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WV No: Cranberry Mtn State Park, Bluestone State Park


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Latest Order
Latest order
A Walk in the Woods WFh       Hope Rhodarmer 828-577-6277     12-3/18    
Asheville Area Visitor Center Gift Shop WFh, GB, Ash10       Mary Ramsay
Vanna May
828-210-2726 12 Ash10-8/18 8-5/17 14-5/17    
Asheville Cottages GB       Marshall Manche 828-712-1789   14-7/16, 15-8/18      
Asheville East KOA GB, WFs     Beth Brand 828-686-3121   6-7/16      
Asheville Museum of Science WFs, WFh       Natalie Grinnell, Kim Clark (Operations Mgr) 828-254-7162     4-10/18 8-10/18  
Asheville West KOA WFs, GB       Heather Nance 828-665-7015   4-6/17   4-6/17  
Audra State Park Gift Shop (WV), 8397 Audra Park Road, Buckhannon WV 29201     WFs   Jon Teets, Supt 304-457-1162          
Babcock State Park Gift Shop (WV)
486 Babcock Rd Clifftop WV 25831
WFs WFh  Wfs   Superintendent Clinton Cochran
Jennifer Amick
304-438-3004       6 10-5  
Balsam Shop WFs, BRPWA10       Carla Williams 828-675-0799 30 BRPWA10-8/18     20-8/18  
Basilica of St. Lawrence Gift Shop BSL10 & Singles
Angel10 Singles
BSL Prints @$10
      Barclay Roberts 828-252-6042 828-691-1284 (c)

8 BSL10, 50 BSL-S, 20 Angel-S, 8 BSL Prints 8/18

Battery Park Book Exchange WFh (They have own
book holders)
      Donna Wright
828-252-0020     7-11/17, 12-4/18, 5 9/18    
Biltmore Estate GB, BE10       Catherine Arthur 828-225-1589 48 BE10-11/17 24-11/17      
Beech Fork State Park Gift Shop (WV),
5601 Long Branch Road, Barboursville WV 25504
    WFs   Dillard Price Supt
Dave Pruitt Asst S
Berkeley Spring State Park Gift Shop (WV), 2 South Washington Street, Berkeley Springs WV 25411   Only Spa?
See Cacapon Resort State Park
    WFs   Jamie Foltz, Spa Mgr 304-258-5860          
Black Mountain Swannanoa Gift Shop GB WFh     Bob McMurray 828-669-2300   6-11/16. 5-4/18      
Blackwater Falls State Park Gift Shop (WV), 1584 Blackwater Lodge Road, Davis WV 26260     Wfs   Matt Baker Supt
Eric Risinger Asst
Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park Gift Shop (WV), 137 Juliana Street, Parkersburg WV 26101     Wfs   Miles Evenson Supt 304-420-4800          
Blowing Rock Gift Shop (50% rate) WA10, WFs       Charlie Sellers 828-295-7111 WA10 10-7/16     12 11/18  
Blue Ridge Books   GB WFh Sent copy Wfh 7/28/18 to Allison Allison Best (owner) (828) 456-6000   2-5/14,  30-2011      
Blue Ridge Tavern and Trading Post (Paradies)     GB sent copy of GB 7/17/18 Ashlien Ashcroft GM 828-687-1206. X29206.          
Brother Wolf Retail Store WFh       Brooke Fornea, Retail Sales Mgr. 240-291-8660     10-7/18    
Bubba O'Leary's General Store     WF, GB,WA10 Contact March 2019              
Camp Bluebird Color Print       Leslie Verner   65-6.2015        
Cathedral of All Souls AS10, BE10       Samuel Hunter 828-274-2681 AS10: 50-8/2015, 9-8/2108
BE10: 3 -8/2018
Cabwaylingo State Forest Gift Shop (WV), 4279 Cabwaylingto Park Road, Dunlow WV 25511     Wfs   Stuart Peters, Supt 304-385-4255          
Cacapon Resort State Park Gift Shop (WV), 818 Cacapon Lodge Drive, Berkeley Springs WV 25411     WFs, Wfh   Scott Fortney Supt
Kelly Smith Asst
Camp Creek State Park & State Forest  Gift Shop (WV), 2390 Camp Creek Road, Camp Creek WV 25820     Wfs   Frank Ratcliffe Supt
Monty Ball Asst
Canaan Valley Resort State Park Gift Shop (WV), 134 Headquarters Road, Davis WV 26260     Wfs   Stan Beafore, Supt
Don McFarlan, Asst
Cedar Creek State Park Gift Shop (WV), 2947 Cedar Creek Road, Glenville WV 26351     Wfs   Paul Minigh Supt
Kevin Kennedy Asst
Champion Hills Pro Shop GB   GB   Mike Steele- buyer (828) 693-3600   6-2009      
Chief Logan State Park Gift Shop (WV), 860 Wolfpen Hollow Road,  Logan WV 25601`     Wfs   Bruce Collinsworth Supt, Mike Ward Asst 304-792-7125          
Chief Logan Lodge & Conference Center Gift Shop, 1000 Conference Center Drive, (PO Box 898), Logan WV 25601
See also Concessionaire on PDF ?
