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Latest Order
W&F Hardcover
Latest order
W&F Softcover
A Walk in the Woods WFh     Hope Rhodarmer 828-577-6277     12-3/18    
American Wholesale Book Co.   WFh     256-718-8300   12-2008      
Asheville Area Visitor Center Gift Shop WFh, GB, Ash10     Mary Ramsay 828-210-2726   8-5/17 14-5/17    
Asheville Cottages GB     Marshall Manche 828-712-1789   14-7/16      
Asheville East KOA GB WFh   Beth Brand 828-686-3121   6-7/16      
Asheville Science Museum WFh   Pending order. Visited 4/418 Natalie Grinnell 828-254-7162          
Asheville West KOA WFs, GB     Heather Nance 828-665-7015   4-6/17   4-6/17  
B. Dalton Bookseller   WFh, GB   Regional Buyer
Gene Starner
Baggy Goose   BE10, WFh                
Balsam Shop WFs, BRPWA10     Carla Williams 828-675-0799       25-7/17  
Balsam Mountain Preserve   WFs   828-631-1060          
Basilica of St. Lawrence Gift Shop GB, Basilica10, Angel10
Basilica Prints
    Pat Glass 828-206-9544   11-11/15      
Battery Park Book Exchange WFh     Donna Wright
828-252-0020     7-11/17, 12-4/18    
Biltmore Estate GB, BE10     Catherine Arthur 828-225-1589 48 BE10-11/17 24-11/17      
Black Dome   WFs                
Black Mountain Swannanoa Gift Shop GB     Bob McMurray 828-669-2300   6-11/16      
Blowing Rock Gift Shop WA10 WFh, print?   Charlie Sellers 828-295-7111 WA10 10-7/16        
Blue Ridge Books   WF, GB                
Blue Ridge Tavern and Trading Post
  GB, WF   Aeishlien GM 828-687-1206. X29206.          
Brodart Company Books Division   WF     (570) 326-2461 Ext. 6407   1-2015      
Bubba O'Leary's General Store   WF, GB,WA10                
Camp Bluebird Color Bon Clarken Print     Leslie Verner   65-6.2015        
Cathedral of All Souls AllSouls10     Samuel Hunter 828-274-2681 50-8/2015        
Centennial Center for Wildlife Education (Raleigh)   WFs Ann May 919-707-0205          
Champion Hills Pro Shop GB           6-2009      
Chimney Rock Park Gift Shop GB, Wfs     Olivia Poto 828-625-4695   6-2013   Through Common Ground  
Christie's Hallmark Shop                    
Connections Gallery at NC Arboretum WFs, WFh     Tracy Grassette 828-665-2492     6 4/18 6 4/18  
Cradle of Forestry WFs     Beth Hooper x228 828-884-5713 x228       12 3/18  
Cranberry Mountain State Park (WV)   WF Opens April   304-653-4826          
D.D. Bullwinkle's   WF   Betty Miller 828-862-4700          
Diamond Brand Asheville   WF                
Discovery Place Nature   WF   704-372-6261          
Evergreen Community Charter School   WF     828-298-2173          
Eastern National -Blue Ridge Parkway   WFs WFs -Under Review Brad Cave 215-283-6900          
Fireside Books and Gifts GB WF   Kerry Walker 704-487-8477   8-2012      
FENCE Nature Center   WF     828-859-9021          
Fontana Village General Store   WF Anchor South Management LLC
Fontana Village General Store
Karen Cobb -Buyer 865-279-9210          
Fred's General Mercantile GB WFh WFh -Under review Meredith Patton 828-387-4838   4-2015      
Grandfather Mountain Top Shop WA10 WFs Resent WFs 3/26/18. FUP 4/1/18 Brad Parrish 828-733-1059
Great Expectations Books and More GB WF   Mary Hornbeck 828-755-6798   4-2014      
Great Smoky Mountains Association   WFs WFs -Under review              
Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Gift Shop   WF, GB   Kim Albritton 828-488-7008          
Grove Park Inn -The Marketplace GB WF         18-2/16      
Hanging Rock State Park Visitor Center   WF                
Hawks Nest State Park Gift Shop (WV)   WF   304-658-5212          
Hearthstone Handmades   WF, WA10                
Henderson County Planning Dept Courthouse Print     Kathleen Scanlon (828) 697-4819 2011        
Hend Flat Rock Visitors Info Center WFs, GB     Beth Carden 828-693-9708   6-7/16   14-6/17  
