimball Rd., Luray, VA 22835
Oct 12 5/18/20 Sent Jennifer WFs
6/22/20  Sent Jennifer follow up email
9/30/20 Sent Jennifer another follow up email
10/2/20 Reply from Jennifer: Yes I loved the book but we are not opening up office/store. We are still doing a no contact check -in and are not allowing guest in. We have too many high risk employeeís as well as the owner and this was a risk we didnít want to take at this time. Were you successful with the caverns?
4/23/21 Sent followup email to Jennifer. Told her Luray Caverns bought book
8/10/22 Sent followup email to Jennifer
9/15/22 Called Jennifer no longer employed.
9/15/22 Sent WFs to Kristine
Kristine Blackey, Mgr  
540-743-7222 x3  Office 
  Open March to November
Former Luray KOA campground
Standing Stone State Park Gift Shop
1674 Standing Stone Park Hwy., Hilham, TN 38568
April 9 10/5/20 Talked to Allie. Just got some 12 copies from Tricia Ferguson.
9/2/22 for 20 WFs by Allie
Allie Stover, Gift Shop Mgr
931-823-6347  x3
WFs: 12, 20  
Starr Mountain Outfitters
2230 Highway 30 East, Athens, TN 37303
March 4
6/12/20 5 WFs by Amy
3/22/23 5 WFs by Amy
Amy Cass, owner
WFs: 5 sells nature guide books, etc
Two year rhythm
Steele Creek Park Nature Center
80 Lakeshore Dr, Bristol, TN 37620
Jan 24 7/20/23 Talked to Jeremy. Gift shop at Nature Center still in the works. Hoping for Sept
10/3/23 Talked to Jeremy. Very interested in seeing a copy. Nature center almost open. Sent Jeremy WFs
Reply from Jeremy: I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the autographed copy of your book, Wild and Furry Animals of the Southern Appalachian Mountains! Our gift shop is in its early (and quite minimalistic) stages, but if and when we start selling books, yours will be at the top of the list! Thanks again, Jeremy
Jeremy stout, Gift Shop Manager
Stevens Creek Nature Center Gift Shop
15700 Thompson Road, Mint Hill, NC 28227
April 24 10/7/22 Talked to Kristen. Got copies from Reedy Creek (this center did not sell their copies, probably because they have so many books). Kristen told me the books would be in a stack. Agreed I would check next year.
8/30/23 Sent reorder email to Kristen
10/3/23 Talked to Kathy. Familiar with book, has sold some copies. Cannot reorder now due to budget. Agreed I would check next spring when budget opens up.
Kristen Haas, Nature Center Mgr
980-314-2526 x0 Front desk x4
Kathy Hubbard, Gift Shop Mgr.
WFs: (5? from Reedy Creek)  
Stone Mountain State Park Gift Shop
3042 Frank Parkway, Roaring Gap, NC 28668
March 21 1/3/21 Talked to Shannon. He handles gift shop with another person. Would not give last name.
5/9/23 Sent copy of WFs to Shannon
Talked to Shannon. Got book. Has it out and check and and see if people are interested....  Told him about 250 stores, reorders etc and hard to make a buying decision that way..Agreed i would check in a few months.
8/9/23 Talked to Shannon.. not buying at most coming to end of season. Also "they" have some books not selling. Illogical to make decision on that basis and explained that to Shannon. We agreed I should check next spring
Shannon Brewer
336-957-8185  x0