    WFs, WFh   Valerie Williams Asst Gen Mgr 304-855-6100          
Chimney Rock Park Gift Shop GB, WHs   GB, Wfs Contact March 2019 Olivia Poto 828-625-4695   6-2013   Through Common Ground  
City Lights Bookstore GB, WFh (50%)       Chris Wilcox, Owner
Stores in Sylva and Cullowhee
(828) 586-9499   3-5/18 3-9/18    
Connections Gallery at NC Arboretum WFs, WFh       Tracy Grassette 828-665-2492     6 4/18 6 4/18  
Coopers Rock State Forest Gift Shop (WV), 61 County Line Drive, Bruceton Mills WV, 26525     Wfs   Jan Dzierzak Supt
Brad Atkins Asst
Cradle of Forestry WFs       Beth Hooper x228 828-884-5713 x228       12 3/18  
D.D. Bullwinkle's Outdoors WFh, GB       Allie Carrington or DD 828-862-4700   5-8/2018 7-8/2018    
Discovery Place Nature
    WF     704-372-6261          
Evergreen Community Charter School     WF     828-298-2173          
Eastern National -Blue Ridge Parkway (14 stores) BRPWA10   WFs WFs -Under Review Brad Cave 215-283-6900 Main #
828-298-5330 Ext 313 Brad
BRPWA10 10-4/2017        
Fontana Village General Store   GB WFh   Karen Cobb -Buyer     12-2/2016      
Fred's General Mercantile GB, WFh       Meredith Patton 828-387-4838   4-2015 7-8/18    
Grandfather Mountain Top Shop WA10, WFs       Brad Parrish 828-733-1059
12-7/16     10 7/18  
Great Smoky Mountains Association     New Book                
Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Gift Shop     WF, GB   Kim Albritton 828-488-7008          
Greenbrier State Forest Gift Shop (WV), 1541 Harts Run Road, Caldwell WV 24925     Wfs   Jesse Anderson Supt, Travis Taylor Asst 304-536-1944          
Grove Park Inn -The Marketplace GB   WFh Sent WFh to Tammy Levay 6/29/18 Tammy Levay Dallas TX   18-2/16      
Hanging Rock State Park Visitor Center     WF                
Hawks Nest State Park Gift Shop (WV)
Hawks Nest State Park, 49 Hawks Nest Park Road, Ansted, WV 25812
WFs WFh     Lori Osborne, Gift Shop Buyer
(Katie Flint -Office Aid 304-658-5196  X1560)
Hendersonville Flat Rock Visitors Information Center WFs, GB (holder)       Dara Hossley, Operations Manager
828-693-9708   6-7/16   14-6/17  
Heritage Booksellers Paradies Atlanta airports     GB                
High Vista Pro Shop GB   GB   Justin Spier -Buyer 828-891-1986   6-2009      
Highland Books WFs, GB WFh     Amanda Moffer 828-884-2424   10-11/16 2-9/17 2-2/18, 5-7/18  
Highlands Biological Station WFs       Eliese Ronke 828-551-0059       20-7/17  
Historic Hendersonville Courthouse Museum (Wholesale & Consignment at 60/40%) HEN10, HWS10, Courthouse Singles     Sells WFh, GB and Courthouse Color prints on consignment     10 HEN10, 5 HWS10 & 10 Courthouse S: 11/11/18        
Holly River State Park Gift Shop (WV), 680 State Park Road, Hacker Valley WV 26222     Wfs   Doug Wiant Supt 304-493-6353          
Jane Asher Antiques HSQ10       Jane Asher 828-698-0018 10-4/18        
John Bull Trading Company GB   GB, WF Contact March 2019 John Thompson 828-625-9005   18-2012      
Kanawha State Forest Gift Shop (WV) 7500 Kanawha State Forest Drive, Charleston WV 25314     Wfs   Kevin Dials supt
Stegen Browning Asst
Kumbrabow State Forest Gift Shop (WV), 219/16 Kumbrabow Road (PO Box 65) Huttonsville WV 26273     Wfs   Tim Sizemore Supt 304-335-2219          
Little Beaver State Park Gift Shop (WV) 1402 Grandview Road, Beaver WV 25813     Wfs   Michael Harvey, Supt 304-763-2494          
Little Switzerland Books & Beans     WF,GB,WA10                
Lost River State Park Gift Shop (WV) 321 Park Drive, Mathias NC 26812     WFs   Mike Foster Supt
Colby Caldwell Asst
Maggie Valley Chamber Gift Shop     GB, WF                
Malaprop's Bookstore WFh, GB       Justin Souther-Buyer 828-254-6734   15-8/18 5-8/18    
McDowell Nature Center Gift Shop (Charlotte)     WF     980-314-1128          
Moncove Lake State Park Gift Shop (WV) 695 Moncove Lake Access Road, Gap Mills WV 24941     Wfs   Todd Longanacre Supt 304-772-3450          
Montreat General Store   GB WF         4-2008      