Heritage Booksellers Paradies Atlanta airports   GB                
High Vista Pro Shop GB     Patrick Warren 828-891-1986   6-2009      
Highland Books WFs, WFh, GB     Amanda Moffer 828-884-2424   10-11/16 2-9/17 2-2/18  
Highlands Biological Station WFs     Eliese Ronke 828-551-0059       20-7/17  
Jane Asher Antiques HSQ10     Jane Asher 828-698-0018 10-4/18        
John Bull Trading Company GB WF   John Thompson 828-625-9005   18-2012      
Johnson Farm   WF                
Kanuga Gift Shop   WF                
Lake Junaluska Bookstore and Cafe   WF, GB   Anna King 828-454-6777          
Little Switzerland Books & Beans   WF,GB,WA10                
Lutheridge Bookstore   GB, WF     828-684-2361          
Maggie Valley Chamber Gift Shop   GB, WF                
Malaprop's Bookstore WFh, GB     Linda Barrett Knopp 828-254-6734   10-2/18 4-10/17    
Mast General Stores GB WF, WA10 Sent copies to Teresa Plaag on Oct 2017
Nov call-told not ordering now. Follow up April 2018
Teresa Plaag 828-963-6511   44-2007      
McDowell Nature Center Gift Shop (Charlotte)   WF     980-314-1128          
Montreat General Store GB WF         4-2008      
Montreat Book & Gift Shop   GB, WF     828-669-5298          
Mountain Made   WFh Talked to Melinda. Mailed WFh with price list 3/30 Melinda Knies 828-350-0307          
Mountain Market at Mountain Aire WA10, BkBear10     Jeanine Lamotte
800-247-7791c, 828-682-3600
Mtn Merch WFh, GB, BE10, ASh10     Marissa Gehring 828-708-7802 6 BE10-4/18, 6 ASH10-4/18 11-4/18 7-4/18    
Museum of Life and Science (Durham)   WF   919-220-5429          
Natural Selections   WF,WA10                
NC Aquariums   Prints                
NC Zoo   WFs Send WFs in Oct 2018. Talked to him. Got email. told me to contact him in Oct David Whitaker 336-879-7269          
Old Salem Museums and Gardens OSA10     LouAnn Wilson 336-723-6262          
Orchard at Altapass  -Opens May GB WF Yes call April 15 Katie Ledford 828-765-9531   12-7/16      
Paradies Shops (Blue Ridge Tavern) GB WF   Shelley Trotter 404-494-3363   30-2011      
Pardee Hospital Gift Shop HEN10     Grace Vineyard 828-696-1000          
Park Ridge Hospital Gift Shop   Hen10                
Pipestem Resort State Park (WV)   WF   304-466-1800          
Pisgah Inn Gift Shop -Opens April 1 GB WFs Sent copies of WFs and GB to Amanda with cover letter Amanda Gomez 828-235-8228   12-4/16      
Renaissance Communities GB       866-465-3827   44-2006      
Rene's Hallmark WS   OSA10 See notes              
Rumbling Bald Resort Gift Shop GB WF   Jessica Hough 828-694-3023   10-2013      
Rutledge Lake RV Park   WF, GB                
Salem College Bookstore   OSA10                
Schrader Environmental Education Center -Samara Shop (WV)   WF   304-242-7700          
Something Special Gift Shop -Burnsville   WF, GB, WA10                
Spellbound Children's Bookshop   WFh and WFs                
Take A Hike GB WF         18-2012      
The Cliffs at Walnut Cove Pro Shop GB     Daniele Walter 864) 660-1130   22-2010      
The Cliffs at Walnut Cove Sales GB     Daniele Walter 864) 660-1130   27-2006      
The Paper Merchant (Naples) Pier10 +s     George 239-261-5790 12 Pier10-12/17        
Trust General Store WFh, GB     Jessica Roberson 828-622-7455   6-7/2017 12-7/2017    
Tweetsie Railroad Gift Shop   WF                
Twin Falls Resort State Park (WV)   WF   304-294-4000          
WNC Nature Center Gift Shop WFs, WFh     Bailey Wagner 828) 337-0116   12-2008 9-7/17 14-7/17  
White Buffalo General Store -Franklin   WF, GB                
White Squirrel Shoppe WFs     Karen Kamp 828-877-3530       20-6/17  
Write On GB, Ash10, BE10, WA10 WF   Richard Katxman 828-225-1958 6 Ash10, 6 Be10 5/17 3-5/17      
Yesterday's Spaces ASH10     Renee Grier 828-777-6948