Stone Soup Books
150 Race Ave, Waynesboro VA 22980

Feb 8 1/11/23 Called. invited to be in her show. Declined because of distance. Has copy of WFs that I sent to her associate Amanda
4/28/23 Talked to Mary. Nice but spacey lady. Would like to carry book. Agreed I would followup with an email at end of summer
Talked to Mary. At home. Agreed I would email her and she would respond. Sent her an email
10/9/23 Resent email to Mary
Talked to Mary. Agreed i would check with her next spring. May contact me earlier for an order.
Mary Katharine Froehlich, owner
540-932-9175 cell  She prefers email
SunDog Outfitter & Adventure Damascus
331 Douglas Dr, Damascus, VA 24236
June 29 3/20/21 12 WFs by Elaine
8/17/21 12 WFs by Elaine
6/6/23 12 WFs by Elaine
Michael Wright, Owner
276-475-6252  x3 or 4
276-492-5828 Office
Elaine Pritchett, Buyer
WFs: 12, 12,12 128 W Laurel Ave, Damascus, VA 24236
(PO Box 1113,
Damascus, VA 24236)
Sunrift Adventures
1 Center St, Travelers Rest, SC 29690
June 2 7/1/20 3 WFs by Jared. PO#JDH7120
8/31/22  3 WFs by Jared
6/19/23 4 WFs by Jared
Jared Hancock   Book Buyer
WFs: 3,3,4 Send invoice to
Sunrise on Blue Ridge
651 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513
July 9 10/2/23  12 WFs by Jason Jason Clemmons, Owner
WFs: 12 General Store
Switzerland General Store
9432 NC-226A, Marion, NC 28752
Oct 12   828-765-5289   10-5
Switzerland Inn
86 High Ridge Rd, Little Switzerland, NC 28749
May 7 8/1//19  20 WFs ordered by Jordan
20 WFs by Jordan
Jordan Gowan (Gift Shop Manager)
828-765-2153 x4 
WFs: 20,20 3 gift shops on property
Closes in winter, reopens April 20
FED EX may charge 'remote area" fee. Ship USPS if so.
Sycamore Shoals State Park Gift Shop
1651 W. Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, TN 37643
Sept 12
2 year cycle @20
6/15/20 5 WFs by Jennifer
9/15/22  20 WFs by Jennifer
1/12/23 Talked to Leslie. She will be replacing Jennifer in July. Agreed I would check in fall
10/3/23 Talked to Leslie. Still has 10
Jennifer Bauer, Gift Shop Mgr and Buyer
Leslie Brockley Gift Shop Mgr. and Buyer
WFs: 5, 20  
Table Rock State Park Nature Center
158 Ellison Lane, Pickens SC 29671
March 30 10/18/22 Sent Bart copy of WFs
Sent Bart followup email
Ranger Bart Joy -Nature Center Mgr.
864-884-3895 Bart
864-878-9813 -Office
Table Rock State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
158 Ellison Lane, Pickens SC 29671
Aug 31 9/14/20  15 WFs by Eric
9/19/22 Talked to Samantha, new administrator. Doing inventory. Asked me to email her information which I did
9/20/22 Reply from Samantha: Thank you again for sending this information! I'll take a look at our stock and let you know what we want to do.
10/18/22 Talked to Samantha. Sold out of WFs but even with my best advice will not reorder now. New administrator who seems to be struggling with concept of running gift shop. Recommended I check with Bart Joy who runs the Nature Center at the park (See below). Right now she only has a few kids books and maps. Agreed I would check in a few years to see if the gift shop is back and running
Samantha Morgan Administrator
WFs: 15  
Take A Hike Outfitters
100 Sutton Ave, Black Mountain, NC 28711
August 5 6/2/19 Sent copy to Jim Bourdy, buyer.  Tight on cash flow now. Not ordering new items. Told me call April 2020 for order
8/4/22  Talked to receptionist. Bourdy no longer works there. Told me to talk to owner Jim McFerrin
Jim Bourdy -Buyer
John McFerrin -Owner
WFs: June 2012 18 GB
Tallulah Gorge State Park Interpretive Center
338 Jane Hurt Yarn Drive, Tallulah Falls, GA 30573
Billing Address:Tallulah Gorge State Park,                  P.O. Box 248, Tallulah Falls, GA 30575
Feb 21 1/19/23  12 WFs by Rene Renee Ansley  Retail Buyer
Lieren (Lear-en) Merz, Park Mgr
WFs: 12  
Tamarack Cultural Center
SHIPPING: Tamarack Craft Warehouse
584 Ragland Road, Beckley, WV 25801
BILLING: One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801 
May 9 10/15/20 24WFs by Lulu Mason  PO#014320
6/15/21 36 WFs by Lulu Mason PO#015416LJP
5/9/23 8WFs by LuLu PO#014883LJP
8/23/23 12 WFs PO 018036LJP
Lulu Mason  (Real professional buyer, sweet lady)
304-256-6843 x 148
304-575-6558 cell
Linda Bolen 
My buyer
Mandy Lash | Artisan Services
888-262-7225 Tamarack Marketplace
WFs: 24, 36, 8,12 Mandy Lash | Artisan Services
TAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia
1 Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801
6 Places book will be sold:
West Virginia Museum Store at Cultural center at capital, Tamarack, Beckely, Princeton, Morton and
Bluestone Tourist Information Centers.
My Vendor Code is LJP
Tamarack does not pay shipping. Free Shipping
Tennessee Dept of Environment and Conservation -State Parks Central Office
Tricia Ferguson, TN Dept of Environment and Conservation, WRS TN Tower, 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 2nd Floor, Nashville TN 37243
Sept 1
2/19/20 12 Wfs by Tricia for central office location. W
9/15/22 Reply from reorder email to Tricia: Thank you for checking in but I donít need to reorder, Iím scaling back the central office shop in preparation for our move to a new building next year, and the central office staff have made a permanent transition to work from home so my little shop doesnít see a lot of traffic.
Tricia Ferguson   State Park buyer
615-854-1289 cell
615-532-7359 Tricia's office
615-532-0109  Dept office
WFs: 12 Pays by cc
The Book Store
161 North Street, New Martinsville WV 26155
Dec 4
2-year cycle
8/7/20 4 Wfs by Heather
2/22/22 Talked to Heather. Still has 2 copies. Agreed I would call in the fall. How is the book displayed? Have to show cover
9/12/22 Sent reorder email
11/14/23 Talked to Heather. Thinks she is out. Had book club to go to. Sent reorder email as promised.
Heather Wetzel  Owner
WFs: 4  
The Country Bookshop
140 NW Broad St, Southern Pines, NC 28387
July 17 10/13/23 6 WFs and 2 GB by Kimberly Kimberly Daniels Taws, owner
Mary Salazar
WFs: 6
GB: 2
The Day Hiker
634 Parkway, Suite 13,  Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Feb 13+-+ CV5/25/23 Sent email to Alannah asking for email and name of the right person to send book to.
5/28/23 Reply from Alannah: Thank you for the information! At this time we have a very limited space where we can put books. And our bookcase is completely full Once we sale down on our current inventory I would love to get more information about your book. I am the one who does our book ordering so Iíll be reaching out to you once we sell down the books we currently have! Thank you for reaching out to us!
5/31/23 Sent her a copy of WFs
Sent Alannah followup email
7/10/23 Resent Allannah email
Alannah McCord
865-430-0970 (not operational)
Joe Gunther, owner
  They sell books and also have a nice online store.
The Greenbrier Shoppe at Greenbriar Resort
101 Main Street West, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986
March 14 10/7/20 12WFs by Shelly  PO# 10-109051-DA
2/11/22 12WFs by Devin Falls PO# PP610-125626-DA
8/7/23 Sent reorder email to Devin and Shelly
8/23/23 Called Greenbriar Shoppe. Out of books
8/23/23 Left voice message for Devin. out of books. Resent reorder email
9/13/23 Talked to Shelly. She has no money in budget now but hopes to be able to reorder soon. Sent reminder email
11/14/23 Talked to Shelly. Still no money. We laughed about that -at the Greenbriar! Told me to call in the spring
Shelly Weikle Retail Manager
x 7294
Devin Falls  Purchasing & Logistics
304-536-1110 x 7367
Rita Antinoro (An-Tie-noro) Nice lady Accounting Mgr
304-536-1110 x5329 -Rita
WFs: 12,12 Ship and bill Receiver:
UPS RETAIL Ground 895W25
Send all invoices to