Mountain Made     WFh Melinda has copy. Called number of times in April and May. Still not decided. Just wait Melinda Knies 828-350-0307          
Mountain Market at Mountain Aire WA10, BkBear10   WFh   Jeanine Lamotte
800-247-7791c, 828-682-3600
Mtn Merch (2 stores-BV & Lex Ave) WFh, GB, BE10, ASh10       Marissa Gehring 828-708-7802 6 BE10-4/18, 6 ASH10-4/18 11-4/18 7-4/18    
Museum of Life and Science (Durham)
    WF     919-220-5429          
NC Aquariums     Prints                
NC Zoological Society
North Carolina Zoological Society
4403 Zoo Parkway
Asheboro NC 27205
    WFs Send WFs in Oct 2018. Talked to him. Got email. told me to contact him in Oct David Whitaker   Director of Retail NC Zoological Society
North Bend State Park Gift Shop (WV) 202 North Bend State Park Road, Cairo WV 26337     Wfs   Steve Jones Supt
Kathy Metz Asst
Old Salem Museums and Gardens OSA Singles: Tavern,  Church, SBros Winkler       LouAnn Wilson 336-723-6262 25 Singles -7/18
100 Church  11/18
Orchard at Altapass  GB   WFs Loves WFs -Will order Sharon Wolmack 828-765-9531   12-7/16      
Pardee Hospital Gift Shop HEN10       Grace Vineyard 828-696-1000          
Pipestem Resort State Park Gift Shop  3405 Pipestem Drive (PO Box 150) Pipestem WV 25979 WFh Wfs     Connie Clayton 304-466-1800 Lodge
304-466-2804 Office
Pisgah Inn Gift Shop -Opens April 1 GB   GB, WFs March 2019 Erin Helget 828-235-8228   12-4/16      
Prickett's Fort State Park Gift Shop (WV) 106 Overfort Lane, Fairmont WV 26554     Wfs   Kevin Wolfe, Supt 304-367-2731          
Rumbling Bald Resort Gift Shop GB, WFh       Jessica Hough 828-694-3023   10-8/18 10-8/18    
Rutledge Lake RV Park     WF, GB                
Samara Shop
Schrader Environmental Education Center
465 Lodge Dr, Wheeling, WV 26003
    WFh, Wfs WFh And WFs sent 7/23/18.
Talked to her 8/21/18. Loves the book, rethinking gift shop. Will get back to me with order. Also mentioned I could give deeper discount for large quantities of Wfs for outreach programs
Deb Greene -Asst Director & Buyer Gift shop 304-242-6855          
Seneca State Forest Gift Shop (WV) 10135 Browns Creek Road, Dunmore WV 24934     Wfs   Jeff Layfield Supt 304-799-6213          
Something Special Gift Shop -Burnsville     WF, GB, WA10                
Spellbound Children's Bookshop     WFs 640 Merrimon Avenue, Suite 204, Asheville, NC   828-575-2266          
Take A Hike GB   WFs Visited left literature -pending order Jim Bourdy -Buyer
John McFerrin -Owner
(828) 669-0811   18-2012      
The Cliffs Communities
250 Knights Ridge Road,
Travellers Rest SC 29690
GB   GB, WFh Sent GB, WFh Oct 10 2018 Daniele Walter (Buyer) 864 660-1130   27-2006, 22-2010      
The Paper Merchant (Naples) Pier10 +s       George 239-261-5790 12 Pier10-12/17        
Thomas Wolfe Memorial Single House Card       Kayla Seay -Buyer (828) 253-8304 8/2018        
Tomlinson Run State Park Gift Shop (WV) 84 Osage Road,(PO Box 97) New Manchester Wv 26056     WFs   Sam Morris Supt
Phil Davis Asst
Trust General Store WFh, GB, WA10       Jessica Roberson 828-622-7455 12 WA10-6/2015 6-9/2018 12-7/2017    
Twin Falls Resort State Park Gift Shop
RR 97 (PO Box  667) Mullens WV 25882
    WFh, Wfs WFh And WFs sent 7/23/18
Talked to her 8/24/18. Agreed I would call in Feb 2019
Rita McAllister -Gift Shop buyer 304-294-4000 Lodge
304-294-6000 Office
Tygart Lake State Park Gift Shop (WV) 1240 Paul E. Malone Road, Grafton WV 26354     WFs   Jim Browning Supt
Pat Miller Asst
Watoga State Park Gift Shop (WV) 4800 Watoga Park Road, Marlinton WV 24954     WFs   Jody Spencer Supt
Josh Feather Asst
WNC Nature Center Gift Shop WFs, Single cards
NC10, Otters10, Bears10, (WFh on website only)
      Kerby Price 828-337-0116 6/2018   15-7/2017 20-8/18  
White Squirrel Shoppe WFs, BWS10       Karen Kamp 828-877-3530 12 BWS10 8/2018     20-6/17  
Write On GB, Ash10, BE10, WA10       Richard Katxman 828-225-1958 6 Ash10, 3Be10  3WA10 5/2018 3-5/18      
Yesterday's Spaces ASH10       Renee Grier 828-777-6948