Debbie McDaniel Accounting
304-536-1110 x7390
The Hatter's Bookshop
929 Mercer St, Princeton, WV 24740
Feb 3 2/13/23 3 WFs by Tammy
8/4/23 Talked to Rowan. Still has 2 copies.
Tammy Dotson, Owner
WFs: 3  
The Local Hiker
173 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306
Feb 5 6/11/20 12 WFs ordered by Kathy
8/16/22 12 WFs by Kathy
8/16/23 12 WFs by Coleman
Coleman Troup owner   Very nice man, loves otters
WFs: 12, 12,12 sells outdoor books
The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen Gift Shop
Route 1 (Box 770), 3421 Wintergreen Drive, Roseland, VA 22967
Sept 1 7/22/20 6 WFs by Liz. paid by cc
9/6/22 6 WFs by Morgan
8/5/23 6 WFs by Linda

Linda Ehinger -Filling in until they get new gift shop mgr
434-325-8169  Tue, Wed, Fri &Sat

WFs: 6,6,6

Billing Address: The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen, Route 1, Box 770, Roseland, VA 22967

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Whiteville Gift Shop
415 S Madison St, Whiteville, NC 28472

Sept 24
2-year cycle

10/13/22 5 WFs by Marlene
9/29/23 Talked to Deborah Stephenson. Loves book. down to 3. Asked me to send her price list which I did.
11/22/23 Talked to Deborah. Still has 3
Deborah Stephenson Mgr Gift Shop Sweet lady
910-788-5107 Deborah
Shelby Gull Laird, Head of Whiteville Branch
WFs: 5 Gift Shops for two museums in NC run by different support groups
The Old Mill General Store
160 Old Mill Ave, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Aug 29 11/15/23 12 WFs by Kelly  Vendor PO OM32646B Kelly Cross, Buyer   Really nice lady
865-908-7629 x507 
865-453-4628 x1 store
Nathan Layman -for credit card payments & accounts
WFs: 12 Multiple stores of various kinds in TN
1,000,000 visitor per year to store
Vendor PO OM32646B
3348 Butler Street   Kelly's office address
The Outpost Experience Center at Barnsley Resort
597 Barnsley Gardens Road, Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Dec 7 6/19/23 4 WFs by Katie
8/17/23 6 WFs by Katie through Birchstreet. PO NUMBER : 000000000001013
Heather Lynn  Manager/Supervisor -Handles gift shop
770-773-7480  x0 x 2115 Office
Katie Brown Outpost Experience Supervisor
770-773-7480 x 2800 Office 
WFs: 4,6 Bill To: Barnsley Resort, 597 Barnsley Gardens Rd
Adairsville, GA, 30103 Attn: David Friederich
Ship To: Barnsley Resort,  597 Barnsley Gardens Rd, Adairsville, GA, 30103, Attn: Heather Lynn
The Paper Merchant
340 13th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102
Dec 18

Dec 2017 12 PIER10, 6 Pier Singles by George
Feb 2019  24 Pier 10, 24 Pier1 by George
12/7/20 24 Pier10, 24 Pier1
12/8/21 24 Pier 10, 24 Pier1 by George -Paid twice
12/12/22 Sent 75 single cards of Pier and Pelican cards since they overpaid in 2021.
11/22/23 Sent reorder email

George Buonocore, (son)  239-261-5790
(Home Address: 2536 Lee Street, Naples Fl 34112)
Pier from Beach: 6, 24, 24,24,75
On the Pier: 75
Contact Nov 1 each year.
The Swag Gift Shop
2300 Swag Rd, Waynesville, NC 28785
April 25
2/10/23 24 WFs by Kristen. Emailed invoice also Becky Seymour  Management
Kristen Messer Gift Shop Mgr,.
The Wood Thrush Shop
6029 TN-100, Nashville, TN 37205
May 8 10/4/23 Sent Jamie Bacon WFs. Nice guy, was interested in seeing a copy
10/25/23 Talked to Jamie. Got it but had not had chance to review it yet
11/22/23 Talked to Jamie. Looked at it. Not ordering at this time. Still has to show it to owner. Agreed I would check in spring.
Jamie Bacon, Mgr.
  Bird store
The Wrinkled Egg
2710 NC Hwy. 225, Flat Rock, North Carolina 28731
June 26 8/2/22 8 WFs by Virginia
6/27/23 10 WFs by Virginia
Virginia Spigener

WFs: 8,10  
Thomas Wolfe Memorial
52 N. Market Street, Asheville, NC 28801
May 15
2 year cycle
8/1/18 30 TWH1 by Kayla
12/10/21 30 TWH1 by Kayla
10/19/22 Called Kayla. Ok for now
5/9/23 Talked to Kayla. Not ordering until visitation picks up. Agreed I would call later in summer
8/24/23 sent reorder email to Kayla
9/5/23 Talked to Kayla. Scaled back at the moment. Agreed I would check next spring
Thomas Muir -Director
Kayla Seay -Buyer   Tuesday-Saturday
TWH1: 30, 30 Discontinued GB, House10, Angel8, Ash10, Totes, prints
Cards seem to be on two-year cycle
Call only in late summer when visitation is strong.
Three Bears General Store
2861 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Dec 6 10/19/23 Sent Fran copy of WFs
Sent Fran followup email
11/20/23 Salesgirl said they got book. Book laying on Fran's desk
Fran Delozier, Owner Usually doesn't take calls
865-453-4734 x0  
Tims Ford State Park Gift Shop
570 Tims Ford Drive, Winchester, TN 37398
Feb 2 9/922 15 WFs by Edwina
8/24/23 Sent reorder email to Edwina
8/28/23 Reply from Edwina: Iím doing well, thanks. Currently Iím okay. Will re-evaluate in October. Thank you for the follow up!!
Edwina McGee, Mgr.
WF: 15 Displays books in two places
Town Hardware & General Store
103 W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Dec 1 9/6/23 2 WFs and 2 GB by Beth Beth Ballhuassen, Owner
WFs: 2
GB: 2
Trading Pages Bookstore
38 Groce Rd, Lyman, SC 29365
Dec 1 10/6/23 Talked to Rhonda. Interested in seeing a copy
Sent Rhonda WFs
Talked to Rhonda. Got book. Told me to call first week of November
11/7/23 Talked to Rhonda. Told me to call first week of Dec
Rhonda Young
Trust General Store
14535 NC Hwy 209, Hot Springs, NC 28743
June 22 Aug 2004 6 GB
March 2008 6 GB
May 2012  5 GB ordered by April
April 2013 6 GB  April no longer mgr, New mgr Jessica Roberson
June 2015 12 boxes of WA10 by Jessica
July 2017 6 GB by Jessica.
July 2017 12 WFh by Jessica
Sept 2018 6 GB by Jessica.
3/15/21 Order by Jo Ann: Wild & Furry Animals book Qty-12 @9.48 each Ultimate Guide to Asheville and WNC Qty-12@8.78 each Boxed note cards-Qty-2 @6.00 each Loose cards-@1.50each, Bobcat-3, Black bear-3, Gray squirrel-3,White tail deer-3,River otter-3,Red Fox-3
Cottontail rabbit -3
6/25/21 12 WFs and 12 GB by Joann
8/13/22 12Wfs, 4 GB, 10 each of animal cards
6/24/23 15 WFs, 2 GB, 10 each animal cards
Bill Weldner, Owner
Wixner  General Manager
828-622-7455 store
GB: 6,6,5,6,12, 12,12,4,2
WFs: 12, 12, 12,15
Black Bears1: 3,3,10,10
Gray Squirrel1: 3,3,10,10
Whitetail Deer1: 3,3,10,10
River Otters1: 3,3,10,10
Red Fox1: 3,3,10,10
Rabbit1: 3,3,10,10
Tugaloo State Park Gift Shop
1763 Tugaloo State Park Road, Lavonia, GA 30553
Aug 22
2 year cycle
4/24/20 4 WFs by Caitlin
8/23/23 4 WFs by Caitlin

Caitlin Roberson
WFs: 4,4 They display books on holder face out.
Twenty 8 West
214 E Main St, Walhalla, SC 29691
April 3
2/25/21 11 WFs by Adam 
9/1/21  11 WFs by Adam
9/21/22 Sent Adam reorder email
9/26/22 Reply from Adam: Thank you for your email. I have unfortunately closed my retail storefront for the time being and Iím not sure what the future holds for us.
Check to see if still in business
Adam Shick, owner
WFs: 11, 11 Outdoor equipment store, sells outdoor books
Twin Falls Resort State Park Gift Shop
Route 97-Saulsville Mountain Road,  (PO Box  667)  Mullens WV 25882
March 8 2/10/19 4 WFs by Rita
8/12/23 Talked to Michael, out of books
Rita McAllister -Gift Shop Mgr.
304-294-4000 Lodge Front Desk
304-294-6000 Office
WFs: 4 Gift shop right next to front desk
Tygart Lake State Park Nature Center Gift Shop
1240 Paul E. Malone Road, Grafton WV 26354

March 8


4/19/23 6 WFs by Jessica Dolin -WVCBS Jim Browning Supt, Pat Miller Asst
Ben West -Gift Shop Buyer and Lodge Manager 304-265-6148
Jacob Jackson -Nature Center Director  
304-265-6148 (8am to 2pm)
WFs: 6  
Unicoi State Park Campground Store
1788 GA-356, Helen, GA 30545

July 3
5/11/23 Sent Patti WFs
Talked to Patti. Sweet girl. Got book, and will place an order after fiscal year starts in July
6/30/23 Sent W9 to Patti
7/6/23 Talked to Patti. Was told by management to pull books out of store... She was frustrated because wants book. Agreed I would check in a year to see if things have changed
Patty Alexander -Campground Store Mgr.
706-878-2201 x0 Front Desk x551 Patti
WFs: 2 Stores: Lodge and Campground. Each order separately. Location of Anna Ruby Falls
Campground store has nature display
Unicoi State Park Lodge Gift Shop
1788 GA-356, Helen, GA 30545
March 5 6/30/23 5 WFs by Cassie. Sent also with books W9 Cassie Pineiro -Unicoi Lodge Gift Shop Mgr.
706-878-2201 x549 Gift Shop x0 Front Desk
WFs: 5 2 Stores: Lodge and Campground. Each order separately. Location of Anna Ruby Falls . Paid by corporation in Florida
United Ads
Jan 1
Jan 31
1/1/22 Ads #1,2 & 3 for $285
1/6/23 Renewed ads for $285
1/31/23 Ad#4 for $125
Madelyn Ross
United Ads, 124 Sixth Street, Scotia, NY 12302
Text Link Ad:  2017, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,23

Madelyn: Your three text link ads on my Environmental website are due for yearly renewal at this time. Please let me know if you wish to renew any and/or all, or place new ones. 
3 2022 Text-Link Ads on

1: $85   
2: $100 FOR THE RAIN FORESTS/endangered_rain_forest_plants.htm
3: $100 Placed on: FOR THE OCEANS/crisis_overview.htm

4. $125 placed on
Compare American, Fijian, and Polynesian Pancake Recipes:
Babakau a Light and Airy Deep-Friend Pancake from Fiji
American Pancakes Easy Recipes, Variations, and Substitutes
Polynesian Banana Pancakes Recipe With Pineapple Syrup

Valley Falls State Park Gift Shop
720 Valley Falls Rd, Fairmont, WV 26554
June 2
8/8/19   6 WFs ordered by Diane
12/20/21 Talked to Diane. Shop only open May to Oct. Agreed I would check in May. Relatively unpleasant lady, when I asked for her email to follow up, she said "No".
6/22/23 Called Diane on call. not interested in reordering -hung up.
Try again in 2025. Talk to someone else in gift shop?
Diane Oliva, Gift Shop Mgr. & Foundation Treasurer
304-685-1815 cell
833-987-2757 WV State Parks
Superintendent Brett Harshbarger
WFs: 6 Open only April to Oct
Gift Shop run by Valley Falls State Park Foundation
Not part of the WV Centralized Buying system
Vance Birthplace
911 Reems Creek Road, Weaverville, NC 28787
May 22
3 year cycle
10/18/22 10 WFs by Lauren
9/7/23 Talked to Lauren. Still has 8 copies.
Lauren May, Asst Site Manager
Kimberly Floyd, Site Manager
WFs: 10 2002-2012 Sold Vance10, prints
Not interested in cards (2022)
Victoria Bryant State Park Gift Shop
1105 Bryant Park Road, Royston, GA 30662
August 23
2-year cycle
11/30/21 10 WFs by Erika.
5/19/23 Talked to Erika. Still has 7 copies
Erika Williams, Adminstrative Clerk/Gift Shop Buyer
770-389-7286 Georgia State Park
WFs: 10


Virginia Living Museum Gift Shop
524 J Clyde Morris Blvd, Newport News, VA 23601
Jan 20 1/23/23 24 WFs by Stacy  PO#109637 Stacy Queensberry, Store Buyer
757-595-1900 x0
WFs: 24 Stacy: I just received your signed book and letter! The book is a PERFECT fit for our store. Thank you for thinking of us. The otter is our mascot, so the cover is a great marketing tool for us.
Vogel State Park Gift Shop
405 Vogel State Park Road, Blairsville, GA 30512
July 20 9/6/22 6 WFs by Terri
7/20/23 12 WFs by Amy
Amy Biagianti Buyer
WFs: 6,12  
Walkabout Outfitter -Lexington
21 S Main St, Lexington, VA 24450
May 16 4/24/20 Sent Suz WFs
6/18/20 Sent Suz followup email
9/18/20 Talked to clerk. He will let her know I am emailing her
9/18/20 Emailed Suz
9/21/20 Talked to salesgirl. She did forward my latest email to Suz who just went on vacation. Follow up in Nov. Give her time to respond.
11/17/20 Sent Suzanne another followup email
12/30/20 Talked to Suzanne. Loved book, and would like to probably get some copies. Agreed I would contact her late spring
9/14/21 Sent Suzanne followup email
7/25/22 Sent Suzanne email
8/1/22 Reply from Suzanne:
Thank you Lee!  I really appreciate you following up.  At this time we aren't able to bring in anything new - with inflation and low sales at this time we have to be really careful.  It's possible I could do it at holiday time, maybe check back in around mid Oct. Thanks for your patience, 
10/24/22 Sent followup email to Suzanne
10/27/22 Resent email after talking to headquarters who would let her know about email.
11/14/22 Resent email after leaving voice mail to check
11/15/22 Reply from Suz: Thanks for the follow up. At this time, unfortunately we are way overstocked in inventory due to back ups in supply chains and now itís all landing. Iím not in the position to add another product. It will likely be until next May before I can. Suz
5/1/23 Sent followup email to Suzanne
9/5/23 Resent followup email to Suzanne
10/2/23 Reply from Suz: Iím so sorry for not returning your email. Things have been pretty busy around here. At this time, we just canít add anything to our mix, we are still trying to get through the overstocking issues. Iíll reach out if ever we get there! Thanks!
Suzanne Mayerchek, Buyer for all stores
540-461-8899 Headquarters
540-460-2849 Suzanne
540-464-4453  Store
Walkabout Outfitter -Blacksburg
1560 S Main St., Blacksburg, VA 24060
Walkabout Outfitter -Harrisonburg
90 N Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Walkabout Outfitter -Richmond
3015 W Cary St., Richmond, VA 23221
Walkabout Outfitter -
304 Market St. SE, Roanoke, VA 24011
4822-J Valley View Blvd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012
Water Stone Outdoors        
101 E W Wiseman Ave, Fayetteville, WV 25840
July 14 10/27/20 12 WFs by Maura
4/21/21  20 WFs by Maura  PO 11245
5/24/22 12 WFs by Maura.

7/15/23 12 Wfs by Stephanie
Stephanie Bragg, Buyer
Holly and Chris Russell, Owner
WFs: 12, 20,12,12

Send  invoices to:

Watson Mill State Park Visitor Center Gift Shop
650 Watson Mill Road, Comer, Georgia 30629
Feb 23 8/7/23 6 WFS by Lori Lori Hamby Gift Shop
WFs: 6  
Waveland State Historic Site Gift Shop
225 Waveland Museum Lane, Lexington, KY 40514
Oct 18 2025
2-year cycle
4/26/21  6 WFs by Charla
10/26/23 6 WFs by Lashe
Lashe (La Shay) Mullins, Park Mgr.

WFs: 6,6 Daniel Boone related historic site with small gift shop.
Open April to Oct
2 year cycle
Waypoint Outfitters
244 Shadowline Dr, Suite C, Boone, NC 28607
March 19
2-year cycle
2/25/21  5 WFs by Katy
12/2/21 Reply from Katy Thank you for reaching out. We do not need a reorder at this time. Thank you for checking
7/20/22 Sent reorder email
8/17/22 Sent Katy reorder email
10/17/22 Resent reorder email to Katy PJ
10/26/22 Talked to PJ. 2 copies. Asked him how they display book. In stacks with spine showing.... Told him to display showing cover. Agreed I would check in a month or so. He said he would place them with cover showing.
6/5/23 Talked to Meg. Down to one copy. Suggested I email her with reorder.
6/20/23 Talked to Meg. Still one copy. Suggested I check in the fall. Mentioned having just one book on shelf not optimum for selling.
10/16/23 Talked to Emma. Need to reorder. Down to one copy. Told me to email TJ. Sent reorder email to TJ  
11/2/23 Resent email to TJ
11/27/23 Resent email to TJ after talking to salesgirl Shelby. She said she would text him to let him know about my email
TJ & Katy Stough, owners
828-865-1100 (Call AM 10-2)
They order as a team

WFs: 5  
Werner's Trading Company
1115 4Th Street SW., Cullman AL 35055
Aug 1
11/9/20 12WFs by Rob Werner. PO#2563
9/9/22 Talked to Rob. Getting ready to sell the business
Rob Werner-Mgr.
WFs: 12  
West Virginia State Wildlife Center Gift Shop
178 Alexander Road, French Creek, WV 26218
March 28
2-year cycle
9/10/20 11 WFs by Mike.
9/8/22 12 WFs by Billie Jo
9/1/23 Talked to Billie Jo. Still has 5 books. Agreed I would call in March
Billie Jo Donovan
304-924-9001 (Gift shop)
WFs: 11 Bill invoices to Just4Fun
West Virginia Tourism Office
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, WV 25305
Feb 1 4/18/23 51 WFs by Jessica after sending 2023 Inventory Status Spreadsheet. Shipped via Fed Ex in one box
If no order, contact and ask why, especially these 8

State Park

Year -Quantity Ordered

Babcock State Park

2018 -6

Bluestone State Park

2019 -4

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

2019 -12

Holly River State Park

2019 -11

Kumbrabow State Forest

2019 -10

Little Beaver State Park

Would like to sell book

Lost River State Park

2019 -11

Seneca State Forest

2019 -6

Twin Falls Resort State Park

2019 -4

WVCBS: West Virginia Centralized Buying System
Jessica Dolin
Buyer in Charleston and  Promotional Merchandising Manager
Centralized Buying System
304-558-2764 To reach Jessica's office. Tourism office for all state parks.

Their new centralized buying system allows for parks to buy some items on their own, others by her but all purchases are coordinated through her. She checks parks and orders as needed, as well as gets the yearly Inventory Status spreadsheet I send her in April.
50% Discount for all orders regardless of size
WFs: 4/18/23: 51 8/14/23 Sent reorder email to Jessica listing 8 parks plus Little Beaver
8/22/23 Reply from Jessica: Thank you for reaching out and providing this information. Because of the time of year we are not adding any more products to our 2023 year for the time being. All parks from the previous order are in stock. If we are in need then I will reach out directly. As for the 2024 years product mix I will be placing orders between November - January depending on the type of item.

Sent email to Jessica: Is it helpful for me to call stores and check on inventory in early January? Reply:
No need. I have access to everyone's inventory at all times. At that time i will be looking at their entire library and what has been selling over the past couple years. Thank you for inquiry I do appreciate it.
Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Association Visitor Center Gift Shop
PO Box 239, Decatur, AL 35602
August 3 6/14/20 12 Wfs
9/1/22 Talked to Theresa. Shut down and not buying now. Visitor center under major construction. We agreed to call next summer. Nice lady
8/4/23 Talked to Theresa at 256-318-7974 Hoping to open by next summer. Still under construction. She is no longer involved. Gave me Ranger's name.
Call to see if gift shop is open and buyer's name
David Young, Ranger in charge
WFs: 12 Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center Gift Shop, 3121 Visitor Center Rd, Decatur, AL 35603
Gift Shop run by Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Association
White Deer Park  Nature Center Gift Shop
2400 Aversboro Rd, Garner, NC 27529
April 10
7/20/23 Sent email to Katie. Talked to receptionist. they have a few themed items for sale at front desk.
7/20/23 Reply from Katie: Hi, Lee. Thanks for reaching out. Weíre looking at a refresh of the Nature Center next fiscal year, and merchandise is a part of the conversation. We have a very small facility (2,500 square feet for the lobby, classroom, two offices and restrooms), so all space is at a premium (even 8.5 square inches, which I love that you have calculated) and we havenít found much success with selling our branded items. In short, we need to determine if weíre the kind of place that really needs to sell merch.
Check in 2026 to see if things have changed. Sold book to Katie for staff in July 2023
Katie Lockhart, Outdoor Education and Parks Manager
White Squirrel Shoppe
6 West Main Street, Brevard, NC 28712
Dec 4 Feb 2017 12 BWS10 by Karen
May 2017 Ok on cards, Talked to Karen Kamp, sales associate. Sent Karen a copy of WFs.
June 2017 20 WFs by Karen
May 2018 12 BWS10. Ok on WFs
8/1/18 12 BWS10, ok on WFs. Ordered by Cindy. Sent sample of BWS single
2/1/19 20 Wfs, 12 BWS10 by Loraine
9/26/19; Ok on WFs, 12 BWS10
12/7/20 Talked to Loraine. Ok on WFs, 12 BWS10
4/28/21 12 BWS10. Ok on books  Past Due Inv sent 7/22/21
6/25/21 12 BWS 10 by Lorraine
8/31/21 12 BWS10 by Lorraine. Sent also 12 BWS1 to try at no cost. Sell at $4.00
9/28/21 12 BWS10, 20 BWS1
3/15/22 Talked to Loraine Ok on books, 12 BWS10, 24 BWS1
7/19/24 24 BWS10s. Ok on books and single cards
11/7/22 12 BWS10
8/30/23 30 BWS1
Loraine Scalla
Karen Camp
Cindy -Sales associate

WFs is slow seller at this store. Displayed properly with cover out.

WFs: 20,20
BWS1: 12, 20,24
BWS10: Discontinued 8/2023
Wild Birds Unlimited- Asheville
946 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804
Nov 7 11/27/23 12 WFs by Casey Casey First, Mgr.
WFs: 12  
Wild Birds Unlimited -Charlottesville
810 Twenty-ninth Place Court
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Jan 18 10/19/23 Sent Scott WFs
Talked to Scott. Got book, passed it on to decision maker Susan. Told me to call him in two weeks for decision.
11/28/23 Talked to Scott. Been busy, had not had time to look at book yet. Agreed I would call in January
Scott Karr, owner
Wild Birds Unlimited -Chattanooga
6025 E. Brainerd Road, Suite 102
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Jan 12 10/16/23 Talked to Joe. Lovely sounding book. Would like to see a copy.
10/19/23 Sent Joe WFs
Talked to Joe. Got book. Likes cover. will take it home to look at. Agreed I would call next week
11/27/23 Will order but has to wait until January. Told me to call 2nd week in January
Joe Renko, owner
Wild Birds Unlimited -Hendersonville
638 Spartanburg Highway, Suite 60
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Nov 8 10/19/23 12 WFs by Lutrelle Lutrelle O'Cain, Mgr.  Really nice lady. Loves book, read it cover to cover
WFs: 12  
Wild Birds Unlimited -Hixson
6415 Hixson Pike, Shop #103
Hixson, TN 37343
Feb 2 11/20/23 2 WFS by Karen Karen Gajda, owner
WFs: 2  
Wild Birds Unlimited -Huntsville
4800 Whitesburg Drive, Suite 9B
Huntsville, AL 35802
Dec 8 10/19/23 Sent Becky WFs
Sent followup email to Becky
Becky Brown, owner    Sat morning best time to call
Wild Birds Unlimited -Johnson City
2112 West Market Street, Suite 60
Johnson City, TN 37604
Feb 7 11/20/23 2 WFs by Kera Kera Brewster, owner Really nice, Loves book
WFs: 2  
Wild Birds Unlimited -Maryville
1714 West Broadway Avenue
Maryville, TN 37801
Jan 26 10/19/23 Sent Jacqueline WFs
Talked to Jacqueline. Got book. Has book section. Will consider in spring. Never orders in fall due to budget.
Jacqueline Burcham, Owner
Wild Birds Unlimited -Morgantown
1074 Suncrest Towne Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505
April 2 10/19/23 Sent Scott  WFs Iffy but sent copy anyway. Spacy guy
11/22/23 Talked to Scott. Got book. Has it out on display to see if their is customer interest."Small store", etc...Agreed I would check in spring.
Scott Cavallaro, Owner
Wild Birds Unlimited -Murfreesboro
2615 Medical Center Pkwy, Ste. 1060
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
March 22 10/19/23 Sent Joann WFs
Talked to Joann. Stocked with books now. Really likes book. Agreed I would check in spring
Joann Royer, Owner
615-869-7975 x1
Wilderness Adventure
50 Middlebrook Ave, Staunton, VA 24401
April 23 4/28/23 3 WFs by Emily
11/7/23 3 WFs by Emily
Emily McComas Mgr
Gordon Barlow, owner
WFs: 3,3 Outfitter Store
Only buys small quantities of books
Wilderness Road State Park Gift Shop
8051 Wilderness Rd Trail, Ewing, VA 24248
March 8 8/16/22 11 WFs by Crystal  PO# PCO2831007 Logged into SAP to use their cc. Card#: 4715291108590459
Expiration: 02/2024 Name: Donna Long
Donna Long, Office Mgr.
Crystal Kirk, Gift Shop  
WFs: 11 SAP Network: VIRGINIA Ariba Network eBS FEM $(sa)
Wilderness Station Gift Shop
697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro, TN 37128
April 5 5/4/23 11 WFs by Bonnie Bonnie Biles, Gift Shop Manager & Assistant Facility Coordinator
WFs: 11  
William B. Umstead State Park Gift Shop
8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617
Sept 30 7/6/23 Talked to Jean. Very inquisitive lady. Had to really sell the book but in the end she was eager to see it. Will show it to rangers also. Sent Jean WFs
Sent Jean followup email
8/21/23 Talked to Jean. Book arrived. She had not had time to see it. will check with rangers this weekend. Agreed I would call next week
8/30/23 Talked to Jean, forgot again to check. Apologized. Agreed I would check late Sept
The Umstead Coalition -P.O. Box 10654, Raleigh, NC 27605
919-852-2268 Umstead Coalition 
Jean Spooner nice lady, funny
919-571-4170 x0 State Park
  The Umstead Coalition handles kiosk gift shop.
Wind Creek State Park Marina Store
4325 Alabama Highway 128, Alexander City, Alabama 35010
May 5 6/25/20 10 WFs by Kenyata
10/12/22 Talked to Kenyata. On purchasing freeze. Still has a few copies. Agreed I would check mid Feb
12/28/22 Talked to clerk, still has a few copies.
5/9/23 Taked to Stacy. Said she still has plenty...
Call in 2024. If still has copies consider this store a dead end. Customers maybe people going out on boats...over the water. Not a good type of venue
Kenyata Perry, Gift Shop Mgr
256-329-0845 x2 office x3 marina store
WFs: 10  
WNC Nature Center Gift Shop
75 Gashes Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28805
May 25 7/7/17 12 WFs,
8/29/18  20 WFs by Kerby Agreed to 60% for Wfs.
5/12/19  30 WFs by Kerby
11/29/21 25 WFs

5/28/23 25 WFs
7/26/23 Note: Phone call from Kirby. Check got misrouted. Am sending new check for 25 Wfs
Kerby Price, Manager 
828-259-8080 X4 Gift Shop

15, 20,30,25,25

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Visitor And Environmental Education Center
50 Kendall Road, Jamestown KY 42629
April 11 10/15/19  5 WFs by Kayla Newell
9/12/22 4 WFs by Lisa
4/17/23  6 WFs by Lisa
Lisa Rosenthal, Purchasing for Friends of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery  (Loves my book)
270-343-3797 x2 Staff Directory  Friends of Wolf Creek
WFs: 5,4 May through October
Wolf Gap History & Nature Education Center
2718 Tarpley Shop Rd, Pulaski, TN 38478
April 5 5/1/23 Call from Kelly Hamlin. No gift shop yet but possibly. Very interested in book so I sent her a copy. Sent Kelly WFs.
Check yearly to see if they now have a gift shop
Kelly Hamlin, Executive Director
















Barnes & Noble
Small Press Department, 122 Fifth Ave., New York City, New York, 10011
Sheila Jamison Administrative Assistant Small Press Department (212) 352-3646 (Direct)  (212) 633-3300 HQ
Evelyn Traynor -Small Press Division  (212) 633-3377
Cherry Orchard Studio (Vendor ID 3988)
Buys though Baker & Taylor Ingram






Eastern National -Blue Ridge Parkway
210 Riceville Road, Asheville NC 28805
Inactive 5/1/2014 15 BRP10 #386294 by Brad Cave
June 2014 10 BRP10 #398575 by Brad Cave
Sept 2014 15 BRP10 #456979 by Brad Cave
Feb 2016
14 BRP10 #48457 by Brad Cave
April 2017
10 BRP10 by Brad Cave
Aug 9 2019
30 WFs by Karen Searle Order #5101-661284
1/11/22 Talked to Karen. Will consider reorder in Feb-March. Out of her hands, done using their formulas for reordering. Decided to discontinue BRP10 cards
1/11/22 Sent information and reorder email to Karen
Did sent her reorder email stressing $9.50 profit per copy.
7/25/22 Sent reorder email to Karen
7/25/22 Reply: Thank you for checking in Lee, Iím sorry to have missed your calls,I looked through our 2019 records and see that some of our busiest sites kept multiple copies on hand throughout the season then typically sold 1 unit monthly or intermittently. Unfortunately that has led to a competitive disadvantage for purchasing when budgets and display space are limited. The book is dear to my heart and your art is so soulful, Iím sorry not to have better news.Karen
Karen Searle, Blue Ridge Regional Manager (NICE LADY)
Eastern National   Cell: 828-778-0277
210 Riceville Road, Asheville NC 28805
215-283-6900 Eastern National Office

Brad Cave  828-298-5330 Ext 313
(215) 283-6900 Ext 137 Billing Questions
(215) 283-6900 Ext 130 Purchasing Questions

Eastern National: 215-283-6900
470 Maryland Drive, STE. 1, Fort Washington, PA 19034
Dave Hoffman
AP Specialist:

WFs: 30
BRP10: 15,10,15,14,10
GB: Cannot sell because of ads
14 BRP stores
BILL TO: Accounts Payable, Eastern National,470 Maryland Drive, STE. 1, Fort Washington, PA 19034

SHIP TO: Eastern National, BRP Oteen Warehouse, 210 Riceville Road, Asheville NC 28805

SHIP: via UPS BRP Account #169845
Zip Code 19034
My vendor # 8110
Eastern National, BRP Oteen Warehouse, 210 Riceville Road, Asheville NC 28805
SHIP: via UPS BRP Account #169845
Zip Code 19034

My vendor # 8110

Blue Ridge Books
428 Hazelwood Avenue, Waynesville, NC 28786
    Allison Best (owner) (828) 456-6000
GB:  30-2011, 2-5/14
Champion Hills Pro Shop
Champion Hills, Hendersonville, NC 28739
  Sent email 3/19.Followed up, not interested Mike Steele- buyer  (828) 693-3600
GB: 6-2009
Pardee Hospital Gift Shop
800 North Justice Street, Hendersonville, NC 28791
  Sold Hen 10 Grace Vineyard  828-696-1000
St. James Episcopal Church
766 N. Main Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792
  Sent prospect email 4/3/19 Karen Kuykendall -Parish Secretary  (828) 693-7458 GB:
St. Mary's Parish in Grove Park
337 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC 28801
  Sent prospect Email 4/3/19 Mary Alice Nard -Parish Administrator (828) 254-5836 GB:
Team ECCO Aquarium & Shark Lab
 511 North Main Street,  Hendersonville, NC 29792
  March 2019 - left 12 FMR and holder.
Sept 2019. Still has 12.
Brenda Ramer, 828-692-8386 (W-F 1-5pm) 
FMR 50/50%
Has FMR Rolled Poster holder.
Yesterday's Spaces
305 Sluder Branch Road, Leicester NC 28748
    Renee Grier  828-777-6948 GB:
Baker & Taylor
    Robin Bright -Senior Buyer
1120 US Highway 22 East, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Anthony Hooker  Accounts Payable  (Handles my account)
2550 W. Tyvola Rd., Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28217
Mindy Boyd: Accounts Payable - Charlotte
Wanda Littlejohn (Mindy Boyd Assistant)
GB: See Baker & Taylor webpage for order history All invoices to:
50% GB only
Baker & Taylor, 501 S. Gladiolus Street, Momence, IL 60954

Baker & Taylor, 251 Mount Olive Church Road, Commerce GA 30599

Baker & Taylor, 1120 RT 22 E, Bridgewater, NJ 08807:

Bridgewater, NJ  #076575 Zip 08807
Commerce, GA #326884  Zip 30599
Indianapolis, IN #5W1Y16 Zip 46268
Momence IL,  #622320 Zip 60954
Reno, NV #873090 Zip 89521

Common Ground Distributors
115 Fairview Rd., Asheville, NC 28803

PO Box 25249, Asheville NC 28813

  7/2017 #424377 2 WFh 4 WFs
7/2017 #42476 10 WFh
12/8/17 #425004 8 WFh 4WFs
2/2018 #425245 8WFs
6/6/18 #425640 4 GB 4 WFh
4/21/19 #426777 4 GB 2 WFh
10/22/19 #427404 6 GB
1/26/22 Decided not to supply them with WFs.
Joanne Klappauf: Owner
Tiffany Welsh
Morgan Robbins, Accounts Payable
WFs: 4, 4, 8 Acct #330775, 55% rate
Keep as distributor for WFs only. Only make $2.65 per copy on GB @ 55%
Email all invoices to:
Appalachian Wildlife Refuge
P.O. Box 824, Candler, NC 28715
  1/4/21 Talked to Kerri Conrad, Very nice girl. They are thinking of expanding their online store to include other items rather than T shirts. Really loved my book. Sent her WFs as well as email with basic information. Mentioned selling my book at any of their events, like I did at the WNC Nature Center
2/1/21 Kerri set up my book in their online newsletter. I established separate webpage for book, and paypal link to purchase. $5 back to AWR for every copy ordered.
7/21/21 Response to Kerri after my email about drop in sales: Kerri: I certainly can supply you with images to use, and you could easily extract the fun facts you wish to use from my book pages. So let me know and I will send you the images in batches of 5 each via email. (about 30 in all). However, it occurred to me that you might still include the ad or a smaller version in each e-newsletter. With a membership of 30,000 plus, which I think I read somewhere, new people will always read the ad for a long time to come, and it will also, more importantly constantly remind people how easy it is to get the book while supporting AWR when their child or some other kidís birthday or Christmas rolls around.
Kerri Conrad, Development Coordinator
828-633-6364   x4 Kerri
Savannah Trantham, Executive Director
Images sent for newsletter: Bear, field mouse, spotted skunk

40% Reimbursement to AWF when I do events for them


  2022 Total Payment Date Check
Jan 2 2 10    
Feb 1,2,1,2 6 30,10=$40 3/9/22 3351